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Outdoor kitchen

Ultracleproxy is so easy to use. This product is amazing. Step by step instructions, easy mix and the results look fantastic

Haven’t use it yet

Good product will buy again

Good product will buy again

Good product will buy again

Good product will buy again

Bar Top and Table Top Clear Epoxy Resin 1 Gallon
Emily S (Fort Walton Beach, US)
Gorgeous finish

I did an epoxy beach scene on an old family coffee table. The finish is beautiful.

Great product

Follow the easy instructions and get great results. I added a teal tint. It turned out superb to me. Will definitely buy again when I have another project.

Glass like look using Ultra Clear Epoxy

I used ultra clear epoxy in silicone molds to create a glass like look with encapsulated objects. In this case I used semi precious stones, colored glass and a glass gecko. The molds gave it a somewhat cloudy look so I used a polishing compound to finish it off then a clear coating.

Loved it. Will use it from now on.

Great product!

I am extremely happy with this product! Every thing worked out perfect. I asked a few questions through email and the very fast responses were very helpful. The finished product turned out great and was pretty simple to use.

One-quart Container
Nancie Svensen (Nashville, US)

Worked perfectly. Looks like glass. Appreciated the pre-purchase support as well (advice, instructions...).

Epoxy Tool Kit
John Dejovine (Sun City, US)
Table refinish

Easy to use and the results exceeded my expectations.

Vegas Dust Epoxy Powder Pigment
1of 1 Custom Designz (Jacksonville, US)
Beautiful color

I love the richness off this creation.

petes bar

best product i have ever used.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Joe (Chicago, US)
Good starter kit

Has everything you need. Buy additional gloves, you will need them.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Samuel Lemm (Milledgeville, US)
First timer

The product is what it says it is. I have done a bar top counter top and a cabinet top. My bar top turned out perfect. The others I am sure were user error but remained tacky. Very clear finish.

Silver Glitter Epoxy Powder Pigment
James (Shepherdsville, US)
Excellent Results

I used the Silver Glitter Epoxy Powder Pigment on a table top and it turned out beautiful. It mixes well and is consistent in color and appearance. Highly recommend.

Counter top

Easy to work with, great results. Love the mirror top sheen.

Great stuff!

Return Customer

I used this epoxy on a bar top in a previous home I owned. Many years have passed and I’m building another bar in my new house. The last top turned out so good I new I had to use the same epoxy to duplicate the superior results.

Art and Craft Epoxy
Michael Rife (North Myrtle Beach, US)
Table top epoxy

Love your products they are easy to use and are a awesome finish on my wood projects. The table top and craft epoxy is very durable and beautiful when dry. Great job!

Mica Powder Pigments 20 Bundle Pack
Mark Vrablic (Grand Rapids, US)

Great product

Porcelain White Epoxy Powder Pigment
Jeff Lamers (Appleton, US)
Porcelain white pigment

The porcelain white micro powder pigment works great for marble effects on my table top. I also mixed a little of dark matter with the white to create some gray color. I think the outcome was great. I will be using this product again.

Great product.

I’ve used a number of different table top epoxies. Your product is the best I’ve used and the only one I use now that I’ve used it. I also like your very fast delivery time.