What Does Epoxy Do To Wood Exactly?


If you’ve been spending any time on social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, you’ve likely seen epoxy work done to table tops, bar tops, etc. There’s some beautiful epoxy pieces made by everyday people like yourself, not just professionals who work with epoxy for a living. Having a beautiful epoxy table is as simple as finding the right piece of wood to apply the epoxy to, but what does the epoxy actually do to the wood itself? In this blog we’ll go over all the benefits of pouring epoxy onto your wood surface. 



Epoxy Bonds Directly To Wood

One of the first ways epoxy works is by bonding itself directly to your wood surface. Wood is a porous substance so the epoxy actually soaks into it slightly and creates an incredibly strong bond directly to the wood itself. This is why seal coating wood is so important. That initial layer of epoxy, also called the seal coat, is brushed onto the surface to allow the epoxy to “grip” onto the wood. Then when the flood coat is poured over the seal coat it can properly bond to that while also provide you with a 1/8” layer of durable, crystal clear resin. 


Epoxy Seals Wood From Moisture and Stains

The epoxy flood coat is similar to a sheet of glass over your surface. It’s a completely non-porous layer of resin that protects your wood surface underneath the resin from accidental spills or anything else that may come into contact with your surface. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to replace an epoxy surface than it is to replace a timeless slab of wood that you may be trying to protect. Or any precious family photos or anything else that could be sealed in your resin. These types of things are invaluable to someone, and having an epoxy coating over everything will give you that piece of mind that any day to day accidents won’t be an issue for you.


Epoxy Protects Wood From Impacts and Provides a Glass Like Surface

Table Top Epoxy is extremely strong, a lot stronger than most people think. For example, with our UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy, you’re receiving a surface top coating that fully cures with a Shore-D Hardness rating of 98, that’s harder than a construction zone hardhat! No matter if you’re using 2x4’s or an expensive wood slab, you’ll want to protect it with something you can trust every single time. That’s why contractors use our products day to day, year after year for their customers. They understand they’re receiving a quality product that they can trust to provide a quality layer of protection for all their customers. 

The great thing about our epoxy, is that it doesn’t take an epoxy expert to install it either! It really is as simple as following the step-by-step instructions we provide on the labels, mixing it correctly, and applying it to your surface. The chemicals that make up our hardener and resin get to work and cure on their own once they’ve been mixed, so you get to sit back and enjoy your glass-like surface come to life right in front of your eyes. 


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