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Small Bathroom Countertop

Very happy with how this turned out. Very easy to use. I will buy this again. I am a beginner DIYer. But it still turned out pretty good.

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Mike Grohs (Detroit, US)
Great Product

First time using UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy and first time making anything like this. After careful planning and lots of research, I still had several questions that were answered by the very knowledgeable staff. This is a fantastic product and I have already purchased more to make matching end tables.

Deep Space Blue Epoxy Powder Pigment
Joe Torres (West Covina, US)
Midnight Blue

I used the Midnight Blue color with Table Top Ultra Clear Epoxy for a Custom Waterfall on top of the Bench Seating around Waterfall it came amazing.

Five-quart Container
Ilse Heine (Palmyra, US)
Great products

Wonderful company and products


Works beautifully on my art projects!

Cedar top railing

I used the Ultra clear bar and table top epoxy on this cedar top rail on my outdoor grill room and it did such an amazing job it turned out amazing and everyone that sees it falls in love with it. Best part is it's so easy to apply

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Richard Parkin / Rppwoodworking (Brainerd, US)

I am enjoying the ultra clear epoxy resin for use on many of my projects and will keep using it for a long time and will recommend it to everyone I talk to at my craft fairs along with my social media platforms.

Stir Sticks
Ilse Heine (Palmyra, US)
Bay window and dresser

Your epoxy is the best. I have done several projects with it and every one is great. I add glitter and some color and the outcomes never disappoint.


Our mantle turned out sooo nice! More projects to come.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Matthew Gerry (Detroit, US)
Custom Ash Bar

Great Product
Excellent Results
Zero Bubble finish

Custom Ash Handcrafted Bar

Excellent Product
Highly recommended
Would use again … not one bubble

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
David R (Mount Washington, US)
Crystal clear finish

Mixed the 2 components. Poured on boards. Went over with torch. 24 hours later I had a crystal clear coat. Great looking with less work.

Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin 4 Gallons
Jonathan Davis - Whiskey Falls Woodworks (Canton, US)
Perfect Results

Extremely happy with your product and the results.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Farmhand Fabrication (Richardson, US)
Works great on metal fabrication artisan works!!

Excellent finish to metal fabrication works, easy to apply, and outstanding finish. Clear like glass, couldn't be happier, thanks!!

This epoxy was great to work with. Poured nicer than a lot of other ones I’ve used and cured a little faster. After sanding and polishing, I can see why they call it Ultra Clear Epoxy

Epoxy Tool Kit
Matt h (Olympia, US)
Kitchen counter tops on stained butcher block

Great product! Waited 6 months to review because I wanted to see how it holds up to normal kitchen use and it's still shining! Easy to clean. Be patient with the cure time. I put some buckets of water to weight the counter down about 24 hours after pour over and it was still wet enough I got a couple tiny rings in the finish. Once cured though it's tough stuff. I wouldn't take a knife to it but I'm not worried about normal use anymore. Love it.

Art and Craft Epoxy
Heather (Hockley, US)

For a first time user of resin, this was so easy to use! I will define buying more! Thank you!

Epoxy Tool Kit
Kessler (Princeton, US)
Great service

I had an issue with the delivery being damaged. I called and explained how the package was delivered, sent pictures and the gentleman on the phone told me, "we'll take care of it and file a claim with the shipping company and send a replacement today". I received it two days later in good condition. I have used this product for years and love it!

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
robert matthews (Nashville, US)

worked as advertised

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Michael Rife (Little River, US)
Bar top epoxy

Ultra clear bar top and craft resin is the best I have ever used for our craft business! The projects always come out beautiful and our customers love the looks of our projects . Great Product Ultra Clear!

Epoxy Tool Kit
Harold heidekker (Kansas City, US)

Easy to work with. Looks great

Pink Glitter Epoxy Powder Pigment
Maria BetanzosLeiva (Orlando, US)

Love the bright Pink color for my coaster 🤩

Ultra clear epoxy for a wooden sink and bar top I did

This epoxy is great. I won’t use anything else for what I used it on. It worked perfect. I made a beautiful wood sink but have applied the epoxy yet. But what sold me is when I made my beautiful bar top and used this epoxy. Very happy can’t wait to see what my sink will look like

Outdoor kitchen

Ultracleproxy is so easy to use. This product is amazing. Step by step instructions, easy mix and the results look fantastic

Haven’t use it yet