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If you're looking for a clear, durable, and versatile adhesive to work with your DIY projects around the house, then clear epoxy is exactly what you need. Clear epoxy can be used on many different materials like wood, tile, metal, leather, fabric, and more! In this blog post, we will show you 7 easy-to-follow DIY projects that use clear epoxy so that anyone can do them at home. These are perfect as gifts or just to keep around the house in case of an emergency!

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Here Are 7 DIY Projects You Can Do With Clear Epoxy

1. Drink Coasters: Clear epoxy is a perfect adhesive for clear glass or crystal drink coasters. It adds the look of luxury to your home and keeps surfaces clean with its clear finish that won't absorb liquids! You can be as creative as your imagination allows with clear epoxy. Cover leaves, drawings, or even old photos for a unique coaster your guests won't soon forget.


2. Tile Coverings: Clear epoxy can also be used on tile items as an added protective layer so they don't stain or get damaged by water, oils, etc. This makes it easy to keep them looking new all year round! Tile coverings with clear epoxy won't get cloudy, and they're easy to clean. Plus, they will keep your tile from wear and tear for years, which will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


3.Photo Frames: Clear epoxy is great if you want to give photos in frames a more polished look without spending too much money adding extras such as gold leafing around them. Just add some glitter over top of the clear epoxy when it dries (optional). Also, you can make frames themselves out of clear epoxy. Simply set and coat your favorite picture, let it dry, and hang it up!


4. Vase: This is one of the more fun DIY projects you can do with clear epoxy. Vases are incredibly versatile when made with epoxy, mostly because of how you can form and harden shapes with them. Simply pour clear epoxy into a vase-shaped mold, let it set and dry, then pop it out when you're ready. You can also add glitter to the clear epoxy before drying if that's something your want for your design (optional).


 5.Table: Clear epoxying is an excellent way to cover up stains or scratches on wooden tables. All you need is clear epoxy and some sandpaper! Simply sand down the tabletop where you want clear epoxy applied until smooth. Then brush on several layers of clear adhesive over top of this area with curing time in between each one (15 minutes), and voila - a new-looking tabletop without having spent money on refinishing it!


6. Sink Base: Around sinks, you'll find that clear epoxy can do a great job of keeping water from damaging the area, and not crack or deform under pressure. Clear epoxy can also be used to cover up any unsightly stains or scratches. Clear epoxy is clear, so it won't detract from the overall look of your sink base, and you'll maintain an easy-to-clean surface in this area as well!


7. Tile Repair: For tile repairs or flooring tiles, clear epoxy provides a durable material that will keep water out while protecting the original color underneath until it's time for replacement (which may not come for quite some time). It's very important to make sure that clear adhesive is applied over dry surfaces only.

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Regardless of what type of DIY project you want to do, you’re sure to find a use for clear epoxy to help. From building things for your home to fixing furniture or extending the life of your antiques, we’ve got you covered. Order now and see why UltraClear clear epoxy is the industry leader and a product that is guaranteed to get the job done the first time. Find out for yourself, and ORDER ONLINE today!

Contact us today if you have any questions about large orders, or call us directly at 1-800-997-0459.

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