An epoxy river table with a matte finish

Have you ever wondered what clear epoxy is and why it's so durable? It is a clear, two-part resin that can be used in many different ways. With clear epoxy from UltraClear, you have one of the most versatile substances on the planet in your hands. You also have one of the most useful, and most durable. For small or large projects, there's no better choice when it comes to durability than UltraClear epoxy.

An in-progress river table with a blue-tinted epoxy vein

Let's get to know UltraClear epoxy better! Here are six reasons why it is so durable:

1) Adhesive Strength: Clear Epoxies are strong adhesives, even in small amounts. They create an airtight seal between materials by filling in gaps and creating a bond with the surface of both materials. This makes them incredibly durable as a sealant for fixing cracked surfaces, or as an additional coating to a weaker surface to extend the life of the item.

2) Ready for Weather: Clear Epoxies can make excellent coatings for outdoor furniture because they protect the wood from weathering damage like sun exposure, rain, snow, wind, and insects. This is because clear epoxy is made of weather-resistant resins that are resistant to both water and UV light. Building contractors often use clear epoxies as roof coatings because of this durable feature.

3) Non-Slip Coating: Clear epoxy can also be applied as a clear slip-free sealant to protect the surface of an item and add a clear, protective coating. For example, clear epoxies are often used on countertops or bar tops in commercial kitchens because they provide non-slip protection with their clear coatings while adding durability against scratches that would otherwise make for poor aging over time.

4) Industrial and Commercial-Grade: What most people don't know is that even UltraClear's home-use clear epoxy is made to be both industrial, and commercial-grade.  This clear epoxy is also solvent-free and UV resistant, so it provides long-term durability that commercial-grade clear epoxies are known for. Whether you use it on your house, the workshop table, or at your retail business, you get the same high quality and durability with UltraClear.

5) Polar Forces: One big reason why clear epoxy is so adhesive, and therefore so durable, is that it creates a natural polar attraction between the surface of an object and the resin.  As clear epoxy cures, it absorbs into the surface of whatever you are coating. This forms a bond between the two surfaces that is so strong UV radiation and heat cannot break down or cause any damage to clear epoxy's long-term durability.

6) Tensile Strength: Another reason clear epoxy is so durable is due to something called "tensile strength." Tensile strength is the maximum load that clear epoxy can hold before it eventually breaks or tears apart. Tensile strength is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI), and clear epoxy often holds tensile strengths of up to 12,000 PSI! This level of strength makes clear epoxy one of the most durable adhesive materials available on the market.

How to Get UltraClear Clear Epoxy for Your Next Project

A river table in-progress

If you're looking for clear epoxy, whether for commercial or personal use, there's no better choice than UltraClear. We provide clear epoxy in multiple sizes and offer bulk ordering for large projects at scale. Our clear epoxy is easy to work with, nonflammable, safe for the environment, and ultra-clear! Check out all of the options available in our online store, and when you're ready and checked out, we can ship to you anywhere in the United States.

UltraClear is the leading provider of high-quality, durable epoxies and other adhesives. We have been hard at work perfecting our products so they can stand up to whatever life throws your way - rain or shine! With an outstanding reputation built on customer satisfaction, we are confident you won't find better than what we offer here. Order ONLINE today, or contact us here with any questions.

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