A bar room with several countertops and tables coated with epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin basics: How to apply multiple layers

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Learn how to apply multiple layers of epoxy resin with optimal results in our guide. Avoid blemishes and mistakes with these tips!
What weakens epoxy?

What weakens epoxy?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Learn here about the things that can weaken epoxy resin in this quick explainer!
A wooden commercial bar top with a waterproof epoxy resin finish.

Is bar top epoxy waterproof?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Discover the extent of bar top epoxy's waterproofing capabilities in this detailed explainer.
A long wooden bar top with a clean coating of bar top epoxy.

How thick should bar top epoxy be?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Learn about how thick a bar top epoxy finish should be in this detailed explainer.
Is epoxy better than polyurethane for bar tops?

Is epoxy better than polyurethane for bar tops?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Discover the pros and cons of using epoxy over polyurethane for bar tops, so you can make your decision well informed.
A tile epoxy bar top with a high wooden trim.

How much does it cost to epoxy a bar top?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Learn how much it typically costs to epoxy a bar top, and how to determine the cost of one based on length and width.
A stone epoxy countertop

Which materials bond best with clear epoxy?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Epoxy can adhere successfully to numerous materials. In this article, we cover the most common materials for different epoxy projects.
An airplane, which often features resin-reinforced-fiber materials.

How does polyester resin compare to epoxy resin?

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Polyester resin vs epoxy resin: How do these common adhesives compare to one another? We've written this article to explain.
A clean epoxy table.

Guidelines for cleaning epoxy surfaces

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Knowing how to keep your epoxy surface clean is essential to maintaining a healthy exterior. Read more in our guide on cleaning epoxy.
A climate controlled basement storage room

Epoxy: Proper storage, shelf life, and preventing "yellowing"

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
When you have epoxy you won't be using, it's important to store it properly to maintain a long shelf life and keep it viable for later. Learn from this article in which we cover those issues.
An epoxy bar top completed using various tools

Epoxy for beginners: Basic project tools and supplies

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
Part of planning an epoxy project involves gathering the right tools and supplies for the task. Learn more in our project supplies guide!
An epoxy-coated motor boat out on the water

Marine grade epoxy: A guide to UltraClear Epoxy's newest product

Epoxy BasicsRobert Abernathy
To complement the launch of our UltraClear marine grade epoxy, we wrote this guide to explain what it's for, how to use it, and how it compares to alternatives.

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