How Do You Embed Items Within Epoxy?

One of the most popular ways to use epoxy resin is to embed items inside it to preserve them in a clear, glass-like resin. Epoxy can be used to encapsulate virtually anything from bottle caps, stones, riverbed rocks, coins such as pennies, wine corks, pictures, albums, the options are virtually endless! In this blog we’ll go over what type of epoxy you need to embed your objects, and how to achieve a crystal clear pour to keep your items preserved perfectly. 


Properly Sealing the Items in Resin

Depending on the items you are preserving, you will want to either glue them down to the surface, or place them in the epoxy seal coat itself to be used as a glue. Then depending on how large the objects are, you can pour a flood coat of TableTop Epoxy, or use the Deep Pour Epoxy to create pours 1”-2” or more in depth if needed. 


Table Top Epoxy Or Deep Pour Resin for Embedding Objects?

For things like bottle caps, you really only need the TableTop Epoxy, but for embedded objects like rocks, etc. you’re better off using the Deep Pour Epoxy to seal everything in at once. You can pour up to 1” in a single pour and layer it up to virtually unlimited depths! Regardless of which type of epoxy you use to embed the objects in, we always recommended top coating with the TableTop Epoxy for maximum durability. 


Sealing Paper, Photos, and Sensitive Items in Resin

Anytime you are trying to preserve family photos or other sensitive items that the epoxy might disturb, you’ll want to coat them first with Mod Podge. This is a brushed on, glue like substance that will allow the epoxy to bond to the photos without damaging them at all. You would still need to adhere these types of items to the wood first to ensure they do not move or get displaced when pouring resin over them. 


How Deep Can you Pour When Embedding Objects in Epoxy?

No matter if you’re sealing something thin like pennies, or large like golfballs, we’ve seen it all. Our Epoxy can be used to embed virtually any object in resin. Bottle caps, pennies, seashells, sand, crushed glass, rocks, wine corks, cans, flowers, drum sticks, paintballs and any item you want to showcase can be preserved perfectly in epoxy resin. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to embedding objects with UltraClear Epoxy. 


What Type Of Glue To Secure Embedded Items in Resin?

Depending on the embedded object you are sealing in epoxy, you can simply use Elmers glue, or the epoxy itself to act as a glue to keep your items secured to your surface. When using the epoxy itself, you will want to use our Bar Top Epoxy as the initial seal coat. You’ll brush this seal coat on slightly thicker than normal, embed the items inside of it, then allow 24 hours to pass before moving on to the next stage. The next stage might be pouring your flood coat of TableTop Epoxy, or the Deep Pour Epoxy. It all depends on the depth of the objects you are sealing in resin. 


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