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Bar Top

First time every doing this. Very easy to use ! So impressed! Turned out awesome! Love it!

Ultra clear poxy is the only epoxy i ever used it's easy to mix and the clarity's awesome

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Derek Hanley (Town and Country, US)
Great product

I am a custom woodworker. I have used other brands of epoxy and decided to give this brand a try. I am happy with the results! The product was much easier to work with and the shipping was fast. I will be using them from now on.

First time challenges but great support

Lots of detailed info available on the website and good results when following the guidelines. One thing I missed was the amount of leakage through holes and cracks, and the importance of a water-tight catch-tray for excess material during flood coat step. (I used a large piece of cardboard with painters-tape sealed joints and edges. It worked well but there was a lot more overflow than I anticipated.) Though the hardener/resin mix is very viscous, it will eventually flow through any opening -- like water.

Stir Sticks
Mary Anne Escobar (Placitas, US)
Ultra epoxy clear done right👍

Great overall product! Easy to use and instructions were very simple! Perfect product!

Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon
Kacey Meyer (Feasterville-Trevose, US)
Looks great

Easy to use and my bar top looks great, nice and shiny and smooth like glass. Just what I wanted.

Kitchen island butcher block

If the instructions are followed you will achieve excellent and repeatable results!!

Fantastic product

Snow Queen Epoxy Powder Pigment
Bruce Bienkowski (Dixon, US)
Snow Queen pigment

The color was as anticipated. Worked well in epoxy.

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Emert Emert (Lacon, US)
Small Deep Pour Side Table

Just like the name on the bottle product is ultra clear and ultra glossy. No issues with abundance of air bubbles. Very easy to work with ! Great customer service and extremely fast shipping ! Will definitely be purchasing again.

I am an amateur and this product was easy to use and my bar turned out smooth and glassy. SO happy


I love this stuff. We put it on our kitchen island live edge top. Beautiful!

Porcelain White Epoxy Powder Pigment
Pamela Martinez (Ft. Pierce, US)

Good pigment I love it

Blue Glitter Epoxy Powder Pigment
Anthony Palmiotti (Kalispell, US)
First project won't be my last

My first river table was a learning experience. The Ultra Clear Epoxy worked perfectly even though I tested the lower temperature limits. Looking forward to more projects

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Randal Gullixson (Chicago, US)

The epoxy works well, but you should send instructions with every shipment. I still have an old copy that I used, but it would have been much better if it was included.

Also - emphasize how to handle fish eyes in your instructions. thanks

Great product!

Used this for a behindbthe couch table top and it turned out great. Make sure you follow the directions and flood the object for best results. Kind of pricey, but worth every penny.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
BriAnne Weaver (Fort Lauderdale, US)
Be careful of warming resin too long

I purchased this to coat my countertops and this was the first time that I’ve worked with resin in large amounts. We watched the videos, read and reread the directions and set about mixing the first batch. While pouring the first batch onto the countertops, the mixture got VERY hot and began to smoke and cure in the container after only a couple of minutes - maybe 3-5 minutes after it was mixed. Upon doing a bit of research on the internets, I discovered that I most likely over-heated the resin before mixing it with the hardener, causing an “uncontrolled exotherm” ! The directions on the UltraClear website were so great and so detailed, that I didn’t even think that leaving the resin in the warm water for longer than the 10-15 minutes specified in the directions would cause an issue. It was a costly mistake - wasted about 2 quarts of resin. But the remaining batches that I mixed turned out great, and I ended up with a pretty decent end product for my first attempt at a resin job of this magnitude.

Lemon Yellow Epoxy Powder Pigment
Dillon Carter (Sacramento, US)
Awesome color

Made a sink cover for a customers lemonade stand and what better color to use than lemon yellow. Turned out awesome and the customer loved it

Nothing but the best for my works!

I use only the finest materials and exotic wood veneers. Many hours of my design and artwork has to have a perfect hi gloss, durable finish.
I tried the rest and now I only use the best! Ultra Clear!

Black Liquid Epoxy Pigment
richard rude (Oberlin, US)


Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Hank Schoengarth (Rock Springs, US)
Fantastic product

This is an outstanding product, very easy to use great results

nice color

I bought this for a small repair job on my bowling ball. I have a small split between the fingers on a ball used 1 time and sat for years.
I used this product to color JB Weld 5min set clear epoxy. With 3 drops the color is very deep, I probably could have got away with 2 drops. I am pleased how well it mixed with the product without increasing setting time.

You saved the day!

I used the black liquid pigment in marine grade epoxy and refurbished a customers concrete kitchen sink. I also needed to put the black on a shower drain, see enclosed photo. I ordered more to paint hinges and handle on a new shower door. One coat is all that’s necessary. Thank you for helping provide my customers with custom options!

Black Liquid Epoxy Pigment
trenton lippoldt (Kansas City, US)
Ultra clear Epoxy

Worked great for my little end table project black pigment dyed it and it kept form very well, do recommend for anybody doing resin tables

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Todd Imbriaco (Chesapeake, US)
Black walnut bay top

Ultra clear epoxy, is an impressive and easy to work with product. I am a first time bar top fabricator and my project turned out awesome thank to ultra clear epoxy.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops (Chino Hills, US)
Garage workbench

I recently poured Ultra Clear epoxy over my laminate workbenches in my garage I added black dye and silver speckles they turned out great everybody loves them