An epoxy bottle cap table top, placed outdoors.

Welcome to our Spotlight for epoxy bottle cap projects!

In an earlier article of our Spotlight series, we covered epoxy penny projects. This week, we'll be showing off some projects of the another common choice for embedment: bottle caps.

Bottle caps projects are popular for a few different reasons.

For one, they're easy to position and adhere to your substrate at the beginning of your project. This is convenient for making sure things go smoothly.

Secondly, the shape and texture of bottle caps makes them bond with epoxy resin very well; there's no issue to be concerned about there. They'll also look good when the epoxy has fully cured, as you can see with the included photos in this article.

Additionally, the design variety is unparalleled. Many thousands of different beverage brands have their own custom bottle cap designs which embody their brand, each of which may vary and change over years of marketing themselves.

This makes collecting and displaying these bottle caps interesting, as a scattering of them can become a full on collection without any duplicates.

An epoxy bottle cap bar top with beverage imagery

Are bottle caps harder to use than pennies with epoxy?

They may be, but only just a little. Because bottle caps are a little bigger than U.S. penny coins, they tend to require a thicker epoxy seal coat than usual.

You'll just want to adhere the bottle caps to your substrate first using a basic glue like Elmer's. Don't use hot glue or super glue, as those can react to epoxy in negative ways.

After that, you just apply your seal coat like usual, but make it thicker around the bottle caps to ensure that they get fully sealed. You don't want extra air bubbles forming because of them.

The rest is fairly simple. You'll simply complete the remaining steps like you would with any other typical epoxy project.

An epoxy bottle cap bar top with a spade playing card pattern

Remember: You don't have to limit yourself.

When designing your bottle cap project, consider how you want to position the caps. What kind of pattern will you use? What do you find most appealing, and can you coordinate caps of the same or similar colors to make more attractive visuals?

These are things you can really work with to make the project uniquely yours.

However, if you want to go beyond that, there are other interesting ways to make use of them.

For example, you can mix and match bottle caps with other art or objects to form a theme. You might decide to convey a sports theme by including memorabilia or photos and pictures of baseball related items. Perhaps you enjoy card games and want to deliver a poker-themed epoxy table using the bottle caps for color or as a border around card-related paraphernalia.

The point is that the choice is entirely yours; don't limit yourself if you feel inclined to create something more elaborate.

With that said, let's take a look at a few of the projects we've seen in recent years.

Our epoxy bottle cap project spotlight:

A close up view of an epoxy bottle cap table top
An indoor epoxy bottle cap bar top with additional embedded paraphernalia
An epoxy bottle cap bar top backsplash
An outdoor epoxy bottle cap table top with a rectangular shape
An epoxy bottle cap bar top near a forest
A close up angled view of an epoxy bottle cap table top with a spade card suit pattern

In the photos above, you can see a few of the methods and techniques that users of our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy employ in their bottle cap displays.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what's possible.

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