A deep pour epoxy slab made to showcase pigmented deep pour epoxy

DIY Deep Pour Epoxy Instructions For Beginners

Bar Tops and CountertopsRobert Abernathy
In this blog post, we'll go through what deep pour epoxy is, what its main uses are for, and how many people use it for home and work. We'll also give you easy-to-follow instructions for beginners if you're new to this type of home project or product.
A finished deep pour epoxy bar top

Epoxy basics: When to use table top epoxy with deep pour epoxy

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
Learn when you should use table top epoxy and deep pour epoxy together, so you can make the right decisions for your epoxy project.
A laptop on an unfinished wooden slab

The 7 Most Unique Deep Pour Epoxy Tables We’ve Ever Seen

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
We’ve all seen deep pour epoxy tables before, whether we realize it or not. But these deep pour epoxy tables are different. Take a look at the most amazing ones we've seen so far!
Epoxy resin being poured onto a thin, flat piece of wood

6 Incredible Pieces You Can Create With Deep Pour Epoxy

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
In this post, we'll go over what Deep Pour Epoxy is, how it works, and the many different types of things people make from it.
A close-up view of an epoxy river table vein, tinted teal

Our 5 Favorite Examples of Custom Pigmented Deep Pour Epoxy Tables

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
Tables, whether new or old, are the perfect pieces to apply epoxy as they create incredibly useful furniture in the process. Below, we’ve listed 5 examples of custom tables that can be coated with deep pour epoxy for their protection and durability.
A deep pour epoxy river table with red veins

Our beginner’s guide to deep pour epoxy

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
This is our guide to deep pour epoxy. Inside, we cover the fundamentals of what deep pour epoxy resin is and what it's most used for. We then answer some common questions people have asked us.
An epoxy bar top sample piece

Restaurant & Bar Owners: Are You Tired of Your Worn Out Bar Top Epoxy?

Bar Tops and CountertopsRobert Abernathy
Your restaurant’s interior design plays a crucial role in enhancing your customers’ dining experience. The bar top – in particular – is a centerpie...
Epoxy deep ocean-themed art made with deep pour epoxy

Table top or deep pour epoxy: Which is right for you?

Deep Pour EpoxyRobert Abernathy
View our guide to understanding the differences between table top epoxy and deep pour epoxy. Learn more so you can make the best choice for your projects.

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