A beautiful epoxy kitchen countertop made with UltraClear Table Top Epoxy.

Spotlight: Epoxy kitchen countertops

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Come take a look at some of the stunning epoxy countertops that resin users have been creating with our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy!
An epoxy resin art exhibit

Spotlight: Epoxy resin art

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Resin art is a fun outlet for creative expression. Come take a look at some of the projects that resin enthusiasts have made with UltraClear Epoxy.
An epoxy wooden table top

Spotlight: Epoxy table tops

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Epoxy table tops are some of our favorite projects and the most versatile around. See examples and learn more here in our Table Top Spotlight.
An epoxy bottle cap table top, placed outdoors.

Spotlight: Epoxy bottle cap bar tops, table tops, and countertops

Bar Tops and CountertopsRobert Abernathy
We're back with another epoxy project spotlight, this time showing off some of the many bottle cap epoxy projects customers have created over the years.
An epoxy river table with a black pigmented epoxy vein

Spotlight: Epoxy river tables

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Epoxy river tables make a great project choice. Beautiful and intricate, yet simple to construct—Take a look and see for yourself!
A close up view of an epoxy penny bathroom floor

Spotlight: Epoxy bathroom floors and shower walls

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Turning your bathroom floor or shower walls into works of art is a beautiful way to express your own creativity. Learn more in our new Spotlight.
A fine wood epoxy bar top

Spotlight: Epoxy bar tops

Bar Tops and CountertopsRobert Abernathy
Epoxy bar tops are a time-honored project for home and commercial improvement and renovation. Learn more here with these stunning examples.
A beach-themed epoxy painting

Spotlight: Epoxy arts and crafts

Spotlight SeriesRobert Abernathy
Using epoxy to make unconventional art is a low-key concept that has become more prominent in recent years. Learn more here in our latest Spotlight.
An epoxy penny countertop with window

Spotlight: Epoxy penny bar tops, table tops, and countertops

Bar Tops and CountertopsRobert Abernathy
Pennies are a uniquely common choice for embedded objects in epoxy projects. We've decided to showcase some of the epoxy penny bars, countertops, and tables our customers have shown us.
An epoxy charcuterie board with a deep ocean blue hue

Spotlight: Epoxy charcuterie boards and serving trays

Epoxy Arts And CraftsRobert Abernathy
Take a look as we showcase some of the beautiful charcuterie boards and serving trays that our UltraClear Epoxy has been used for.

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