UltraClear Epoxy is the complete all in one online store to have all your epoxy resin needs met. From Commercial Grade Bar and Table Top Epoxy Resin To Premium Deep Pour Epoxy that’s the number one choice of professional woodworkers. We’ve spent the last 12 years serving over 150,000 happy customers with epoxy kits that are food safe, contain zero VOC’s, have high scratch resistance, and are made entirely in the USA.

Who We Are:

UltraClear Epoxy started out as a group of friends who all shared a passion in woodworking and sharing our creations we made while working out of our garages. This was back in a time where there were only a few brands of epoxy available and the quality left a lot to be desired. We became exceedingly frustrated with these epoxy brands as they were too soft for our liking and didn’t hold up to the use and abuse of daily life. The odors they gave off were also terrible and even with proper ventilation and masks we felt uneasy about bringing our projects into our homes and around our families. We felt like we deserved better and we could achieve better results, so we put our efforts to accomplishing just that.

We worked with a chemical lab and a team of scientists and spent the time perfecting our UltraClear formula to be as durable and hard as we could possibly get it. We achieved a product that cured at a Shore D Hardness rating of 98, while containing ZERO VOC’s and gave off virtually no odors. We achieved this by making sure to source and manufacture everything for our epoxy right here in the US, using only the highest quality chemicals available. We were extremely proud and satisfied of the results we were seeing with our products. After starting to sell the epoxy locally in Franklin, TN we found we had a product that a lot of woodworkers had been searching for, for a long time.

Throughout the years we’ve kept our goal of providing the best customer service possible as our number 1 priority. We make ourselves as available as possible every day via phone calls, emails, and live chats to help all customers, old and new, achieve the best results possible for their epoxy projects.

We focus on making our products user friendly for the first time DIY users who have never used resin products before. While at the same time providing commercial grade products that are trusted by top contractors that use our products for every commercial job they have involving resin pours. We pride ourselves on providing the best products in the epoxy industry paired with the best customer service available by any online epoxy resin store.