A close-up view of an epoxy river table vein, tinted teal

Deep pour epoxy is a type of coating that provides a glossy finish to tables. Because of its versatility, epoxy provides many creative ways for users to apply and utilize it when it comes to furniture. Tables, whether new or old, are the perfect pieces to apply epoxy as they create incredibly useful furniture in the process.

Below, we’ve listed 5 examples of custom tables that can be coated with deep-poured epoxy for their protection and durability. 

5 Custom DIY Deep Pour Epoxy Tables to Make at Home

1. Coffee Table

A coffee table with intricate carvings on the top surface can be made with the use of epoxy.

Coffee tables can be given a deep brown gloss by a deep pour epoxy coating and will remain to look stunning even after years of heavy use. Pigmentation allows for style and aesthetic coordination with all types of homes or room types.

2. Console Table

You can take a console table made from reclaimed wood (even with some scratches on it) and apply it with a deep pour epoxy. After a custom epoxy finish is applied, the console table will be as smooth as glass. 

Console tables are small, versatile, and can be customizable for very little money when epoxy is applied.

3. Marble Top Dining Table

You can create a marble top dining table with swirls of deep color when you use deep pour epoxy. This type of custom deep pour epoxy coating can be applied to any piece that already has a marble base, and it's an excellent way to coordinate the colors in your space without breaking the bank. Epoxy will help protect marble surfaces from wear, while simultaneously keeping the beautiful finish of the marble visible and just as valuable.

Epoxy on a marble-top dining table will make a unique and eye-catching piece in any space. Make it even more elegant with flecks of gold mixed with black that shine as light reflects off its surface.

4. Outdoor Patio Table

Pigmented epoxy resin flowing into a wooden river table vein

Because they’re often made from wood, deep pour epoxy will help to protect an outdoor patio table's surface and make it more durable. 

Outdoor tables are one of the most popular places for deep pour epoxy because they can be exposed to the elements without any worry of rusting or mold growth. And with a wide variety of colors available, you can customize the aesthetic style to match any décor.

5. Kids Crafts Table

Craft tables are perfect for deep pour epoxy because they're usually made from wood or metal, so the epoxy can help to strengthen the surface and protect it against moisture. This kind of table is often used in classrooms as a spot where kids can create art projects without needing to worry about damaging their surfaces with paint or glue. They're also perfect for bedrooms or playrooms, and the kids can even help customize them as a fun project to do!

Materials For Epoxy Projects

To get started on your next DIY custom pigmented deep pour epoxy table project, you'll need the following:

- deep pour epoxy

- epoxy sealant (if necessary)

- gloves for epoxide

- wide paintbrush or trowel for deep pouring on the surface of your table, countertop, etc.

- plastic sheeting to protect surrounding spaces from epoxy.

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Pigmented epoxy resin being poured into a river table vein from a large round mixing container

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