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At UltraClear Epoxy, we are deeply committed to meeting our customers’ needs, addressing their concerns, and exceeding their expectations. We not only want to make sure that our products – from deep pour and countertop epoxy resins to pigments – are of unparalleled quality and durability, but also want to help our customers derive maximum value from every product.

In our Knowledge Base section, we provide the answers to your questions concerning epoxy resins. In addition, we have video tutorials that can walk you through the whole process – how to properly mix our deep pour and countertop epoxy products, how to apply a seal coat, how to apply a flood coat, how to make a penny bar top or tabletop, how to make a bottle cap bar top or table top, and many, many more.

Even if you have never worked with epoxy before, you can learn everything you need to learn by watching these videos and using our deep pour and countertop epoxy products exactly the way they are meant to be used.

In case you are not a DIY enthusiast, do not worry. We also offer installation services through a network of independent contractors. You can choose an independent contractor from our list, give them a call, schedule an appointment, and get the job done.

Our Shipping Policy

We have a customer-centric shipping policy which is designed to make sure you receive the products you order in a timely manner. Any product you order will be shipped to you within two days – free of cost.

We also have a shipping protection policy in place to compensate you for lost or damaged products. In case the products you ordered are damaged or lost due to factors that are beyond our control, you can get your money back.

Payment Options

Klarna – our payment services provider – allows you to pay for the products you order in three different ways.

Full Payment

You can pay for your deep pour and countertop epoxy products in full just like you would normally do.

Pay in 4 Installments

You can choose to split the total cost of your purchase equally into four installments and pay them over a period of 8 weeks. Every two weeks, the payment will be collected from your debit card or credit card account. You will not be charged any interest.

Monthly Financing

Monthly financing is also available for those who need it to pay for the products they purchase. You will be issued an open-end line of credit, using which you can pay for the products you buy. You can choose to repay the amount on a monthly basis.

It should be noted that your credit score and credit history will be taken into account while approving your request for monthly financing.

From Deep Pour And Countertop Epoxy Resins to Colors – We Have Got All Your Needs Covered

UltraClear Epoxy is a one-stop solution for all your epoxy needs. Whether you want epoxy resins, epoxy colors, or the tools and supplies needed for your epoxy projects, we have got it all. If you have any questions about our epoxy products or if you want to place an order, get in touch with us today using the information below, or fill out this online contact form