How To Make An Epoxy Bottle Cap Table Top

Bottlecap Table Tops are becoming more and more popular. Like Penny Table Tops, they offer a simple and interesting way to design your resin table or resin bar top to have a surface that’s truly unique. Let’s go over the process of actually making an epoxy bottle cap table, why people like to use bottle caps for their surfaces, what epoxy is best to use, how much epoxy you need, and where to get started!

Bottle Cap Epoxy Bar Top

The process of making an epoxy bottlecap table is actually pretty simple and you can get started today! You don’t have to spend a long time collecting bottle caps if you don’t want to, you can simply purchase them online in bulk for pretty cheap!

You can cover pretty much any surface too, most people just take some plywood and add paint. Once you have your base, you can brush on a thick seal coat with our UltraClear Epoxy to use as glue to hold your bottle caps in place during the resin top coat process. 

Why Use BottleCaps

Bottle caps and even pennies offer you an awesome opportunity for customizing your design and making it unique from other resin table tops. They often spark up conversations about how you made it since it looks like they are encased in glass instead of clear epoxy resin!

What Epoxy To Use

The best epoxy for Bottle cap tables would be our UltraClear Bar and TableTop Epoxy Resin kits. This type of epoxy allows you to paint on a thick seal coat on your surface, which not only keeps bubbles from coming through the wood, but doubles as a glue for your bottle caps to stay in place with! 

Once you add the flood coat over the top of the bottle caps, you’re giving your surface a commercial grade finish that will not yellow, fade, or crack over years of use! UltraClear Epoxy uses materials that are sourced entirely in the USA to ensure we have a product that is free of VOC’s and gives off little to no odor even when you’re pouring resin indoors.  

 How Much Epoxy To Use

Typically you can just add 10% to your standard epoxy calculations to get the right amount needed. This extra 10% helps account for the spaces in between the bottle caps to ensure you don’t run out of material. If you’re unsure of how much to order, we are always available by phone or email support and can help you determine the exact amount you need for every project.

How To Get Started

Simply browse these awesome project photos our customers have sent in to get some great table or resin bar top ideas. Getting inspiration from other’s work is a great way to decide how you want to decide to make your own work. Then once you’ve made your own project, be sure to share it on social media with #UltraClearEpoxy so others can see what you’ve made!