A beach-themed epoxy painting

Using epoxy to make unconventional art is a low-key concept that has become notably more prominent in recent years.

Originally, epoxy was primarily used for industrial purposes, to bolster various materials, repair or seal structures, and even in fabricating aircraft components. Its incredible durability and resilience have been perfect for these uses.

However, that doesn't mean it can't be used in artistic ways, nor are the two ideas mutually exclusive. In the last fifteen years, epoxy's reputation has steadily risen as an artistic ingredient in self-expression. Many users create their own beautiful works by incorporating epoxy's unique appearance and ability to transition from a fluent liquid to a robust, transparent solid.

Because anything encased within epoxy will be preserved and sealed in that position, anyone can use it to construct their own beautiful imagery that is secure and won't wear away over time.

Think outside the box with epoxy art.

Epoxy resin jewelry with embedded objects.

Perhaps the most obvious artistic use for epoxy is in simple domestic construction. Things like epoxy countertops or table tops are the most frequent project types, as you get to prepare your substrate surface to look aesthetically pleasing to your tastes, before ultimately sealing it with a coat of clear epoxy that preserves and enhances this aesthetic.

On top of that, you end up with a functional table that can be used for many years if treated well. It's the best of both worlds.

But that doesn't mean there aren't numerous other ways to apply epoxy in your art. Many users will create their own jewelry, small baskets and trays, epoxy paintings, and other arts and crafts themed objects.

Epoxy doesn't have to be clear and transparent.

An ocean beach epoxy project in-progress

While epoxy is naturally transparent and glasslike, it doesn't have to remain that way. There are numerous powder pigments and liquid pigments that can be mixed into the resin to provide a wide array of color and sheen to the epoxy.

From basic colors like red, blue, black, and white, to more metallic tones that make use of glitter, to even shades that can glow in the dark by absorbing light energy during the day, these pigments have few aesthetic restrictions.

More often than not, what you make is limited by your artistic vision and goals.

Take a look at some of the example photos we've posted below.

An ocean beach themed epoxy mini tableA beach-themed epoxy painting viewed from an angleA heart-shaped wooden epoxy carvingA sealed epoxy nighttime diorama.

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