A large charcuterie board covered in meats, cheese, and fruit

There are so many ways to personalize your kitchen space and kitchen tools with epoxy resin! Epoxy is a versatile, durable, and waterproof material that has been used in construction projects for years. It's also easy to use at home for DIY projects like making gifts for your favorite foodies! In this article, we'll be discussing 5 different ways you can use epoxy resin to create unique gifts of all shapes and sizes. From cutting boards to countertops, your imagination is the limit when it comes to this versatile epoxy resin.

5 Unique Epoxy Resin Gifts for Your Favorite Foodies

A large charcuterie board covered in meats, cheese, fruit, and serving utensils
  1. Kids' Toys: For crafty parents who love to inspire their kids, making kids' toys out of epoxy resin is the perfect craft to give them a gift. You can make each toy unique, with beautiful shapes, colors, and sizes, to match each child's personality or interests. Epoxy resin is extremely safe, washable, and can last for years without any wear and tear.


2. Wine Epoxy Resin Coasters: If you have a friend who is always hosting parties, they'll love wine epoxy resin coasters! All it takes are some square molds and the right resin mix. Make the coasters out of pressed grape leaves for an authentic wine-inspired treat. Or, add personalized messages or coloring that represents your favorite foodie and their favorite wine. You can even shape the coasters in a way that inspires people who pay attention to detail and love creative ways to present their favorite wines.


3. Charcuterie Boards: As any foodie will tell you, charcuterie boards are all the rage these days. Gifting a charcuterie board to a foodie is a no-brainer, but did you know that you can make them one yourself with just a little epoxy resin? Epoxy resin is clear and can be pigmented and color-designed with anything your imagination comes up with. You can also cover an antique board so it keeps its original aesthetic, but with the addition of a protective epoxy resin coating to make it last longer.


4. Plates: No kitchen item is used by a foodie more than a plate. It's where the finished product is displayed, eaten, and enjoyed. Personalized plates make a great gift, and with the versatility of epoxy resin, you can get as detailed and unique as possible when crafting yours. Be original, make your plates an asymmetrical shape. Add a picture of their favorite foods underneath. You can wash plates made from epoxy resin in the machine, or by hand, and they won't break easily like ceramics often do.


5. Countertop Epoxy: The "office" of any foodie who loves to cook is their kitchen, and therefore their "desk" is their counter. A kitchen counter is one of the most used spaces in a foodie's kitchen. Making a creative countertop epoxy addition for them will send them over the edge with excitement about cooking their next meal. It's not as big of a project as it sounds, and a countertop epoxy addition will last them for years, even under heavy usage.

Epoxy Resin is Safe for Kitchen and Home Use

A small cutting board with bread, fruit, and meat, alonside two glasses of wine

Epoxy resins are found in many different household (and kitchen) products because they're incredibly safe to use! This is due to the chemical compounds that epoxies have, which resemble those of common day-to-day items. Some examples include using them as glass container sealants or tabletop seals for natural wood kitchen furniture.

Eating and drinking off of kitchenware made with epoxy resin is safe and toxin-free. So is preparing your food on an epoxy resin surface. Once the epoxy has dried, it can be cleaned, stored, and used just like any other kitchen item. The same goes for crafting. Epoxy resin is safe to work with, even without experience in handling construction materials. Simply follow the guidelines given to you when you purchase it, do not ingest it, and keep it away from your eyes.

Are you looking for an innovative and exciting gift idea that the foodie in your life will never forget? Look no further than UltraClear epoxy resin. This clear, liquid resin is a great way to turn any homemade meal into something truly special. With just two ingredients - water and UltraClear epoxy resin- it's easy to get started on your next masterpiece! Order yours TODAY, or contact us here for more info.

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