Why use UltraClear Bar and Table Top Epoxy for Epoxy Penny Tables and Penny Epoxy Floors?

Our Bar Top Epoxy Resin Kits provide you with a 1/8” layer of a commercial grade epoxy coating which is perfect for protecting any embedded objects like pennies or bottle caps on any type of surface or floor. Our easy to use epoxy is made by combining resin and hardener in a simple 1:1 mixing ratio that makes it perfect for sealing any penny bar top, table top or penny floor with a single resin pour. 

What Makes Resin Penny Tables and Penny Epoxy Floors So Popular?

Both bottle caps and penny surfaces give you a unique ability to customize the design of your surface or floor and set it’s apart from regular resin table tops or epoxy floors. These eye catching surfaces are great conversation starters and your friends and family often ask how you achieved such a finish by yourself, since the final product will look like it’s sealed in crystal clear glass! Don’t take our word for it, check out all the amazing penny project photos we have below!

How To Make A Epoxy Penny Table?

Making an epoxy penny table is a pretty simple process that doesn’t require a lot of money to get started. Just $20 worth of pennies is 2000 pennies! That’s enough to cover a pretty large area. We also have an entire tutorial video that goes over the step by step process that you can watch here:

This video will go over the tips and techniques you need to keep it simple and make a professional looking penny table, penny bar top or even a penny floor. Once you add the flood coat over the top of the pennies, you can rest easy knowing that you’re giving your surface a commercial grade finish that will not yellow, fade, or crack over years of use! 

Epoxy Penny UltraClear Epoxy uses materials that are sourced entirely in the USA to ensure we give our customers a product that is 100% free of VOC’s and gives off little to no odor even when you’re pouring resin indoors. 

How Much Epoxy Do You Need For A Penny Table?

Unlike bottle caps or other embedded objects, since pennies lay completely flat and have minimal distance between them, there’s really no need to add any extra amount to your epoxy calculations when ordering. 

As always a single gallon of UltraClear Bar and Table Top Epoxy will cover 48 square feet for a brushed on seal coat and up to 16 square feet for the flood coat. With our single coat system this will save you both time and money on materials and working time to achieve a beautiful resin table top. If you have any questions or concerns about how much to order, simply contact our expert customer support team via chat or email!

Where To Start For A Penny Table, Penny Bar Top or Penny Epoxy Floor?

Getting started is easy! If you don’t already have a penny table top design or idea in mind, simple browse through all these awesome project photos of penny bar tops, tables and penny floors to get your own epoxy penny ideas! After you’ve completed your penny project, be sure to share it on social media using #UltraClearEpoxy so everyone can see what you’ve made!