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We’ve all seen deep pour epoxy tables before, whether we realize it or not. But these deep pour epoxy tables are different. They don’t just have deep, textured surfaces. They also have intricate patterns and designs etched into the surface that makes them more aesthetically pleasing than any deep pour epoxy table we’ve ever seen!

Of course, what may be most unique about these deep pour epoxy tables is their construction. Not only does the deep-pour process create a durable and heavy-duty tabletop, but it also makes for an affordable one because of its lack of labor.

A finished deep pour epoxy wooden table

Here Are Our Top 5 Favorite Deep Pour Epoxy Tables

1) The Gaudi-Inspired Table: This deep pour epoxy table is inspired by the famed Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi. The deep-pour process creates a tabletop with an intricate pattern of spirals that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also incredibly durable and safe for dining. The deep pour epoxy design can be customized for your own version of Gaudi's magic or pre-bought prints.

2) LED Light Retro: Nothing says fun like a table that lights up! With deep pour epoxy, the sky's the limit as far as what you can do with LED lights.  The deep pour epoxy table is a great example of how to use the deep pour process with LED lights. This creates an intricate pattern that reflects and shines through the embedded LEDs, giving your living room or dining area extra flair!

3) All That Glitters: With deep pour epoxy, you can get all glittered up too. These glittery deep poured tables are perfect for anyone who loves bling but doesn't want their furniture looking like it was made in Barbie's workshop. One fun idea is to use gold glitter paint on top of the deep poured epoxy design to create unique patterns. If you're not into jewels, don't worry, this table will be just as shiny without them.

4) Kids' Crafts Table: Let's face it, kids are creative in a way that just begs for outlets of expression. With a kids' crafts table made with deep pour epoxy, the limit is their imagination. Kids' crafts tables are a great way to get the kids off of their tablets and video games while giving them something constructive to do. These deep pour epoxy tables would be perfect for arts and crafts enthusiasts who love bright colors like blue or purple with deep pouring in white over top.

5) Wrap Around Bar Table: This deep pour epoxy table is a lovely deep brown with white deep pouring. The smooth finish makes it easy to clean and the thick bars make for an elegant base that would look great in any home whether you're hosting friends or family, or just want somewhere to sit down after work. You can make this table by placing smaller bar tables in a semi-circular shape, then connecting them with deep pour epoxy.

6) Antique Masterpiece: Taking an old table and refurbishing it is tough. Keeping it usable for years after the refurb is even harder. With deep pour epoxy, you can preserve an antique table almost as if it were frozen in time. It's waterproof, dustproof, and won't cloud to take away from your gorgeous antique aesthetic!

7)  Rustic Table: deep pour epoxy is ideal for those who want a rustic look without having to go through the hassle of finding real wood, sanding it down, and so on. With deep pour epoxy, you can create that old-world charm with an incredibly modern finish! Make your rustic table have a modern function, with a rustic style that will last for years without wear and tear. This all happens thanks to the magic of pigmentation, good wood, and high-quality deep pour epoxy!

A wooden epoxy river table with a matte finish, with a cup of coffee resting on top of a saucer

When shopping for deep pour epoxy, it’s important to understand what you need for the projects you’re planning to take on. Make sure to order enough, and order the highest quality from the best providers. Order your deep pour epoxy now from UltraClear and see why we are the deep pour epoxy leader. Like all of our products, it’s going to get the job done the first time.

Contact us today if you have any questions about large orders, or call us directly at 1-800-997-0459.

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