An airplane, which often features resin-reinforced-fiber materials.

How does polyester resin compare to epoxy resin?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Polyester resin vs epoxy resin: How do these common adhesives compare to one another? We've written this article to explain.
A clean epoxy table.

Guidelines for cleaning epoxy surfaces

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Knowing how to keep your epoxy surface clean is essential to maintaining a healthy exterior. Read more in our guide on cleaning epoxy.
A climate controlled basement storage room

Epoxy: Proper storage, shelf life, and preventing "yellowing"

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
When you have epoxy you won't be using, it's important to store it properly to maintain a long shelf life and keep it viable for later. Learn from this article in which we cover those issues.
An epoxy bar top completed using various tools

Epoxy for beginners: Basic project tools and supplies

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Part of planning an epoxy project involves gathering the right tools and supplies for the task. Learn more in our project supplies guide!
An epoxy-coated motor boat out on the water

Marine grade epoxy: A guide to UltraClear Epoxy's newest product

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
To complement the launch of our UltraClear marine grade epoxy, we wrote this guide to explain what it's for, how to use it, and how it compares to alternatives.
An image of air bubbles

Epoxy resin tips: Preventing and removing air bubbles

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
In epoxy projects, air bubbles can form during different steps. Learn from us about how to prevent air bubbles from appearing and how to remove any bubbles that form.
An epoxy table top that required all three epoxy coat types

Epoxy for beginners: The three types of epoxy coatings

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
There are a few common types of epoxy coatings, each used for different purposes. Learn more about them here.
An epoxy fire bar top

Is table top epoxy heat resistant? What can it handle?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
How does heat affect an epoxy finish? What are epoxy's temperatures limits? In this article, we'll cover these issues, as well as how to avoid heat damage altogether.
A measuring cup for resin

How to measure the amount of epoxy you need

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Learn expert tips from our article on calculating how much epoxy resin your project needs, as well as how to measure each batch properly before application.
Working with epoxy to create art

What is epoxy?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Epoxy is an amazing material, but what is it made from? We wrote an article to explain the basics of what epoxy is.
A block table with a table top epoxy flood coat

Epoxy and viscosity: High, low? Which type is which?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Each type of epoxy has its own viscosity rating. The viscosity affects the way epoxy resin behaves in its liquid state. Read more here so you can plan your project accordingly.
A live edge wooden epoxy river table with a blue epoxy vein

How to Perfectly Mix Epoxy Resin Every Time

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy

In this blog we’ll explain why the mixing process is the most important step when using epoxy and how to keep it simple and effective. 

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