A live-edge wooden epoxy table.

Completing an epoxy project feels like a real feat. Despite straightforward application instructions, there's still a level of finesse that can make the difference between great and exceptional when it comes to epoxy finishes.

But what about after the project is done? How do you maintain your epoxy surfaces, and is it hard to do so?

In this article, we'll discuss what to keep in mind with your epoxy resin finish, and give you tips on keeping it in excellent condition.

Is epoxy hard to maintain?

Not at all!

In fact, one of the biggest appeals of epoxy resin, other than its inherent beauty and strength, is how low-maintenance it is. An epoxy finish will require very little upkeep if the application and curing process were handled properly.

The quality of the epoxy matters—a lot!

If you're considering an epoxy project, though, it's worth noting how important it is that you choose a high-quality epoxy resin. Epoxy costs per gallon vary by brand and type, and sadly there are a number of low-cost budget brands out there that cut corners on quality and safety to provide an unusually low price.

Click here to learn more about how some companies sidestep regulatory guidelines to deliver a shoddier resin product.

Five tips on keeping your epoxy finish looking great.

There are several simple things you can do to keep your epoxy in top condition.

Here's our list of five useful tips that can help you keep your finish looking good as new:

A wooden epoxy coffee table.

Tip #1: Keep your epoxy surfaces clean.

This one is obvious and easy to accomplish. Just by keeping your surface clean—clear of residues and chemicals—your finish will maintain its beautiful, crystal-clear appearance.

Cleaning epoxy surfaces is a breeze, too! Just by using warm water and mild soap, you can wipe away most residues and grime.

Having trouble with something stubborn? Not a problem. Just use a standard glass cleaner or hard surface cleaner, and you should be good to go.

However, do avoid using harsh chemicals and solvents (e.g., acetone). Not only are they unnecessary, but they also can damage the epoxy finish.

Tip #2: Use trivets for hot items.

One thing that can cause problems for epoxy is super high heat. Though epoxy has a medium level of heat resistance, temperatures above 135°F can start to cause heat damage or softening of the resin finish.

You can avoid this by using trivets, which act as a buffer to disperse heat before it can transfer into a surface—perfect for hot pots, pans, and other items.

Tip #3: Avoid using your epoxy surface for food prep.

While epoxy is considered food safe for contact, it doesn't make for a good food prep surface. As with most materials, knives can cut into epoxy. Always use something like a cutting board to prepare your food that way.

This tip is especially relevant for epoxy kitchen countertops.

Tip #4: Avoid continuous sun exposure.

Sunlight contains UV radiation. When epoxy is consistently exposed to UV lighting, it can start to yellow, and in some rare cases even weaken. Avoid this issue by keeping your epoxy project indoors or providing it a shelter if it's part of an outdoor fixture or piece of furniture.

Tip #5: Avoid scratches with placemats and coasters.

Epoxy is scratch-resistant, but it's not invulnerable. You can avoid the risk of scratches from heavy-handed movements by providing coasters, placemats, and other forms of padding for use with cups, dishes, and more.

Is epoxy high maintenance?

Ultimately, epoxy is rather low maintenance. It doesn't require a lot of attention or frequent cleaning, and you will very rarely have a reason to recoat it.

Most users consider recoating their finish once every 7 years. This is the minimum expected lifespan of our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy if it's applied properly.


An epoxy kitchen countertop.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources you may find useful:

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