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Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tabletops, & Countertops (COMMERCIAL GRADE)

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The most advanced epoxy coating
on the market.

UltraClear epoxy boasts the most advanced level of shine, gloss, reflectivity, clarity and depth, and it locks in those optical qualities forever. The most sophisticated system of synthetic polymeric-based protection available. Our Commercial-grade epoxy is engineered specifically for Bar Tops, Tabletops & Countertops.

Epoxy for Bartops, Countertops and Tabletops Epoxy Sofa Table Epoxy Countertop Epoxy Countertop Epoxy Bar Top epoxy bottle cap table epoxy table top epoxy wood table

Breathtaking beauty.
Just as versatile.

Make your surface to come to life with rich, vibrant detail - the most striking contrast ever. Engineered to work on virtually any surface:

  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Granite
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ceramic
  • Laminate
  • Formica
  • Quartz
  • Bamboo
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Metal
  • Corian
  • Corks
  • Pennies
  • Bottle Caps
  • Stickers
  • Photos
  • Paper
  • Labels
  • Shells
  • Sand
  • Rocks

Extreme Durability

Our unique blend of Polycarbons are formulated to resist scratching and to provide extreme durability in the most demanding of environments.

Crystal-Clear Transparent Finish

Our Nano-crystal technology enhances the natural beauty of any surface, giving it a greater sense of depth and contrast.

Never Yellows, Fades, or Cracks

UltraClear epoxy is composed of cellular non-fade prepolymers that ensure long lasting protection, durability, and shine.

100% VOC free. Virtually odorless.

Use in odor-sensitive areas such as wineries, restaurants, kitchens, or confined spaces. UltraClear epoxy will out perform, out protect, outshine and outlast anything on the market today. From start to finish in just a few steps.

Chemically strengthened.

Atomic configuration is formulated so that the epoxy is more durable, scratch resilient, and fundamentally tougher than ordinary epoxies.

Patented™ one-coat system.
Save time and money.

Ordinary epoxies self level at 1/16" requiring multiple coats. UltraClear’s one-coat system was designed to self-level at 1/8", creating a virtually indestructible surface. Avoid multiple coats and save money with UltraClear epoxy.

Twice as thick as most epoxy

Trusted by over 50,000 happy customers.

Epoxy Table Top Bar Top Epoxy Table Epoxy Epoxy Bar Top Epoxy Counter Epoxy Table Top Copper Epoxy Bar Top

Product coverage and pricing.

1 Gallon of Epoxy = 1/2 gal. Resin + 1/2 gal. Hardener

*The price per gallon decreases with each gallon added.

Click for larger view
Epoxy Coverage Chart

For most applications, UltraClear Epoxy is applied in two stages, the Seal Coat stage and the Flood Coat stage.

Seal Coat: Coverage is 48 sq.ft. per combined gallon.
The seal coat is a small batch of epoxy that is brushed on in a thin layer to seal any pores in the surface and prevent air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Our epoxy is used for both the seal coat and the flood coat. It is the same product that is applied to the surface with a paint brush. This stage is followed by the flood coat, which is poured on and self levels to 1/8".

Flood Coat: Coverage is 16 sq.ft at 1/8" thick per combined gallon. A flood coat is simply poured on the surface and it self-levels to 1/8". Additional Flood coats can be applied every 4 hours to cover thicker embedded objects.

Side and Edges:
When pouring over the Sides and Edges of a table, counter, or bar top, make sure that you purchase extra material to account for spillage over the sides as you will lose material coating them.

*These calculations are not intended to give more than a rough estimate. Precise epoxy needs will vary according to many factors, including application type and surface material. For specific advice regarding your project, contact our customer service department.

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No experience needed.

Get a beautiful crystal-clear surface in just a few easy steps.

Measure Epoxy

Step 1: Measure Epoxy
UltraClear Epoxy is a two-part, epoxy coating that is mixed at a 1 to 1 ratio. Pour an equal amount of hardener and resin into a new container. It is important that you use a new container for each batch that you mix so that the next batch does not get contaminated from the remnants of curing epoxy in the previous container. You can purchase a tool kit that comes with all of the items you will need in our Tools & Supplies section.

Step 2: Mix Epoxy
Mix thoroughly with our mixing drill bit to ensure that the batch is completely blended.

Mix Epoxy

Paint on a Seal Coat of Epoxy

Step 3: Paint on a Seal Coat of Epoxy
On porous material such as wood, you will need to paint on a seal coat of the same epoxy first to seal any pores in the surface. This prevents air bubbles from forming in the following flood coat. Not all surfaces require a seal coat. Contact customer service if you are unsure if your project will need a seal coat as you will need to figure the seal coat into your epoxy order to make sure you have enough product.

Step 4: Pour Epoxy Flood Coat
Pour the epoxy onto the surface working your way down the length of the area. The epoxy self levels so there is no need to move it around with any tools. The epoxy coat can be allowed to flow over the sides which will create a coating on the vertical edges. The epoxy that drips over will form bumps about 1/2 inch underneath the lip of the edge. These drips can be sanded off once the epoxy has cured.

*Multiple flood coats can be applied to cover over embedded objects. Just pour a new flood coat every 4 hours.

Pour Epoxy Flood Coat

Pop Air Bubbles with a Plumbers Torch or Heat Gun

Step 5: Pop Air Bubbles with a Plumber’s Torch or Heat Gun
Once you finish pouring the epoxy, you will need to pop air bubbles using a plumber’s torch or a heat gun (not a hair dryer). This process is the easiest step as it only takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to do. Keep the torch or heat gun a few inches from the surface and simply wave it back and forth until you cover the entire distance of the surface. The heat pops any bubbles instantly.

Finished Project
The epoxy is dry to the touch in 12 hours. Allow 72 hours before using the surface. That’s it!

Finished Epoxy Project

Working Temperature of Product:
The working room temperature must be above 75 degrees, several hours prior to mixing the epoxy. We recommend that the product be brought inside and acclimated to room temperature, as it will be cold during winter shipping months. Use space heaters if necessary to ensure the temperature remains above 75 degrees in cold areas, such as garages and basements. It is extremely important that the temperature remain above 75 degrees for a full 72 hours, in order for the epoxy to cure. High or low humidity and higher temperatures (75-110 degrees) are perfectly fine for curing; the epoxy cures much faster with higher temperatures. Complete instructions can be downloaded here.

Epoxy tutorial videos.

Watch our videos to see just how easy it is to use UltraClear epoxy.

Mixing Epoxy
This video demonstrates how to properly mix a batch of UltraClear Epoxy. It is important that you use a new container for each batch of epoxy that you mix so that the next batch does not get contaminated from the remnants of curing epoxy in the previous container. You can purchase a tool kit that comes with all of the items you will need in our Tools & Supplies. Just make sure to purchase extra containers depending on the number of epoxy batches you will be pouring.

Seal Coat Application
This video shows how to apply a Seal coat of UltraClear Epoxy followed by a Flood coat. For beginners it is best to mix up a smaller batch of epoxy for the seal coat to make sure it does not start curing in the container before you finish. When you run out, you simply mix up another seal coat batch and paint it on where you left off. Small containers can be purchased in our Tools & Supplies section of the website.

Pouring Epoxy on a Table with No Edge
The table in this video is made with copper sheets from This videos show you how to pour UltraClear epoxy on a surface that DOES NOT have a raised edge. A Seal coat of UltraClear epoxy is NOT necessary on metal, laminate, and other solid surfaces. You simply put down 4 mil painters plastic around the area to catch the epoxy so that it does not get on your floor. Epoxy can go through cardboard so if you do use that, you will need 3 to 4 layers. The 4 mil painters plastic is the best choice.

Making a Penny Bar or Table Top with our UltraClear Epoxy.
Glue down all your pennies first with any type of glue (except a hot glue gun). Make sure the glue is completely dry and then you will paint on a seal coat of epoxy. Wait 4-6 hours and then you can pour the flood coat of epoxy.

Bottle Cap Table and Bar Top Tutorial
How to make a bottle cap bar top or bottle cap table with our UltraClear Epoxy. In the video, you will see that we used the seal coat as our glue to hold down the bottle caps so they are securely fastened to the surface and do not float to the top of the flood coat. Just paint on a thicker seal coat so that it surrounds the bottle caps. Then wait until the next day and you can pour the flood coat. One flood coat is all that is neccessary to coat the bottle caps if you have a raised edge all the way around your surface.

Sticker Bar Top or Table Top
How to make a Beer Sticker Bar Top or Table Top with our UltraClear Epoxy. The same would work for beer labels, decals, and photos. Make sure your items are glued down. For thin material such as paper, maps, magazine articles, we recommend that you apply a coat of elmers glue over the items first to seal them as the epoxy can soak through and discolor them. You may also use a crafter paper coating called Mod Podge that is sold at Walmart or on

Customer sent this video in: Epoxy Table with Pearl Inlay and LED Lighting

The #1 Commercial Grade
Epoxy Coating.

Some of the world's most respected companies trust UltraClear Epoxy.

Countertop Epoxy Resin

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Product Reviews

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  • great product 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    The two part clear bar top epoxy was easy and came out like glass.

  • great product 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    The two part clear bar top epoxy was easy and came out like glass.

  • the bottle cap table project that my wife and I did came out perfect thanks to Ultra Clear Epoxy. 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    This product came out crystal clear, and was easy to use with the step by step instructions, The dry time took a while but it was worth it for our table to be perfect. The table is 3' X 6' with 2,112 bottle caps embedded into it, with 1/2" if epoxy over it.

  • AWESOME 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    This was my first time ever using a two part epoxy and by following the directions EXACTLY it was much easier that I expected and the final results are amazing. I used it on a table I made from very old pallet wood and imbedded wooden post cards my wife and I brought back from Hawaii to a depth of approximately 3/4 inch with a 1/4 inch lip left around the table. The table is for outside use and although I had it covered I didn't realize my cover had holes in it and for the passed few days we have had our typical South Florida rains and the table filled up with water. I dumped the water out and dryed it off and the table still looks perfect. I highly recommend this product if you want your job to come out the way you envisioned. Just follow the directions as written, read them several times as I did, and if using wood make sure you seal it first.

    Thanks for a great product

  • Best of the rest 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I have used many different epoxy products for my art projects. This time i figured i would give your rpoduct a try. After reading thru the instructions twice i prepped the tile table top for application. If you follow the instructions exactly you will see amazing results. Although i mix up small batches at a time i found that the amount of mixing as per instructions is paramount. I didnt need to use a mixing paddle on the end of my drill because i was using such small amounts at a time. A paint stick worked great along with graduated paint mixing cups ($1 a piece at walmart.) mixing portions must be exact as possible. Dont try to eyeball it. It must be mixed at 50/50. I found the product easy to use and the end results are spectacular. Be Warned, you MUST READ all instructions throughly! Prep is 90% of the job so make sure to have all your ducks in a row before using and if you try to cut corners look for a subpar finished piece. Properly done it produces a superior finish with a glass like quality, impressive. I totally love this product and will be purchasing more for projects in the future. Thanks for a great product!

  • Industrial Strength Polished Look 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    We are building 3 "industrial looking" conference tables, but we needed to put a solid, smooth surface on top of the conference tables for usability and durability.

    When I was contemplating three conference room makeovers at the same time, I was committed, but budget senitive.... I didn't want to spend $7,500 on conference tables.... so we bought steel legs from Rockler, Douglas Fir from Lowes and Bar Top Epoxy... we spent $950 total, including the epoxy and got 3 unique tables that blow away anything we would have been able to purchase.

    Thanks for making it easy BTE! We'll be buying more!


  • Awsome product!! 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    After reading the detailed directions cover to cover several times and watching videos I was ready to finish the top. The product did an awesome job flowing over the rounded edges of the bar and self-level. The intire job went according to the instructions. The final surface appearance is like liquid glass. I will be pouring another counter top soon, and definitely use this product. AMAZING STUFF. My advice to anyone thinking about doing this would be.
    1. Do read the instructions thoroughly.
    2. Do get the tools that are recommended in the instructions and have everything laidout defore you start.
    3. Do make sure the room is clean, free from traffic, and proper temperature is maintained.
    4. Be sure you have enough product. It is more cost effective to have a little extra pour over the edge and onto the floor, or set up unused in the mixing pail, than have a finish you are less than thrilled with and have to do it again.

  • practice makes perfect 5 Star Review

    Verified Purchase

    I ordered this epoxy because I was making kitchen countertops out of old desktops. I didn’t think polyurethane would hold up. So I purchased this epoxy and I have not been disappointed. The instructions were clear and thorough. Each time I got better at pouring and taking care of the bubbles and drips. This is an awesome product.

Showing reviews 1-8 of 903 | Next

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