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An UltraClear bar top epoxy coating can save you time and money when it comes to outfitting your bar, new or old. With so many bar top styles available, it may not seem like an easy decision when it comes to customizing yours. The truth is that there are lots of factors that go into the selection process, including cost, durability, and even style. This post explores some of these factors in detail, and hopefully will help you make the best decision for yourself and your space.

Here's How to Save Time and Money With Bar Top Epoxy

Bar top epoxy is an ideal choice for improving any type of bar surface, big or small. It's easy to install, low maintenance, and durable. Most importantly, it can be customized with colors and patterns that fit your unique style and tastes in addition to saving you time and money over traditional options like natural stone or tile. Here are some more reasons why this versatile product is a great choice when thinking about how to outfit your new home bar or business establishment:

  • Cost Efficiency:

    The initial cost to apply a bar top epoxy pays for itself in long-term cost savings almost immediately. It will keep you from needing regular maintenance and aesthetic repairs/upgrades, which adds up quickly. Your first initial investment will cost a fraction of what regular upkeep would, which is a tremendous value to your bar over time. 
  • Easy Customization:

    Epoxy bar tops come in a variety of colors and patterns, which means you can create an aesthetically pleasing design that fits your style. You won't need to swap out your bar top or pay for expensive work to customize your bar. You can do it yourself to save time and money. 
  • Cleaning:

    The bar top epoxy coating is very easy to clean. It requires less maintenance than tiles or other surfaces like natural stone for home bar countertops. It's also stain-resistant and won't chip easily over time even in high traffic environments. Time saved during cleaning will stack up quickly, and the less time you have to spend doing it, the more time you have to enjoy the bar itself!
  • Versatility:

    This versatile product can be applied to almost any bar surface. We recommend applying bar top epoxy to concrete bar counters. The application process will vary depending on what material you choose but usually takes only one day from start to finish before you're in business! 
  • Labor Costs:

    Applying a bar top epoxy coating to your bar typically requires very little labor costs. This is because it's an easy project for someone to do on their own, and the time and tools required to do it well are minimal. You can totally upgrade, customize, and create a versatile bar without a full remodeling. This saves time and money through both labor and logistics.
  • Material Costs:

    With bar top epoxy from UltraClear Epoxy, your material value is unmatched. The cost of each bottle, even at their largest sizes, is incredibly low when looking at how long it will last, and how little upkeep it requires. The value in the material costs for this epoxy coating is unmatched, and we challenge you to see just how much you will save for yourself!

Create a Bar Top Epoxy Project Plan That Fits You!

An epoxy bar top

One of the greatest parts of any DIY project is coming up with a plan of action that is tailored exactly to your needs. Applying a bar top epoxy is no different. You can shop for a variety of different-sized bottles of epoxy coating online. You can add pigment to custom color your bar top epoxy coating as you apply it. You can use molds to create creative shapes and adjustments to the physical infrastructure of the bar top itself.

All of this is easy to do, easy to price, and easy to finish in a short period of time with the many great choices from UltraClear Epoxy. Once you see just how incredible this epoxy coating is, you'll want to use it for EVERYTHING. Don't let wear and tear cost you too much time and money when it comes to your home or commercial bar top. Get your UltraClear bar top epoxy TODAY, and see why it's the go-to choice for anyone serious about value and quality. We promise you, you will become an advocate for this product right out of the gate.

Have a question about our products? Want to know just how much bar top epoxy you need for your next epoxy coating project? Do you have a customization in mind you'd like to ask for advice on? Contact us here, or call us at 1-800-997-0459. We'd be happy to answer any of your questions, and get you on your way ASAP!

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