Which Table Top or Deep Pour Epoxy Is Right For You?

Which Table Top or Deep Pour Epoxy Is Right For You?

A comprehensive overview on the differences and benefits of both types of epoxy: Deep Pour Resin and Table Top Resin Kits.

Make sure you have the right tools for the right job by reading below and giving yourself the tools and knowledge to get your project done right the first time! I know resin pours can seem overwhelming at first, but after reading through this and getting your project started, the process will become clear how simple it actually is.  

What's the Difference?

Here’s the biggest differences between these two types of epoxy: Consistency and coverage, working time, Shore D Hardness ratings, and their different applications. 

If you’re looking to cover a large surface such as a wooden table top, you’d need our Table Top Epoxy Resin. It’s a one coat system that will coat virtually any surface in a 1/8” layer of resin. Perfect for covering wood, marble, concrete, laminate, or any other type of surface you have on your existing countertops or table tops. 

If you’re wanting to fill a void, encase objects, or connect multiple pieces of wood together to create a River Table, you’d need our Deep Pour Epoxy Resin kits. Deep Pour Epoxy can be poured up to 2 inch depths at a time. This makes it perfect for embedding objects that you want to preserve and see clearly. It also works perfectly for silicone resin molds that you can find on online and use to make jewelry or other epoxy objects. 


Shore D Hardness Rating

Tabletop Epoxy Resin will give your surface a resin coating that’s been tested and verified to cure at a Shore D Hardness rating of 98! That’s harder than a standard construction site hard hat! 

This is why our Table Top Resin is used around the country in restaurants and bars as their surface coating of choice. These types of places see more traffic than any home kitchen ever could, so you know if it can hold up to that kind of abuse, you can trust it to last a lifetime on the surfaces in your home. 

Deep Pour Epoxy, while it still cures into a hardened plastic, isn’t designed to be used as a protective top coat. Which is why we typically recommend either coating the surface with Table Top Epoxy, or using one of our Osmo Wax finishes for any Deep Pour Epoxy Table that will see a lot of use. 

Consistency and Coverage

Tabletop Epoxy has a thicker consistency when mixed, similar to honey. This means that when it’s poured onto your surface, you don’t need to spread it around and make sure that it’s level. It will self level onto your surface at exactly 1/8 of an inch. Which is the ideal thickness for resin tops. 

Some epoxy kits only cure at 1/16 of an inch, which means if you want a stronger surface, you’ll have to do more than one coat, which is more working time, and less time enjoying your project. 

Deep Pour Epoxy however, has a thinner consistency, which allows it to flow into cracks and crevices better, and allows bubbles to freely escape from thicker pours. That’s the secret to getting crystal clear pours even when you’re pouring two inches at a time. No bubbles will get trapped inside the epoxy resin, since it’s much easier for them to float to the surface and pop on their own. 

Pot Life & Working Time

Table Top Epoxy Resin is made up of different ingredients that cause it to generate a lot of heat and start to cure faster than the Deep Pour Resin. This makes it more suited for large surface projects where you may need to start using the surface as soon as possible. Restaurants and bars typically can’t shut down for a week while they wait on their bar to cure, but with our Table Top Resin, they can have the new surface poured and hardened in a single weekend!

Deep Pour Resin gives you a little more flexibility with the pot life and working time. It stays a lot cooler than Table Top, giving you the ability to customize the color and design of your pours a lot easier. This makes it perfect for more artistic projects that take more time to complete. 

Where to Purchase the Best Epoxy Resin Kits? 

While it’s pretty easy to find epoxy kits at most home improvement stores, these places typically don’t carry large amounts of resin that you may need. With an online epoxy resin store like UltraClear Epoxy, you have the ability to order as much or little as you need for your project. We also have epoxy experts ready to help you by phone or email, and we’ll make sure you order the perfect amount of epoxy resin you need every time. 

Check Out A Deep Pour Epoxy Resin Project!


Check Out A Table Top Epoxy Resin Project!

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