River Table Turquoise Epoxy Powder Pigment

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Experience True Color Brilliance.

Developed by leading industry professionals, our premium-grade mica powder pigments produce stunning finishes in a range of brilliant colors. Get awe-inspiring results with our versatile powder pigments, ideal for a range of epoxy applications:

  • Epoxy river tables
  • Jewelry making
  • Charcuterie boards
  • Tumblers
  • Wall art
  • Epoxy bar tops
  • Drink coasters
  • Arts & crafts!

Epoxy Powder Pigment Crafts

Exceptional Purity.

Craft your epoxy projects with the highest quality mica powder pigments on the market by Pigmently, offered exclusively by UltraClear. These meticulously formulated epoxy mica powders are made using cutting-edge chroma crystals, ensuring unparalleled color contrast and vibrancy without any fillers that are often used by other companies.

Deep Pour River Table

Flawless Fusion.

Create epoxy projects with precision and reliability using Pigmently Premium Pigments. This proprietary mixture of ultra-fine particles is precisely calibrated to blend seamlessly with epoxy resin, without sinking or clumping. Achieve a perfectly smooth finish for your epoxy projects, every single time!

Variety of Mica Powder Pigments

Remarkably Versatile.

Unleash the full potential of your epoxy creations, and achieve unparalleled quality and performance with Pigmently mica powder pigments. Whether you're crafting captivating table tops, bar tops, countertops, or smaller projects such as tumblers and charcuterie boards, Pigmently premium mica powders guarantee flawless results every time.

Epoxy Ocean Table

Portion Guide for this pigment:

These powder pigments are potent, so it won’t take much to see the epoxy change color. You can control the intensity of the color—affecting its transparency and vividness—by starting with a small amount and gradually mixing in more until you’ve achieved a satisfying result.

Though there is no standard ratio for pigment to epoxy resin, we usually apply a 51g container of mica powder per mixed gallon or start with 1g of mica powder per 8oz if you're new to it.

For best results, do a small test pour if you're unsure how the substrate will affect the color and finish.

Mica Powder Mixing Guide

Complete mixing instructions


Purchasers should conduct their own tests and evaluations to determine the product's suitability for use. Pigment is sold by WEIGHT and NOT by volume like some other retailers. This ensures you get the correct amount of pigment. Colors represented on the listing, website, brochure or any marketing materials may not be 100% accurate due to limitations in monitor/printing process. Everyone perceives color differently. In case of an accident involving inhalation, remove causality to fresh air and keep at rest. If skin contact occurs, wash affected area with plenty of water. In case of direct eye contact, flush with gently flowing fresh water thoroughly; if eye irritation persists, seek medical advice/attention immediately. There are no thermal hazards associated with Pigmently products; however do not breathe in or ingest dust from these products.

River Table Turquoise Blue-Green Mica Powder Pigment

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Good product will buy again

Jake Gula (New York, US)
River table

This color worked out perfect for my river table!

William Coley (Ashburn, US)
what a great color

I love the color iridescent and you use so little. Blends throughout for a great finish. This was my first try at using this product. Smooth and easy to use just be quick if using the clear.

Jamin Hochstetler (Middlebury, US)
Incredible color

I’ve been looking for a good turquoise color to go with my walnut lumber projects, and this is the one. I was mesmerized. The blue/green shade was unique and matched the wood perfectly. I was only pouring 1/2” deep so went a little extra heavy on the color and added just a bit of black powder pigment to make sure the walnut substrate wouldn’t be visible through the epoxy. As a result, the black darkened and highlighted the texture of the color as I swirled it. Can’t wait to finish the project and use this color again!

NOTE: the shade is slightly bluer in pictures and videos. In reality it is just a bit greener (not much) which I really like. Not sure why my camera struggles to match what my eyes see.

Scott Bouknight

Color is great. You can see my lights threw them

K. (Atlanta, US)

I love this color!!! It's so rich and gorgeous!! Will be back again for more!!!

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