A finished deep pour epoxy bar top

Although many epoxy projects only require one type of epoxy, there are times when you should use both. For instance, if you're using deep pour epoxy to craft something likely to see substantial use, a final topcoat of our table top epoxy—which has a very high hardness rating—can help prevent inevitable wear and tear. Your surface area will be more resilient and last even longer this way.

What are some key differences between table top epoxy and deep pour epoxy?

  • While our regular table top epoxy requires that you pour 1/8 inch layers at a time, our deep pour epoxy allows for layers of up to 2 inches thick, vastly reducing the complexity and time needed to finish projects of greater depth. With fewer steps, you're less likely to make a mistake.
  • When cured, both epoxy types are very solid and durable, but our table top epoxy is even tougher than the deep pour, with an established Shore D hardness rating of 98 (out of a maximum of 100). It's what we recommend for anything that will receive considerable use.
  • The mixture ratio of the resin and hardener prior to the pouring step is also different, so be sure to read the appropriate instructions and measure those correctly.

When should table top and deep pour epoxies be used together?

For projects that require one or more thick epoxy layers (i.e. greater than 2/8 inch), deep pour epoxy is ideal. You can use it to embed objects and fill large spaces intentionally left around your substrate, such as the "river" of river tables. It's durable enough that it can sometimes be used alone.

However, If you're working with porous materials, such as wood (the most common substrate), you'll also want to apply table top epoxy as a seal coat before making a deep pour layer. A seal coat helps release or neatly encase the air throughout the porous substance, preventing a variety of blemishes from appearing within your epoxy layers.

As mentioned at the beginning, you'll also want to use table top epoxy to apply a final topcoat over a cured deep pour epoxy project if what you're creating will be subject to frequent use or potential rough treatment. Our table top epoxy scored highest on the Shore hardness scale, with a nearly perfect Shore D rating of 98 out of 100. A topcoat of this will ensure that your project lasts for a long time.

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