deep pour epoxy

Deep pour epoxy – also referred to as casting resin – is a type of resin which can be used for a wide range of purposes. It’s functionality ranges from making professional river tables, to fun arts and crafts projects. The extended cure time involved in the development of deep pour epoxy facilitates low buildup of heat, enabling its use for a wide range of applications without causing damage to the adjacent materials.

Differences between Clear Epoxy and Deep Pour Epoxy

Unlike clear epoxy, deep pour epoxy cannot be used for coating countertop, tabletop, or bar top surfaces. It is used for making artwork, jewelry, embedding objects, and other such purposes. It can be poured to a much greater depth in a single pour (up to 2 inches) compared to clear epoxy (up to ¼” inch).

Another fact that separates deep pour epoxy from clear epoxy, is that deep pour epoxy is not mixed in a 1:1 ratio. The resin and hardener are usually mixed in a 2:1 ratio. As a result, it takes much longer to cure compared to clear epoxy. The viscosity of deep pour epoxy is lesser compared to clear epoxy, which is why it can be poured up to 2 inches per layer. It is also not as hard as clear epoxy.

Deep Pour Epoxy – Common Applications

  • River Tables
  • Coasters
  • Candle holders
  • Ashtrays
  • Artwork
  • 3D paintings
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Cutting boards
  • Key chains
  • Pendants
  • Drawer knobs
  • Necklaces

Factors to Consider While Choosing Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

Pouring Depth

You should be able to pour the epoxy up to a depth of 2” in a single pour.  Done correctly, you can create layers as thick as 6 inches deep with multiple pours. This is one of the most important factors you should take into account – particularly if you are planning to build a river table.

Crystal Clear Finish

The clearer the finish, the more appealing your river table and artwork will look. So, look for a casting resin with high-gloss finish.


Make sure the epoxy blends well with different types of pigments and dyes, so that you can create stunningly beautiful, multi-colored patterns that can showcase your taste and creativity.

Food Safe

Look for a deep pour epoxy resin which is free of volatile organic compounds and is labeled ‘food safe’. It is particularly important if you are planning to make a cutting board or a charcuterie board. The last thing you want is for your food to come into contact with an epoxy resin that contains harmful chemicals.

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy – The Best Epoxy That Money Can Buy

At UltraClear Epoxy, we offer the highest quality deep pour epoxy for all your DIY needs. Made with a unique blend of polycarbons, our epoxy can be poured up to 2” in a single pour and up to 6” in multiple pours. It gives an extraordinarily clear, high-gloss finish that can make your river table and artwork stand out from the rest.

Free of VOCs, our epoxy is food safe and does not emit any unpleasant odor or harmful fumes. Made in America with American materials and American labor, our epoxy’s quality is second to none.

To learn more about our deep pour epoxy or to place an order, call us today at 800-259-1619 or contact us online

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