A layer of epoxy being poured onto an unfinished floor

How do you select the best commercial epoxy coating? This blog post will teach you how to find the best type of commercial-grade epoxy coating based on your needs so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you.

Epoxy coatings are best for surfaces that need to be resistant to high heat and wear and tear. They can also increase safety in industrial environments by making it easier to clean up spills and keep floors dry. Depending on your needs, certain epoxy coatings will turn out to be the better choice amongst most others.

Commercial-Grade Epoxy Coating

A coat of epoxy seen as it self-levels across an unfinished floor

A commercial-grade epoxy coating is a type of protective resin. It can be applied to metal, wood, concrete, and other surfaces for protection against wear and tear. These coatings are best when you need something durable because they create an incredibly tough barrier against damage from daily use.

The use cases are tremendous, too, especially for big jobs like refurbishing old buildings or finishing new ones. Commercial-grade epoxy coating is best for any job where you need something that is long-lasting and tough. It's hard work selecting the best commercial-grade epoxy coating when you've never used it before. Luckily, UltraClear takes the guesswork out for you.

Benefits of Commercial-Grade Epoxy Coating

Protection Against Wear And Tear

The best commercial epoxy coating will protect your surface against water penetration as well as oxidation which occurs due to high temperatures and exposure to air over time. This offers increased safety so it's easier to clean up a surface without having to worry about the integrity of your coating. 

Wear and tear can cause costly damage over time, even if you can't see the full depth of it on the surface of a building.

Impact Resistance

Heavy use commercial surfaces often take hundreds of impacts per day. It's best to plan for that, instead of trying to fix the damage once it's too late.


Applying the best commercial epoxy coating to a large-scale surface has tremendous value over time. The money and time spent getting it done are minuscule in comparison to the costs of fixing damaged surfaces in buildings. 

Choosing The Best Commercial Epoxy Coating For You

A spiked roller moving across a partly cured epoxy floor coating

The easiest way to select the best commercial epoxy coating is to assess your needs diligently before making a commitment.  Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering the best commercial epoxy coating:

- What type of surface do you need it on?

- How much time will be spent in direct contact with this surface, and what is the durability level of the surface?

- Will this application have high foot traffic during construction such as at a building site or renovation site?

- What are the environmental conditions like for where you will be using the best commercial epoxy coating?

- How much are you willing to invest in this best commercial epoxy coatings project?

When purchasing the best commercial epoxy coating, it's important to ask these questions, then price out your options, and then make an order that matches your needs. With UltraClear commercial-grade epoxy coating, you can cover all of these needs. UltraClear sets the industry standards when it comes to quality, price, and project scope. There is no commercial project that's too big or too small for what UltraClear offers.

Get Your Commercial Epoxy Coating From UltraClear Epoxy Today!

Whether you own a small or large business, need to repair surfaces like your garage floor or exterior brick walls, or are looking for the best commercial epoxy coating for any size building in general, UltraClear can help. We have an extensive line of products and expert customer service representatives who will be happy to assist you. Order the best commercial epoxy coating here.

If you are interested in making a purchase or just simply wish to view our online catalog, Click Here.

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