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Wood epoxy is a great product for protecting your wooden surfaces because it bonds well with wood and other materials, but it's also easy to use! This blog post will show you how wood epoxy can be applied to different types of bartops and tabletops. We'll even give you some pointers on what type of wood should be used for your project. Just follow our instructions!

What's the Process for Repairing Tabletops with Wood Epoxy?

The process for repairing any type of tabletop with wood epoxy starts with buying the right products. The best products on the market right now, when it comes to wood epoxy, are from UltraClear. Once you've purchased your wood epoxy, it's time to get started!

Wood epoxy is suitable for many different types of wood and tabletops. Here are some examples: wooden boards, solid wood (one piece), stained wood, vintage woodwork, reclaimed barn wood etc. 

Do I Need Any Special Tools to Use Wood Epoxies?

Using wood epoxy doesn't require any special tools. All that's needed is the wood epoxy itself, along with a few other basic supplies which we've listed below. These supplies include a brush (or something similar for the seal coat), gloves, stir sticks, mixing drill bit, and containers with easy to read measurements to ensure you have the correct volume ratio of hardener and resin. Make sure that you have a clean work area, with plenty of plastic sheets or mats to prevent spillage. Also, if you're doing a larger tabletop or bartop repair, you may want to bring the table outdoors to apply the wood epoxy.

Wood epoxy is a clear, strong resin that hardens into a protective surface over the wood. The clear coating, once cured, creates a scratch and scuff-resistant layer that protects your high-traffic wooden surfaces.

Wood epoxy is great for coating tabletops and bartops because it creates a waterproof barrier that extends the lifespan of your wooden surfaces! It's also extremely durable so once your wood epoxy coating has dried, it'll be cured for good. Wood epoxies are available online from UltraClear Epoxy in a variety of sizes. You can purchase large or small bottles and have them shipped right to you. Plus they are easy to store and save. The best part about wood epoxies is that they're easy to use and super effective.

An outdoor epoxy bar top with a glasslike finish

Wood Epoxy at Any Size for Any Budget

With wood epoxy from UltraClear Epoxy, you can take on any project with ease, whether for your home or your business. It's easy to use wood epoxy that's offered in a variety of sizes. Whether you're looking for wood epoxy in bulk, or just need one bottle, UltraClear Epoxy has the perfect fit for you.

When you have wood furniture at home there is always going to be something wrong with it eventually, especially tables. Wooden tables are durable, but they also are easy targets for damage thanks to heavy use. Cracks, stains, splinters, and general wear and tear can be an issue over time. With wood epoxy, you can protect wooden surfaces from all of these things, plus make the table look brand new again. The value is tremendous when looking at how much it would cost to replace the table entirely.

It could be dents caused by pets or children, scratches because things were dragged across your tables, or flaking edges where liquid spills have dried up over time. There are so many different types of damage that can be done to wood furnishings that can be monumentally frustrating to a home and business owner. Don't wait until it's too late and you need to replace the table. Get your hands on our incredible wood epoxy from UltraClear and tackle these quick repairs yourself like a pro!

If you're looking for more info on our wood epoxy products, or have any questions about shipping, usage, and safety, contact us here. You can also call us directly at 1-800-997-0459.

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