Deep Pour Epoxy And Standard Epoxy Resin

What Is The Difference Between Deep Pour Epoxy And Standard Epoxy Resin?

When it comes to deep pour epoxy vs. standard epoxy resin, there are many differences between the two products that are worth noting. Both deep pour epoxy and epoxy resin have tremendous use cases on surfaces of all types. There are, however, better uses for one than the other, depending on your project. In this blog post, we will outline the value and use cases for each, so you can make the best-informed decision when purchasing deep pour epoxy or epoxy resin.

Understanding Deep Pour Epoxy, and What it's Best Used For

For a deep pour epoxy product, you will have a deep pot of liquid resin and hardener. When poured onto the floor or other surface, this substance will cure to form a thick layer with excellent adhesion for concrete surfaces. The deep pour epoxy technique is best used when you want something that can handle heavy traffic. Deep pour epoxy from UltraClear is commercial grade too, so the sky's the limit as far as the size of your project.

Deep pour epoxy prevents surfaces from wearing away too quickly or being damaged by foot traffic (like in schools or hospitals, for example). Deep pour epoxy is most commonly used on garage floors, patios, sidewalks, and other large-scale surfaces. The commercial uses for deep pour epoxy tend to be greater than for epoxy resin, but there are also many good cases for use at home.

Deep pour epoxy is made from a two-part chemical mixture, which takes about 30 minutes to cure. Once deep pour epoxy has cured it can be drilled and sawed just like regular concrete. If you plan on using deep pour epoxy for a home or commercial project, it's wise to prepare with some tools, plenty of help, and a good area to do your work in. Deep pour epoxy is not typically used for small crafting, and not meant for kids' projects either.

Understanding Epoxy Resin, and What it's Best Used For

Deep Pour Epoxy And Standard Epoxy Resin

When you need a thin layer of resin with excellent adhesion to bond two separate materials together, epoxy resin is the choice for you. This type of epoxy product will not be deep in color or thick like deep pour epoxy. Epoxy resin is very versatile because of this and lends itself well to pigmentation for creative projects, or a clear surface that will show the color underneath.

Standard epoxy resin is also often applied as an adhesive sealant which gives protection from outside elements such as water and dirt getting inside your home. This type of epoxy resin can provide a quick fix for cracked surfaces or a long-term fix for older furniture and other household or commercial items. Arts and crafts for children of all ages are perfect for using epoxy resin. Kids can shape and color epoxy resin safely, and express their creativity without a lot of hassle, or any additional tools.

Epoxy resin is very safe, and it is very durable. Just because it has a different use case than deep pour epoxy, doesn't take away from its durability when used correctly. Crafts and other projects that utilize epoxy resin coating will maintain their shine and structural integrity for quite some time. That is part of the appeal of using epoxy resin in the home, or for different creative arts and crafts pieces.

Both Deep Pour Epoxy and Epoxy Resin are Incredibly Safe

Deep Pour Epoxy And Standard Epoxy Resin

One of the biggest values associated with both deep pour epoxy and epoxy resin is safety. Both products are non-toxic and do not emit harmful fumes or odors. People of all ages can use these epoxies without fear of harm, so long as they follow safety instructions and do not ingest it or get it in their eyes. Each bottle of deep pour epoxy and epoxy resin from UltraClear has explicit instructions on how to safely use the product, too.

At UltraClear, we know that epoxy is a product you can’t just buy anywhere. That’s why our team of experts has spent years perfecting the art of creating and supplying some of the best deep pour epoxy and epoxy resin in all the land. We have products for every type of project at any scope, so no matter what it might be, if you need an expert (and reliable) company to supply your high-quality products or find out how to use them yourself with our DIY tutorials, there’s no better option than us! 

To get started on ordering your own quality deep pour epoxy or epoxy resin, shop online here. You can also contact us for more information, or call us directly at 1-800-997-0459.

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