Silver Glitter Epoxy Powder Pigment

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Pigmently Colored Epoxy Pigments

Epoxy Mica Powder - Silver Glitter Color Pigment

Take your epoxy projects to the next level with Pigmently Premium Epoxy Pigments!
Developed by industry leading professionals, these premium grade mica powder pigments will produce stunning finishes in a variety of colors.

  • Made from highest quality chroma crystals for unparalleled contrast and vibrancy.
  • Pigmently color pigments will NOT fade, change, or tarnish EVER.
  • Epoxy working time is not affected by our colored mica powder pigments.
  • Designed to mix quickly and easily. No lumps, residues, or clumps of pigment powder left behind.

Pigment Powder vs Liquid Dye: Which is right for you?

Pigmently Powder Pigments:

Used to create rich, subtle variations of colors and texture effects.
Some mica powders may shimmer in the light while others give a multi-tone colored finish. You can achieve a mesmerizing granite or marble like appearance using different mica powder pigments.

Pigmently Liquid Pigments:

Blend quickly resulting in a strong singular color tone. The epoxy itself is tinted resulting in a consistent color for the entire project.

Portion/ Mixing Guide

There is no standard calculation for mixing pigment into epoxy.
Typically: 1 container of 51g powder per mixed gallon.

We recommend starting with 1g pigment per 8oz of epoxy and adjust your amount needed from there until you get the color that you are looking for.

Pigment type, effect, base poured on, desired look, opaque or transparency, etc. all effect the mix ratio. We highly recommend to always do a small test pour to see if that is the desired ratio for the project.

Epoxy Pigments - Epoxy Color Tints

How to add colors to epoxy.

Complete mixing instructions


*Purchasers should, by their own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use.

**Pigment is sold by WEIGHT and NOT by volume like some other retailers. We want you to receive the true amount of pigment you need. The color shown on the listing, website, brochure or any marketing materials may not be exact due to monitor/printing process limitations. Each person sees color a little differently!

Legal Disclaimer:

-Inhalation: in case of accident by inhalation remove causality to fresh air and keep at rest
-Skin contact: was affected skin with plenty of water
-Eye contact: if contact with eyes directly, flush with gently flowing fresh water thoroughly; if eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention.
-Thermal hazards: noncombustible
-Personal precautions: do not breathe or ingest dust

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vanity Table Project

Used this with some other glitters for my daughters vanity table, she lost her mind when she saw it so thanks for letting me surprise my daughter with the best gift!

Hank M.
Perfect for DIYers

I've been using these to customize my finish on some small tables i've been making for friends and family and these color options really take it to a whole new level!

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