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Great product!

Did what it is suppose to, just watch the room temperature! Free tool kits was perfect! Still working on it in the photos! 2nd coat! Thanks

White Liquid Epoxy Pigment
Noren Renovations LLC (Houston, US)
Live Edge Epoxy Countertop

The live edge epoxy countertop turned out amazing. First build-in I've done. Learned a lot and look forward to future client projects

Super easy and looks great

It was super easy to do and looks absolutely amazing!

Peacock Blue Liquid Epoxy Pigment
Sherri Marshall (Columbus, US)

shipped quickly and colors are beautiful

Hypnotic Peacock Epoxy Powder Pigment
Michael Partridge (Las Vegas, US)
by far my fav pigment

It's the union of a mermaid, peacock and unicorn. Pictures don't do this pigment justice as you need to see how it reflects in different lighting.

2" Seal Coat Brush
J W (Sanderson, US)


Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Don MacMillan (East Otto, US)
Reclaimed barnwood bar

I was very happy with the results of the bar coat epoxy!  First let me say that I greatly appreciate the help i received from your knowledgeable staff.. guiding me with advice, it made my reclaimed barn wood bar project a beautiful piece of furniture!   Working with your product was much easier then I thought it would be and virtually no odor!  Everyone is amazed by the Crystal clear glass like finish! 

I highly recommend this product!!!

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Lukasz Masiukiewicz (York, US)
Great Product!

Easy to mix & apply with supplied tools!

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Steve Ronhovdee (Temecula, US)
Epoxy resin

Product work well, followed the directions to the letter and I ended with a glass like, flat finish. Clients are very happy with the results. Only time will tell as far as the durability but we are very optimistic about it.

20 Pack Liquid Epoxy Pigments
Tanner James (Ashville, US)
A little goes a long way

I used this on my sandblasted bar project and it worked wonderfully. I wanted to use just enough pigment to keep the epoxy transparent enough to show the grain. A couple drops is all it took and I couldn’t be happier. The 20 pack has so many great colors. I can’t wait to try more.

Greek Turquoise Pearl Epoxy Powder Pigment
Philip Branton (Charleston, US)
Turquoise Blue.....blast

I am very satisfied with Turquoise Pearl pigment results as I have been with all the pigments chosen so far.

Coffee Table

Excellent product
Makes your product look fantastic.

Great results

It was easy to use and the client loved the job we did for their new bbq bar

Great results

Second bar I’ve done with this product and both turned out great. Good support on questions I had on mixing etc. I would highly recommend.

Real Royal Blue Epoxy Powder Pigment
Kenneth Anderson (Owensboro, US)

Nice color easy to mix fast shipping

Great Clarity and Online Instructions

Bought a used dining table at a yard sale with a worn dark brown stain. I sanded the top down with 220 grit, wiped the dust away with a few microfiber towels, then stained the top with Varathane Quick Dry Ebony Stain. After it had set into the wood for 8 hours, and wiping excess stain away every couple hours, I gave the tabletop a seal coat. Be wary of the recommended amount, it heavily overestimates the amount needed for a seal coat. Being generous with a brush, I used a little less than half the amount of epoxy that was recommended for the seal coat, leading to 12 oz of wasted epoxy. After 4 hours had passed I prepared and poured the flood coat. The 30% estimated loss from pouring over the edge is an exaggeration as well, provided you're being careful and actually pouring near the edge and not just drowning the center of the surface and waiting for it to flow outwards. Because of this overestimation, I lost another 32 oz of epoxy. Overall I would highly recommend this epoxy, just be more conservative than the instructions with the amount you mix up for a coating project and keep a small container on hand for a smaller batch if you happen to undershoot the amount.

Black Liquid Epoxy Pigment
damien bujwid (Oakland, US)
Best product on the market!

Amazing product!You can no never go wrong with this high quality epoxy coloring!

Bartop Epoxy

I built a 14' bar outside. I wanted something kind of fun. I had done a bathroom penny floor several years back with this same product and it came out PERFECT! This was a little harder, there were bubbles, and some quite large. I sanded them out and drilled some of them out and did another pour this morning. It turned out great in my opinion. The top is completely flat. The first pour, it was not sealed enough, and using wood and other items can have air pockets. But after prepping for several days for the next pour, it was well worth it! I figured, spending money on something that didn't come out right, needed another go at it, and I'm really glad I did! Total, the first pour was 5 gallons and so was the second, where it filled all the drill holes and the sanding, you can't even tell. There were two areas that had very tiny bubbles, but they were way down on the wood, and I decided not to fix those on the second go, they weren't compromising the flat top and plus, it looked a little like sand (which I filled in the middle anyway). Love this project. I couldn't tarp it but stood out there catching falling leaves. All in all, only a few little particles got on there, and they ended up sinking, still keeping a flat top. I love it and would totally recommend this product! Seal coat first though if you are using wood, I wish I did that! All in all, I'm very happy with it! Can't wait to finish it with old barn tin roof (rusted) around the base and for the roof when I can get that done. The matchbox car was my sons, his contribution! He had to take off the wheels so it wouldn't stick out. It's about 3/4 inch thick total, the lip was 1/4 inch high, and the second flood coat dripped over the sides. <3

Excellent Product

I’ve worked with a few different expoxys and this is by far the best! Easy to use, nice finish and no issue with bubbles.

Quality product

Quality product good price and value for the quality

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Jeff Skillin (Sedalia, US)
Deep pour is tricky

Follow their instructions. Caulk ahead of time with silicone caulk! This stuff wants to run like water and takes a long time to firm up, so your tape and caulk has to hold it leak-free for a long time. If you have open ends that need to be dammed like I did, make sure your tape is tight and still plan for some leakage at the ends. Tricky to completely seal open pours out in free space. I had to go back and goo-off and sand the tape glue after each deep pour hardened, I did about 1" each pour. Long process. Final deep pour, I poured my solid colors, then mixed smaller amount of add-in color and used a ketchup bottle to squirt a line into the solid color and strew it around with a toothpick. You have to wait about 12 hours or so until the solid color is like creamy peanut butter so the add-in color will stay on top. My first epoxy job, it was a challenge but turned out beautiful.

Great epoxy

Follow the instructions! Keep it clean! You'll get a beautiful result if you do.

Couch Table Top

Love your product. It came out very nice and exceeded my expectations!


I love this color!!! It's so rich and gorgeous!! Will be back again for more!!!

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Rickey Calvit (Texarkana, US)
Great Product

First time using Epoxy to make a river table. Followed directions on the container and the table came out great. Had a few bubbles at the start but my heat gun took care of them. Purchased the bar top epoxy and finished the job. Very satisfied with these two products. Called one time and their personnel was very helpful. Purchased more to create more items with epoxy.