An epoxy charcuterie board with a deep ocean blue hue

Two of the more common small-scale projects that our UltraClear table top epoxy is used for are epoxy charcuterie boards and serving trays. Both of these project types are usually crafted in the same ways and serve similar purposes, though the charcuterie boards tend to vary, depending on whether the artist wants to use them for cutting as well.

Can you prepare food on epoxy charcuterie boards?

An epoxy charcuterie board with deep "algae" green hue

Because epoxy isn't intended to be a cutting surface or for use in food preparation generally, you'll sometimes find charcuterie boards to be only partially coated in epoxy, often with delicate, deliberate patterns at the edge between the epoxy and the cutting surface for aesthetic reasons (i.e., to make it look more attractive).

Part of the charcuterie board is sometimes reserved for food preparation, and should be treated differently by applying a food safe oil to the surface to protect it, such as Osmo TopOil. Naturally, you'll want a food-safe material to make the board from, usually a nice quality wood. Make sure it's not a material that will reject the epoxy bond or the TopOil finish.

You can use mica powder and liquid pigments to color it.

An epoxy serving tray made with wood and glacier hue

If you're interested in crafting an epoxy charcuterie board or a serving tray, you should know that you can also use our mica powder pigments to provide color to the epoxy. This is how most of these projects become so vibrant and colorful, as can be seen in our gallery below.

The liquid pigments on our store will also work, though they are much more concentrated and tend to bring about deeper solid colors; if you decide to use them, keep that in mind so your expectations aren't subverted.

Now with that said, take a look at some of the projects we've seen our customers and affiliates create so far:

An epoxy charcuterie board with a handle grip and vibrant blue hue
An epoxy serving tray with tempest blue pattern
An in-progress epoxy charcuterie board, showcasing the potential color complements of wood and tinted epoxy
An epoxy serving tray with a pale ice layer running through the center of the wooden grooves.
An epoxy serving tray with night sky pattern adjacent to contrasting wood tones.

As you might imagine, this is only the tip of the iceberg. There's an enormous amount of potential in both appearance and form that you can achieve using epoxy, an appropriate substrate, and color pigments to create your own personal serving trays and charcuterie boards.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also experiment with different shapes by custom cutting the substrate material or using custom molds.

Have any questions? Want project advice? Contact us!

If you're hoping to start an epoxy project, or if you're already planning one, you can always reach out to us at UltraClear Epoxy.

Our epoxy experts can assist with project planning, answer any questions you have, and help you determine what supplies and tools you will or won't need to make sure things play out as smoothly for you as possible.

You can contact us via phone or email here. You can also text-chat online directly with one of our epoxy experts by clicking the help button on the bottom right of your screen.

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