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Great for beginners, hard, clear!

I am relatively new to using resin, but this was easy to use and with the heat gun all bubbles disappeared instantly. Since I was using heat, the layer thinned out a bit and I ended up doing a second coat for good coverage. I’m satisfied and happy to have such a nice hard resin finish for my grandmas hors d oeuvres (which she calls horse ovaries).

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Joyce Bragdon (Rocky Hill, US)
Super company!

I was missing an item, customer service was wonderful, they sent it out immediately! Great prices and fast shipping!

Super shiny

Customer service with this company was effortless, I had an issue with my order and they fixed it promptly. I raised the temperature in the area I was working in to 75*, I let the resin sit for 2 days after it arrived because the jugs were freezing. Followed all instructions, the surface temp was 73* at the time of my brush coat. I allowed the brush cost to dry for 4.5 hours maintained the 74* temp then applied the pour coat. I had to mix more than I thought and pour 3 times, the epoxy somewhat leveled, I have some high spots. I had to drag the back corners with a brush to fill them in, even though I used a heart gun to warm the epoxy and pop bubbles after pouring, I still have brush lines towards the back, you have to look very hard to see. I had 1 or 3 bubbles along the front edge when it finally dried, had some leveling issues around the base of the sink as well. I waited 72 hours before placing anything on the counter. Over all I like it. It's super clear and a little too shiny, honestly I would have preferred a matte finish but I am satisfied. I used the contractor's paper ands Ultra Clear Epoxy, It's 100% better than the 1960's formica countertop I began with.

Butcher block top

Product great the warm you have it the better it flows

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
robert niles (Cape May Court House, US)
Great service

I've purchased over a hundred gallons over the last few years and have always been pleased.

White Liquid Epoxy Pigment
Elizabeth D (Derry, US)

I was worried because the price was so much more but I only needed specific colors and all I can say is WOW! I was using half the bottle to get pastels before and this one I used 2 drops! Totally worth the price!!!

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Frederick Coleman (Alexandria, US)
Outstanding product

We used Ultra Clear and the toolkit to finish a new bar in out restaurant. The bar was a total of 18 feet long, 30 inches wide. We used 5 gallons of epoxy. It was barely enough. Probably should have bought 6 gallons. But it turned out perfect! The toolkit was very helpful. You need fresh, clean, purpose built equipment for this job. I highly recommend this product and the toolkit!

console top

This was my second experience with this product. works well with no issues. Followed directions and maintained temperature for curing

Watermelon Red Epoxy Powder Pigment
Orlo Brooks (Victoria, US)

I haven't used the Watermelon Red yet but the Epoxy is working great!!

ultra clear bar top epoxy

love this product have used it on multiple jobs .easy to use and it come out beautiful

Discount Powders
Anna Bowers (Little River, US)
WOW - Gorgeous Color!

I was looking for a vibrant dark blue and I found it with this pigment. Mixes easily and the color is so rich and vibrant. This is perfect for my ocean scenes!

Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin 3 Gallons
Robert (Feasterville-Trevose, US)

Sales assoc was very helpful with how many seal coats to the flood coat.
Product worked great
Protected 100 year old wood.

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Jodi (Seattle, US)
Great so far! Easy to use, very clear and hard

I have minimal experience with resin, however I did find that this was quite easy to use and made a beautiful even finish. I used a heat gun to get the resin very nice and flat and to pop bubbles as they came up (I was coating wood and the wood seemed to be consistently releasing air in some spots, but I was thankfully able to manage that with the heat gun). It gave me plenty of workable time while also drying quite quickly compared to a different resin I’d used in molds before. My item isn’t perfect, but you can see it below!
I recommend having a paper towel handy to wipe the bottles after pouring, as I did get some dribbles on the container that are tacky to the touch (see photo).

It was easy to work with and it was my first time using the epoxy my wife wanted a bench in our mudroom so I told her I would make one And this is how the end results came out pretty good I think

Neon Green Liquid Epoxy Pigment
William Woodson (Moses Lake, US)
Great solution for transparent neon

The liquid is great for getting neon while still translucent. If you need solid neon, the mica powder is the way to go.

Snow Queen Epoxy Powder Pigment
Anna Bowers (Little River, US)
So easy to mix!

This pigment powder is so easy to use and mixes up without lumps! Plus, check out these cells and the lacing!

Countertop project

This stuff is great. Easy to mix simple to pour and work. Super thick and crystal clear. Made the countertops look great. Recommend to everyone!!!!

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Sharon Bendavid (West Palm Beach, US)
I Love this stuff

I love this stuff, there is no telling what you can create. just look at my new front doors I added 3 different colors to make this effect. Me and my neighbors think it is absolutely magnificent.

Bathroom vanity

Awesome product. Easy to use and super durable.

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Roy Dudas (Southfield, US)

Very easy to use and looks fantastic.

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
toby ladd (Williamsburg, US)

on a very very small serving board hole it took a while to cure, on a 7``x7`` it bout a day and a 1/2 to repour, never really heated but also wasnt the warmest place i work at, but no cracks very very little bubbles and mixed well, i`ll get more, thank you for speedy delivery.

Beautiful Results

Made the stone in my newly tiled bathroom look amazing. Dried crystal clear. Easy to apply with glass squeegee. Definitely recommend this epoxy. Make sure you use gloves and paper to cover things you do not want epoxy on makes clean up extremely easy.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Jeromy Greeson (Jacksonville, US)
Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy looks great! First pour and it did awesome!

Hypnotic Peacock Epoxy Powder Pigment
Brian Wurtz (Chicago, US)
Great color

Beautiful color, this Hypnotic Peacock. It is a new favotite.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Jonathon Danford (Phenix City, US)
Great for flood coat

Used on a tray for flood coat and it went on smooth and bubble free