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Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin, 2 Gallons

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UltraClear Bar Top, Tabletop, & Countertop Epoxy for Restaurants and Homes (COMMERCIAL GRADE)

Make your surface to come to life with rich, vibrant detail - the most striking contrast ever. Engineered to work on virtually any surface -

Works on: wood, concrete, granite, copper, stainless steel, laminate, cork, formica, quartz, bamboo, corian, marble, pennies, bottle caps, stickers, paper, and more.

Epoxy Bar Top

UltraClear Bar and Table Top Epoxy is a specially formulated commercial epoxy resin that is used in restaurants, hotels, casinos, bars, pubs, and night clubs around the world. UltraClear Epoxy can be used for Bar Tops, Tabletops, & Countertops.

Bartop Epoxy

Crystal Clear Epoxy

Unlike most epoxy resins, our unique blend of polycarbons produces a completely transparent finish that will never yellow, fade, or crack with time. It's a product you can trust!

Extremely Durable & Self-Leveling

UltraClear epoxy self-levels to 1/8", creating a virtually indestructible surface. The result is a crystal clear, brilliant surface that accentuates the material below it. Truly beautiful to behold!

Scratch Resilient & Maintenance Free

UltraClear epoxy is specially formulated to resist scratching and provide long lasting maintenance free protection for your surface.

100% VOC Free

UltraClear epoxy is free from volatile organic compounds and is compliant with all environmental requirements implemented by international organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization.

Most epoxies only coat 1/16" requiring multiple coats. UltraClear coats at 1/8". That's over 2 times as thick!

How It Works

UltraClear Epoxy is a two part, clear polymer coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio.

1. Pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into a container.

2. Mix thoroughly.

3. Pour epoxy onto your surface. Watch videos below.

YES, It's That Easy!


1 Gallon Combined of Epoxy = 1/2 gal. Resin + 1/2 gal. Hardener

Flood Coat Coverage: 1 Gallon Combined covers 16 sq.ft at 1/8" thick
A flood coat is simply poured on the surface and it self-levels to 1/8".

Seal Coat: 1 Gallon Combined covers 48 sq.ft. per gallon
A seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Our epoxy is used for both the seal coat and the flood coat. It is the same product that is mixed up in a small container and applied to the surface with a paint brush. This stage is followed by the flood coat , which will flow and self level to 1/8". A seal coat is necessary for porous surfaces such as wood, concrete, cork, granite, tile, bottle caps, pennies, and glass. Surfaces such as copper, stainless steel, laminate, or formica do not require a seal coat.

*When pouring over the Sides and Edges of a table, counter, or bar top, make sure that you purchase extra material to account for spillage over the sides as you will lose material coating them.

**These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise epoxy needs will vary according to many factors, including application type and surface material.

Epoxy Coverage Chart


For wood surfaces, we recommend applying a seal coat of epoxy (same material, just a smaller painted on coat) before pouring the self-level coat. The seal coat is brushed on in a thin layer and is used to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. This stage is followed by the flood coat, which will flow and self level to 1/8". The flood coat should be poured approximately 4-6 hours after the seal coat. Do not exceed 6 hours. Flood coats are applied in 1/8" layers at a time, as many as desired can be applied, however one coat is average for restaurant tables, bar tops, and countertops. Additional coats are used to cover any items, such as memorabilia where you need to build up the epoxy to cover them adequately.

Additional Coats

Additional coats can usually be applied within 4 to 6 hours. If re-coated within this time period, no sanding is necessary between layers. If your previous layer has fully dried, light sanding with 220 or 320 grit sandpaper is recommended to achieve good bonding surface. After sanding, you should wipe down with a solvent, such as denatured alcohol, acetone, or lacquer thinner to remove any impurities from the surface. (do NOT use mineral spirits).

Embedding Pictures

Objects, such as pictures, maps, etc. can be embedded in this product during the pouring process. Most photo quality paper does not require any special preparation; however, sometimes thin paper objects must first be sealed with Elmer's glue or a similar product to prevent the epoxy from fully penetrating the paper and causing it to become transparent.

Embedding Solid Objects (pennies, rocks, corks, shells, bottle caps...)

Glue down items with Elmer's glue. All porous materials should first have a seal coat of epoxy applied. This will prevent air bubbles from occurring in subsequent flood coats.

Working Conditions

For best results the product should be used at temperatures from 75-85 degrees F. The room in which you are working should be clean, dry, and free from dust and insects.

Exterior Applications

Please note that although this product will resist yellowing better than other epoxies, it is NOT 100% UV resistant. Continuous outdoor UV exposure over months or years will cause the finish to lose its gloss and cause gradual changes in color.

*Emails from recent customers:
I am a contractor and I did a bar top with your epoxy and it turned out great. We get many compliments as people just rave about how nice it looks. For the table tops I tried to save some money and went with an epoxy I purchased locally in a store. I had mixed results. It looks cool, but has many flaws because the epoxy has dimples, high and low spots that we couldn't get out. I wish I would have used your epoxy for the table tops because it is a much higher quality product. I'll send in some photos of the bar top shortly.

David - Orlando, Florida

"I just wanted to drop you a line an say WOW!! I followed the instructions to a tee and my results where nothing short of amazing! This did a wonderful job for my bar top! I am very impressed with your product. I am not done with this project yet and I am getting compliments from everyone who has seen it so far."

Craig Knopp
Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission

Actual Photos of UltraClear Epoxy In Use

Wood Bar Top With Epoxy

Wood Bar Top With Epoxy

Copper Penny Floor

I love your epoxy! Wow. I researched for over a month looking for just the right epoxy to put on our very special penny floor and what a great choice yours turned out to be! Thank goodness! 37,088 pennies; design/prep time 1 month; time to create 1 month; 11 gallons of epoxy to coat pennies 1/8" deep: 1 gallon of Weldbond glue to attach pennies to floor. Memphis Barbree

Restaurant Copper Bar Top w/ Epoxy

Restaurant Copper Bar Top w/ Epoxy

Restaurant Tables with Ultra Clear Epoxy

Epoxy Countertop

Wood Table With Epoxy

Restaurant Copper Bar Top w/ Epoxy

Epoxy BarTop

Bar Top Epoxy

Table Top Epoxy

Tabletop Epoxy

Ultra Clear Epoxy

Tutorial Videos

Video Below Shows How to Coat a Wood Surface:

When you are covering Wood or Concrete (or other porous surfaces), the product should be applied in two stages. The first stage is referred to as the seal coat. The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. You will use the same epoxy for the seal coat (just mix up a small batch). This stage is followed by the flood coat, which will flow and self level.
The "Seal Coat" is only necessary for wood and concrete surfaces. For all other material, you can skip the "Seal Coat" step.

The table below in the video is made from Color Copper Sheets followed by a coating of UltraClear epoxy.

The following video demonstrates how to properly mix a batch of UltraClear Epoxy.

Making a Penny Bar or Table Top with our UltraClear Epoxy.
Glue down all your pennies first with any type of glue. Make sure the glue is completely dry and then you will paint on a seal coat of epoxy. Wait 4-6 hours and then you can pour the flood coat of epoxy.

Bottle Cap Table and Bar Top Tutorial
How to make a bottle cap bar top or bottle cap table with our UltraClear Epoxy. In the video, you will see that we used the seal coat as our glue to hold down the bottle caps so they are securely fastened to the surface and do not float to the top of the flood coat. Just paint on a thicker seal coat so that it surrounds the bottle caps. Then wait until the next day and you can pour the flood coat. One flood coat is all that is neccessary to coat the bottle caps if you have a raised edge all the way around your surface.

Sticker Bar Top or Table Top
How to make a Beer Sticker Bar Top or Table Top with our UltraClear Epoxy. The same would work for beer labels, decals, and photos. Make sure your items are glued down. For thin material such as paper, maps, magazine articles, we recommend that you apply a coat of elmers glue over the items first to seal them as the epoxy can soak through and discolor them. You may also use a crafter paper coating called Mod Podge that is sold at Walmart or on

Customer sent this video in: Epoxy Table with Pearl Inlay and LED Lighting

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Product Reviews

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  • Terrific product!! 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I prepared and poured 122 ft² of tops-4 Different locations. The product is Amazing, although pouring the sides over 3"tall sides was extremely messy, I can't emphasize that enough!!!!! Be prepared to cover about 3' beyond the drip edge of where the epoxy is going on the floor.Somebody needed to point that out for me( l guess l missed that day in class lol.) other than that the product is fantastic. Just have everything in order before you start there is no time to waste.

  • It’s in the name! 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    This product works beautifully, best clear coating I’ve ever used! With proper mixing, you can’t go wrong with purchasing.

  • Cabinet maker 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I have used this epoxy on multiple projects now and I am very pleased with the results. There instructions are very detailed and if you follow them you will have a good result. The only place I have altered them is when pouring over barn wood. I use a taping knife to spread the first coat and let dry until the next day where I sand uneven surface. After thorough clean up of dust, I spread a second base coat with taping knife. Lightly scuff the next day and pour the final coat. Great results.

  • Solid product! 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    Ultra Clear epoxy is a product that I use on a regular basis in the manufacture of restaurant tables. It is imperative to follow the instructions precisely, as I have learned through my own mistakes, but my customers are always amazed at the finish and durability this product provides.

  • first time user/ things I learned 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    What an excellent product! The seal coat is the most important step. That and pre-filling any depressions. I poured the epoxy over a thick pine bar top. I embedded many items into the top and prefilled all voids prior to the seal coat. Make sure to put a complete seal coat on, making sure to seal all cracks in the wood, this is where the bubbles come from. I used a heat gun to pop the bubbles which worked great, but just wave the heat over the surface. I held it too long on one spot and it created a dry skim area that marred the surface. I used the let it run over the side method and found I could use my finger to smooth out those edges. I had a friend help which I would recommend if you need to mix multiple batches to complete the job.

  • Perfect for bottle cap tables 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I converted two end tables to bottle cap tables and we're very happy with how they came out. Plan on about three days. Seal coat used as adhesive to hold the caps down takes 24 hours. These were fairly deep and I wanted a flush finish so it took another two days to do the flood coats. Make sure your project is level! Then after final flood coat, wait 72 hours before using. I was able to sand down most of the drips on the underside of the tables without too much trouble. Make sure to read all of the instructions a few times so you don't miss any important info. It took almost every last bit of the 2 gallons to fill two 24" round tables. Got a little nervous when the seal coat batch started heating up and "smoking". Luckily I had bought double of everything and mixed up another batch. I found it easier to pour a bunch on the surface and then brush it around for the second table's seal coat since it took some time to put the bottle caps in a pattern. It might have been easier to temporarily tape the caps together or to glue them with a different adhesive to prevent the frequent adjustments. End result is a nice high gloss finish that looks like glass.

  • Lots of waste 3 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    Works as advertised.

    A 25% expected waste just from pouring over the sides. If you are installing the counter on top of cabinets the ridge and drips that dry on the bottom take some time to sand off and make a ton of dust.

    Where I had some drips that came through glue up gaps on the bottom I found that using a sharp chisel to pop them off instead of sanding was easier and faster and easier to clean up.

    I dammed two sides that would go into corners. These dried with very sharp edges. Recommend wearing gloves to handle and work until you clean those off.

    Good staff help via chat and info on instruction sheet and on web page is good.

  • Mike’s view 4 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I’ve never used anything like this before and was pleasantly pleased with the outcome I probably should have given it a higher star I will definitely be coming back for more going to try counter tops next

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