A beach-themed epoxy painting

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Using epoxy to make unconventional art is a satisfying means of creative expression that has become notably more prominent in recent years.

Originally, epoxy was primarily used for industrial purposes, including to bolster various materials, repair or seal structures, and even in the fabrication of aircraft components. Its incredible durability and resilience made it perfect for these applications.

However, that never meant it couldn't be used in artistic ways—nor are these purposes mutually exclusive.

In the last fifteen years, epoxy's reputation has steadily risen as an artistic ingredient with the goal of self-expression. Many users create their own beautiful works by incorporating epoxy's unique features, such as its ability to transition from a fluent liquid to a robust, transparent solid.

Because anything encased within epoxy gets permanently preserved and sealed in that position, one can use it to construct their own beautiful, long-lasting art that won't wear away over time.

Epoxy resin jewelry with embedded objects.

Think outside the box with epoxy art.

Perhaps the most obvious artistic use for epoxy is in typical interior decor. Things like epoxy countertops or table tops are the most frequent project types, as you get to prepare your substrate surface to look aesthetically pleasing to your tastes, before ultimately sealing it with a coat of clear epoxy that both safeguards and enhances these aesthetic choices.

On top of that, you end up with a functional table that can be used for many years if treated well. It's the best of both worlds.

But that doesn't mean there aren't numerous other ways to apply epoxy in your art.

For example, many users will create their own resin jewelry, use epoxy to embellish their paintings, make epoxy coasters, or craft small baskets and trays.

There are so many possibilities within the resin art category.

An ocean beach epoxy project in-progress

Epoxy doesn't have to stay clear and transparent.

While epoxy is naturally transparent and glasslike, it doesn't have to remain that way. Epoxy can be given deep and vivid color using epoxy colorants.

These colorants are designed for epoxy resin, which is uniquely receptive to them during the mixing phase.

Generally, there are two types: Epoxy powder pigments and liquid resin dyes.

Epoxy pigments are made from ground mica that has been reduced to powder.

Mica is a category of minerals that often have a reflective sheen, along with various other natural and synthetic materials that determine the color of the powder.

When mixed into epoxy resin, these powder pigments give it a shimmering, pearlescent, glittery, or even metallic texture; some even make the resin glow in the dark.

Powder pigments tend to be quite potent, too, so a little goes a long way.

We often recommend starting with a small amount, then adding more as desired until a satisfying result is achieved. The more you add, the deeper and more opaque the epoxy tint becomes.

Resin dyes, in contrast, are liquid colorants that give epoxy a singular, uniform tone.

These dyes don't have the shimmering effect of the powders and are perfect for projects where the user wants to present a subtle image.

Much like the powder pigments, most resin dyes are highly potent, so add a small amount at a time until it looks the way you want it to.

Epoxy colorants come in a vast array of different tones, shades, and textures. More often than not, what you can make is only limited by your artistic vision and goals.

Let's take a look at a few user-submitted photos below.

An ocean beach themed epoxy mini tableA beach-themed epoxy painting viewed from an angleA heart-shaped wooden epoxy carvingA sealed epoxy nighttime diorama.
A epoxy sculpture of an eagle hunting for food in the water.

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