Deep Pour Epoxy

How to use Table Top Epoxy over Deep Pour Epoxy

Deep Pour Epoxy is used to embed object, fill voids, create flowing rivers of colors and different designs, all while maintaining that crystal clear clarity that’s made epoxy tables so desirable over the years. 

Why use Deep Pour Epoxy over Table Top Resin?

Deep Pour Epoxy is the right tool for the job when you want a perfectly clear pour in depths greater than 1/4” up to 2” in a single pour. Whereas something like our Table Top Epoxy is designed to be poured in 1/8” layers at a time for maximum durability, clarity, and scratch resistance. This is due to the Table Top Resin having a Shore D Hardness rating of 98. That's harder than your standard construction zone hard hat! 

Pros and Cons Of Deep Pour Epoxy vs TableTop Epoxy

Each one is used for different applications, however, they both work together perfectly for projects like river tables, charcuterie boards, or any surface that has a deep pour epoxy section in it. The Deep Pour Epoxy cures slightly softer overall than the Table Top Epoxy, so it needs a top coating layer of protection when it’s going to be used as a surface. You wouldn’t want to use just the Deep Pour Epoxy by itself as a surface without top coating it with something like the Osmo wax finish from our supplies section or by using our Table Top Epoxy to give your surface the ultimate layer of durability, and a glass like finish. 

How To Use Epoxy Resin for a River Table:

  1. Coat any and all wood that will be in contact with the Deep Pour Epoxy with a brushed on seal coat of our Table Top Epoxy.

    For most river tables, you have 2 slabs of wood side by side with an open trench in-between them that will contain the epoxy “river.” In this example, you would want to brush a seal coat onto the inside edges of the wood slabs that will be the “walls” where the river is poured between.

    This brushed on coat is just a thin layer that will seal the wood and prevent any released air bubbles into the Deep Pour Epoxy. You will want to brush this seal coat on 4 to 6 hours before doing the Deep Pour Epoxy stage. If you need to do more than one seal coat, each one can be brushed on 4 hours after the previous coat. 

  2. 4 to 6 hours after brushing on the seal coat, you would begin mixing and pouring your Deep Pour Epoxy according to the instructions provided with the product.

    Simply follow the mixing procedure and add in any epoxy colors that you are wanting to at this stage. Then after pouring each batch into the river area, you would use a heat gun or plumbers torch to pop any bubbles that may have formed while mixing. 

  3. Allow the Deep Pour Epoxy to fully cure. This can vary from project to project depending on total depth and how large an area you are pouring.
    Usually with 3 to 4 days the Deep Pour will be fully cured and you are ready to move onto the next step.

  4. Prep the surface of the Deep Pour for the final top coating of Table Top Epoxy.

    To do this you would just need to lightly sand/scuff the surface of the Deep Pour with 2-300 grit sandpaper. It doesn’t need to be heavily sanded down at all, you just want a nice even sand across the entire surface of Deep Pour Epoxy. Wipe the sanded surface free of dust using a clean, lint-free rag, and either denatured alcohol or acetone to ensure all the sanding dust has been completely removed. Once the surface is clean and dry, you can move onto the next step. 

  5. Brush an even seal coat of Table Top Epoxy over any exposed wood on your surface and outside edges. 

    If your project is like most river tables, you will have slabs of wood surrounding the Deep Pour Epoxy section. After you finish the light sanding the Deep Pour Epoxy section, you need to apply a seal coat of Table Top Epoxy over the surface of the wood slabs like any other wood table.

    You do not need to brush the seal coat over the Deep Pour Epoxy section, just the wood itself. 4 to 6 hours after the seal coat, you can pour the final Flood Coat which will cover the whole surface all at once.

    Be sure to carefully follow the mixing guidelines for the Table Top Epoxy, as it mixed differently than the Deep Pour. 

  6. Wait 72 hours for the TableTop Resin To Cure.

    The project is all but complete at this point. You can sit back and simply let the flood coat of Table Top Epoxy to fully cure before beginning to use the surface. You need to allow it to cure for 72 hours in an environment above 75F degrees to ensure it cures properly.
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