What to look for in a bar top epoxy finish:

In the 21st century, epoxy countertop and table top kits have become more and more popular for use as a bar top finish. There are many different reasons people give for why they chose it over other finish types,.

Notably, epoxy resin provides a longer-lasting finish over other options, allows for virtually unlimited design opportunities, features high scratch resistance with an easy-to-clean surface, and lacks the toxic chemicals present in some other types of finishes.

Overall Coverage On Any Surface

Bar Top Epoxy FinishesFor both larger and smaller bar tops, you’re going to want a surface coating that can cover everything perfectly. You don’t want to be spending hundreds of dollars just to get a “good enough” coating over a small area.

With our simple one-coat, self-leveling system, a single gallon can cover up to 16 square feet with a thick and sturdy resin-pour flood coating, and up to 48 square feet with a brush-on seal coating. You won’t need to worry about low spots or areas that didn’t get a sufficient coating, as our product does the hard work for you while saving you precious time and money.

Another benefit that keeps costs low is the ability to coat almost any surface. Our Epoxy Table Kits work on wood, concrete, granite, copper, stainless steel, laminate, cork, formica, quartz, bamboo, and ceramic tiles.

Usability For Beginners & Experts

Ease of use is often a major factor when choosing a bar top finish. You want something that’s easy to apply, but also incredibly durable that will stand the test of time in both home and restaurant applications.

Here at UltraClear we provide you with everything you'll need to achieve a professional, commercial-grade finish on your first attempt. From our premium products, in-depth tutorial videos, how-to articles, and comprehensive phone/email support, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Shine & Gloss

A high-gloss finish is one of the most desirable things about an epoxy countertop or bar top. It enables wood's natural beauty to stand out, and it provides your customers, friends, or family with a surface that looks and feels professionally made.

Resistance to Water

It’s no secret that wood and water don’t mix well together. So avoiding wood and rot damage over the years means choosing a surface coating that can 100% keep out any and all moisture.

That’s what makes UltraClear so perfect for bar tops. It’s a 1/8” layer of non-porous resin that provides an impenetrable barrier of protection for any moisture that settles on the surface.

The Top 5 Advantages of Bar Top Resin Coatings:

1. A Long-Lasting Finish

UltraClear Epoxy Resin is ideal for wood and other surfaces to give them a beautiful finish that with an extensive lifespan. You don’t have to worry about the finish being cracked or stained; there's little maintenance involved, which saves you both time, effort, and money—simply pour on the resin once. With basic cleaning, your finish will last for years to come.

Purchasing an ordinary epoxy resin—such as from a home improvement store—won't guarantee a product that’s truly commercial grade. The reason professional contractors choose UltraClear Epoxy is because they know we'll provide their customers with a product that will never yellow, fade, or crack even after years of heavy use.

2. Design Opportunities

One of the biggest draws of using a resin topcoat is how easily you can mix in colorants, embed objects, and generally do whatever you want to create a unique design and finish for your bar top.

You can even create epoxy river tables by starting with our UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy before coating it with our UltraClear Table Top Resin. These resins can be further customized with deep or vibrant color infusions by using the Pigmently Mica Powder Pigments and Resin Dyes featured in the Epoxy Colorants Section of our store.

3. Easy Cleaning Process

Another big benefit of having bar top epoxy is the ability to clean up almost any mess with just soap and warm water. And when there's a tougher stain or spill, you can use diluted alcohol or bleach to restore your clear resin surface.

4. Zero Toxins

A lot of surface finishes contain VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). At UltraClear, however, we sell epoxy resin that’s been sourced entirely within the USA and is 100% VOC free, which makes them perfect for restaurants or bars that serve both food and drinks.

This also provides you with a finish that’s virtually odorless while pouring the resin, making it ideal for in-home applications.

5. Resistance to Scratches

Our UltraClear Bar and Table Top Epoxy cures at a Shore D Hardness rating of 98; it provides a high level of durability and scratch resistance.

For comparison, a 98 Shore D Hardness rating is even tougher than those iconic construction-site hard hats that are literally designed to protect people from fatal injuries.

The finish does not need to be reapplied regularly, and even when the time comes, years down the road, refreshing it is an easy process!

If, after years of heavy use, you decide your finish is finally ready, a fresh epoxy layer can simply be poured over the original coating to make it look and feel good as new.

Check out these bars and countertops made with UltraClear Epoxy Resin!

Fantastic product

"This is an outstanding product—very easy to use, great results."

- Hank Schoengarth (Rock Springs, USA)

Wood Bar Top with UltraClear Epoxy

An outdoor wooden bar top made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Wood Bar Top with UltraClear Epoxy

Tropical-themed bar top made with UltraClear Epoxy, alternate angle.

"Great product—very consistent for a beautiful finish."

- Stewart Andrews (Key West, USA)

Looks Great to Me

"This was my first time to ever use epoxy, so glad I went with this!

"Directions were easy to follow, and although I’m not completely done (I have to finish sanding off sides), I think my bar looks fantastic!"

- Brandi Vines (Edmond, USA)

Wood Basement Bar Top with UltraClear Epoxy Resin

A wood basement bar top made using UltraClear Epoxy Resin.

Wood Basement Bar Top with UltraClear Epoxy Resin

A wood basement bar top made using UltraClear Epoxy Resin.

40 feet of epoxy countertops

"I have used several other brands of epoxy, but this was the clearest epoxy I have ever used. Some of the big box stores epoxy have a yellow tint.

"Even after 6 months, these counters look amazing. I bought some pigments to try out swirls and patterns."

- J.G. (Cartersville, USA)

Great results come from great resin.

When shopping for epoxy, it's not obvious which brands are safe and credible. Many epoxy dealers misrepresent their resin products by making impossible claims about their capabilities and by deceiving newcomers into purchasing these subpar epoxies.

To counter these deceptive tactics, we've written an ebook that explains what epoxy is actually capable of.

By reading this book, you'll be able to make informed decisions about the epoxy you buy—just click the title below to download it for free!

The Ugly Truth About Epoxy Resin: What Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Easy to use

"Great product—so easy to lay out. My #1 epoxy for all my customers."

- George Klimasara (Fort Myers, USA)

Wood plank Bar with UltraClear Epoxy Resin

A wooden plank bar made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Wood plank Bar with UltraClear Epoxy Resin

A commercial bar top made using UltraClear Epoxy Resin.

Looks Great

"This product is very manageable to work with as long as you follow the directions. It’s nice to have an extra pair of hands but not needed.

"You get professional results with no experience."

- Peter Wojtach (Selden, USA)

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