An epoxy penny countertop with window

We often get questions about embedding objects in epoxy, especially for things like coins, and particularly pennies, the signature reddish-brown U.S. currency with a coppery tone.

Because pennies are both cheap and visually attractive, they make a great choice for adding depth to an epoxy project. They're also easy to embed, due to their slim, rounded shapes and textured surfaces—ideal traits for epoxy.

Over the years, many of our customers have sent us photos of their finished and in-progress epoxy penny projects, which range from ever popular bar tops, countertops, and table tops, to the less common but equally intriguing penny floors, and even to smaller objects such as epoxy penny coasters and various ornaments.

Below, we want to showcase some of these beautiful projects—but before we do, let's answer a couple of common questions related to penny epoxy projects.

Question #1: When should you embed the pennies into the epoxy?

Typically, when constructing a penny floor or penny bar top, you'll want to glue the pennies directly to the substrate surface (i.e., the material you'll be applying the epoxy to) before you've applied any epoxy at all. In other words, this comes before the epoxy seal coat, which would normally be your first epoxy coating.

To adhere them, we recommend a basic Elmer's glue. Don't use super glue or hot glue, as curing epoxy resin will chemically interact with those two in undesired ways and can ruin the bond.

Once you've glued down your pennies, you can proceed as with any traditional epoxy project, applying your seal coat and flood coat, in that order.

Make sure you follow the instructions closely, and you won't have any problems.

Question #2: Do the pennies need any treatment before embedding?

No, though you can clean them if you'd like. How clean the pennies are will affect how they handle light and how shiny they are within the epoxy surface.

It's mostly a cosmetic decision.

Next up: Our epoxy penny project showcase

Take a look at these beautiful project photos from other UltraClear Epoxy users:

A close up view of an epoxy penny countertop, at the corner
A different epoxy penny countertop, close up at the corner
An epoxy penny countertop, with a windowed view
An epoxy penny bar top with additional mixed currency embedded within
An epoxy penny countertop with a copper sink faucet
An epoxy penny bar top containing pennies with patinas
An epoxy penny countertop with exterior corner

There are so many different ways to present an epoxy penny project. You can highlight the pennies by providing contrasting colors, or you can complement their color with additional copper and metallic decoration in the surrounding area.

And of course, you can use any other type of coin, as well. Though pennies are the easiest American coin to acquire, the others work just fine for an handcrafting your own splendid work of art.

Have any questions? Want advice? Contact us!

You can contact us at UltraClear Epoxy with any questions you may have. Our epoxy experts are ready to provide answers and advice for your concerns.

If you'd like help with project planning or assistance in gathering the correct supplies for your project, please reach out to us via email or phone here.

During business hours, you can also text chat directly online with an epoxy expert by clicking the Help button on the bottom right of your screen.

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