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Epoxy Bar Top

Love this product! it came out great! I used this product before and it ended up being a fabulous addition to our home. Perfect for home DIY bar tops

Amazing product

Love Ultra Clear. It truly is ultra clear.

Ultra clear epoxy

This product is great, I've used several kinds/ brands of epoxy, this one in my opinion is the best. The specs and instructions do need to be revamped. This product will spread at a rate of about 32 square feet per gallon if it is spread using a 1/8 x 1x8 notch trowel which surprisingly extended the working time to nearly 40mins. Also air bubbles will definitely come out if it's tourched.

Amazing Results

This was my first time using epoxy and following the tutorial videos made it super easy and the 24 sq ft butcher block countertop looks amazing

Amazing product

I love Ultra Clear Epoxy!! It is Crystal clear and easy to work with.

Love this epoxy!

Second time to use it. First time was our custom live edge cedar kitchen counters. Second time was the kitchen island and card table - first time using the colors. Everything turned out great.
Highly recommend. Will order again.

User Friendly

This was our 1st experience with using any type of Epoxy. We did a bar counter top in a shop - good place for a 1 time attempt. We called and talked to someone at the store and he was so helpful in answering our questions and gave us important tips when using colors. It bar top turned out so much better that we expected, this was a very user friendly product for those of us who are new to this along with the help we received for the store. We can't wait to do our out door kitchen tops now! Here is a picture of our 1st project. Ignore the cardboard, we didn't want any drips.

Wonderful product

This is my second purchase of ultra clear epoxy. I absolutely love it. It’s easy to you and clear as glass. I’ve used on my craft table top, as well as craft projects for my store. It’s fast setting with plenty of time to perfect your art. I don’t think I would shop anywhere else.

Gorgeous results!

Although patience is required, the beautiful results of this epoxy are worth the effort.

Good but..

It's crystal clear, but make sure you read the instructions very carefully. Make sure you use 2 seal coats when working with pine. I did just one and the bubbles wouldn't stop appearing. Had to drill them out and do a second flood coat, which cost me a lot of money. Had to reacot the entire 22ft of bar. Lesson learned i guess...

More than I’d hoped

Built an outdoor/mobile bar with pictures of friends on the top. Your epoxy resin makes it absolutely beautiful! So pleased with the outcome and my first attempt at using epoxy resin.

Great epoxy!

Great epoxy, works very well! Very easy to use and great results! I have used on table top, a bench top, custom made end tables and shelving. Good tip too, if want a matte finish, I use a 3x polyurethane spray over the top to reduce the shine/glass finish. See photos of my butcher block top, have photos of full epoxy finish and then finish after spraying the matte polyurethane, so get matte finish with true protection of the epoxy!

The Final Touch

We created installation Art and Ultra Clear is our epoxy of choice. Ease of use and consistent final finish, with a great customer support team makes it a no brainer to keep coming back to Ultra Clear!


cures rock hard crystal clear looks amazing after u paint in it

Best resin I have ever used

I’ve used many brands of resin in my artwork. The fumes have always been so harsh. When I came across “Ultra clear epoxy” I decided to give it a try. I was thoroughly impressed with the results and low to no odor. Easy self leveling pour. It’s the absolute best resin I’ve ever used. I’ve recommended to almost everyone I know. I just purchased three more gallons and plan on continuing to buy more. Excellent product!

Great product!

Epoxy is a great quality! We are using this product for all our projects. Clients are happy with results. Thank you!

The best epoxy

I was recommended this epoxy from a local furniture building shop. They have been using it for close to a decade on all their builds. That seemed like a solid use history I could trust. Once I used it, I understood why. This stuff is great!

Great Product

Great overall experience with this product, ordering was easy and the shipment was expedited quickly. Super clear finish even with two large pours 2" thick! Look forward to many more successful projects

Great product and instructions

First time user here. No complaints! Followed the detailed instructions and was easy to use. Final product came out looking great! Make sure that not only your room is above 75 degrees but all of your materials have been acclimated beforehand as well.

Great product

Deep pour worked great, my bar came out awesome with these products

Great Product - Take your time on the prep and skim coat

This was my first time using epoxy for anything and it was very easy to use with concise and clear directions. I did end up with some air bubbles but my prep could have been better to avoid that and the bar mat covers it so it's fine for me. I built a steel frame around both bar tops and caulked the edge underneath but I should have caulked the top as there were some spots where there was a good sized gap and product flowed more than I expected. Also, I edge glued boards together to make the top and there were some gaps that could have probably been filled with the skim coat but I must have missed them. Overall, the product works great and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, just take your time with the prep and you'll be set!

Bar top epoxy over barn wood

Excellent product and outcome in project. Project not completely done but adding pictures of bar top! Follow instructions and your project will be successful! Patience and following directions resulted in a great new bar top we will enjoy for many years!!

Love it!

Really enjoy working with it! We have not had any troubles!

Great product

This product is fabulous.and easy to work with. Being a first timer, I read and reread the instructions until I felt confident in attempting the pour. Once I got going, it was easy breezy. The pictures do not do the details of my countertops justice. Everyone that has viewed the pictures and seen the counters in person say the pictures are misleading.and that the countertops are absolutely gorgeous. I love the finished product. This saved me a lot of money, not having to buy new countertops. I have another project and have ordered again.


DAMN this turned out good, I can't stop looking at it! This has been all my dad has been saying after we completed my countertops! Everyone can not believe that we did them by ourselves. I can't wait to do both my bathrooms!