If you’re already a content creator on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else, and you love making projects with epoxy, then this is the place for you. 

Sign up today to become a Brand Affiliate or Sponsored Creator with UltraClear Epoxy, start taking advantage of the effort you put in to your social media work, and be rewarded for it. 

Anybody can be a Brand Affiliate, doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or thinking about starting, it’s free to sign up and see where it takes you! 

If you’re already producing high quality content on a regular basis, you may have what it takes to become Sponsored directly by UltraClear, and receive FREE products on a regular basis, see more below!


What Does A Brand Affiliate Do?

  • CREATE - Make unique and interested content on your platform of choice. This can be anything, from small tables and charcuterie boards to large woodworking furniture or tabes, this is where your talent shines. No matter what you create with our epoxy, we want to see it! 
  • EDUCATE - Help everyone who sees your content understand what epoxy even is, and what it is capable of. Most people who haven’t even heard of epoxy have no idea what this beautiful medium can be used for, and that is where you come in!
  • EARN - Gain access to your own affiliate code/link, where every time someone uses your links and code to purchase our epoxy, you get 10% cash back from their order. They save money, you earn money, it’s a win-win for both you and the people who trust you and the content you’ve produced. 
  • SHARE - Spread the word of UltraClear Epoxy to everyone you can, the more people who discover our products through you, the more you earn and grow just by working for yourself. 
  • GROW - When you make content that we love, we may decide to promote it not only on our website, but also feature you on all of our own social media accounts with links to where our customers can find you and see all of your content.


What Does A Sponsored Creator Do?

  • EVERYTHING - A sponsored creator not only does everything you see above, but works with UltraClear directly to receive free products to create projects and sponsored content. For this you’ll need to contact us directly via Instagram/Facebook/Email to complete the screening process to see if this is the right option for you.