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Limited Time Special

Epoxy Table Top

Light Distress Wine Barrel Table (Foley Family Wines) with UltraClear Epoxy. Work done by: Steve Arvizu

Bacara Resort & Spa - Santa Barbara, CA

Epoxy Bar Top

"Here are some pictures of our bar. We installed a wood bar and then finished it off with Ultra Clear epoxy. We couldn't be happier, this is a great product and the customer service was helpful when we needed them."

A. Nations - Shreveport, LA

Clear Epoxy Resin

"I can't rave more about the goes without saying how good it looks. But I was AMAZED at how easy it was to work with and place it on my bar so it looked like a professional did it!"

Cannon Clifton - Helotes, TX

Epoxy Tables

"We built a table out of wood, covered it with pennies and epoxy. We love the way it turned out."

Carol Zwick - Incline Village, NV

Epoxy Countertops

"Love how the counter top came out. Thank you very much!"

David Netishen - Exeter, NH

Commercial Grade Epoxy

"I really found this product easy to use. I carefully followed the instructions and my bar turned out great. I've never built or finished a bar prior to this one, and it turned out just how I had hoped it would look."

Jeremy James - Chattanooga, TN

Table Top Epoxy

"You can see the Copenhagen cans and bottle caps glimmer through the epoxy on the table. Worked great. Thanks."

Nicholas Hancox - Gaston, OR

Countertop Finish Clear Epoxy

"Our bathroom vanity turned out amazing. We get compliments on it every time someone comes to visit. The epoxy coating just jumps out at you, simply breathtaking!"

Glenda Williams - Portland, OR

Tabletop Clear Epoxy

"Our table project went great. We used almost all the epoxy we purchased and were glad you recommended getting a bit more because we would have ran out otherwise. We are happy with the results and will use your product again on future project."

Marion and David Tamon - Provo, UT

Epoxy Finish

"I just had an idea for a bar and came across your site. I loved what I saw there! Everyone who sees it is just blown away by it. It always turns into a conversation piece. Thanks again for everything. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you."

KC Acampora - Stanford, CT

Counter Top Epoxy

"Travertine tile and travertine bullnose trim. My wife and I had a blast doing the epoxy. It was the best part of the whole process. Love your product and we get loads of compliments. I think it turned out amazing."

Rick Spencer - Chandler, OK

Clear Table Epoxy

"I am EXTREMELY proud to say that I installed it myself. The finished product is incredible and everyone that has seen it was just amazed at the look and quality. It turned out AWESOME and I am very happy with the outcome."

Bill Gildea - Weymouth, MA

Epoxy Resin

"This is my reclaimed barn wood table assembled with absolutely no screws, nails, brackets or glue. The tabletop is built using dowels which are then doweled in place. The tabletop is 1800s barn flooring with lots of character from over a century of hard use. I am glad I used Best Bar Top Epoxy because it was very easy to use and has beautifully locked in all that character and created a gorgeous and durable tabletop!"

Bryan Jones - Saylorsburg, PA

Epoxy Resin

"Attached are the pictures of our bar." The product worked just like advertised. We are very happy with the look of our bar. It was much easier to do than we thought it would be. Thanks for all your help."

Bill Phillips - Chicago, IL

Epoxy Bar Top

"Tons and Tons of poker chips were used to make the bar top. The epoxy coated them perfectly and the end result was magnificent."

Jeff Mangas - Findlay, OH

Clear Epoxy Resin

"Bathroom floor made with pennies and sealed with Best Bartop Epoxy. The pennies shine under the epoxy for a brilliant finish and a truly remarkable and unique bathroom floor."

John Newcomb - Centralia, IL

Epoxy Bartops

"First Time User. Instructions were excellent and getting rave reviews from my family & friends."

Jon Kirk - Dublin, OH

Epoxy Table Top

"We covered our table with enchantment copper from color copper and poured a coat of your Ultra Clear Epoxy over it. The whole process was very easy and your customer service was extremely helpful. I can't wait to do another project with it. Thanks a lot!"

Linda Sims - Mason, OH

Epoxy Tables

"As you can see, this is not your average size table. We do everything big around here. We first covered the whole table with copper sheets and then clear coated it with your Best Bartop Epoxy. We were able to do the entire table without any problems. The instructions were very detailed and easy to follow. My wife was blown away by the look after we did the epoxy. Thanks."

John Arrington - Sacramento, CA

Clear Epoxy Resin

"I used your epoxy resin to coat all my carvings. They worked out beautiful and unique. Both the board and the fish are completely covered with resin. I'm really happy with your product. I've never heard of or seen anyone use your product in this manner. As you can see the results are fantastic!"

Nelson Nagamine - Pear City, HI

Countertop Epoxy

"It was fun to do this piece of kitchen counter tops...they came out really nice...and it was very easy to figure it out!"

Gorgonio Campa - Bluffton, SC

Epoxy Bartops

"Bar top completed with Ultra Clear Epoxy. Smooth and crystal clear as glass."

Greg McVay - Moon, PA

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