An epoxy river table with a black pigmented epoxy vein

One of our favorite epoxy projects to see is an epoxy river table. These projects are surprisingly easy with the right amount of preparation, but they can look beautifully intricate.

For those who aren't familiar: an epoxy river table is a table top that has a thick layer of our Deep Pour Epoxy, typically mixed with one or more color pigments. This thick layer is called a vein and is usually positioned to "flow" between two or more irregular slabs of wood (or any other bondable material).

When the project is finished, the tinted epoxy vein will look like a river has been sealed beneath the final epoxy flood coat that ultimately covers the entire project.

The concept isn't limited to river tables.

Two sample veins for an upcoming river table

While river tables are likely the best known exhibits of deep pour epoxy veins, you can showcase the beauty of this method in other project types as well. For instance, some users will mix and pour tinted epoxy into a large mold to create their own decorative epoxy art, suitable for hanging on walls or displaying on furniture.

Since deep pour epoxy is also useful as a general casting resin, you'll often see embedded objects in projects that require it. For instance, you can combine these ideas to put pebbles, shells, and faux greenery to represent aquatic plants around and within the vein of your epoxy river table.

A little effort can go a long way if you've decided on a particular theme for your river table project.

You don't need to limit yourself to aquatic color tones.

A large river table with a deep green epoxy vein.

While you can choose to make your vein look like a literal river of water, there's also a lot of potential in choosing unusual color combinations using our mica powders or liquid pigments.

By mixing in the colors of your choice, whether blue, orange, black, or white, etc., you can create something truly unique that represents your aesthetic style. Put your imagination on display with a palette of tones that fits your preferences.

Take a look at these next few photos. Perhaps they'll inspire you!

A close-up view of an epoxy river table with a wide black veinA live edge epoxy river table with branching blue veinsAn epoxy river table with a pooling black vein surrounded by orangeAn epoxy river table with a wide blue gradient vein

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