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Love this product!!

We are doing some kitchen renovations on a budget and decided to go with butcher block counter tops protectected with epoxy, it was a tough decision when it came to which epoxy to use because there were so many to choose from but after lots of research we decided on Ultra Clear Epoxy and we are so happy we did because it was a very easy product for amateurs like ourselves to be able to work with and apply and our project turned out beautifully! Couldn't be happier!

White Liquid Epoxy Dye
Excellent product

Super beautiful, excellent Resin,pigments everything this company.. loved 🥰

Art and Craft Epoxy
Cheri Boone (Port Hope, CA)
Tried about 8 resins so far and this is the best

I've tried so many epoxy resin to date and this was one the absolute best. I'll Def be buying more
Thanks so much

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
peter garayt (Owen Sound, CA)
First time

Hi. i was a little nervous using epoxy resin for the first time and was sure I would mess it up.
To the contrary I was very happy with the result. I might have missed a few micro bubbles, which can't be seen so I was very happy. There is a barn board painted black under the epoxy that in hindsight I would paint a slightly lighter shade so one could see the texture of the wood better. I will be much more confident next time thanks to your product.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Raymond Mounts (San Angelo, US)
Myrtlewood wall art

Ultra clear, epoxy, mixes and pours. Excellent as you can see from this piece of Myrtlewood that I have just finished.

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Joshua Hayes (Las Vegas, US)
Amazing stuff

Quality resin. I will buy again soon.

Counter top

Used rose petals that I gave my wife over the years to create a one of a kind center island. Added some gold flecks for shine. Needs one more coat of epoxy.

Epoxy Heat Gun
Ken North (Brandon, US)
Much more powerful

I am so use to using a small torch for my pours and am never doing that again. This gun is amazing and is so much less work.

Mica Powder Pigments 12 Bundle Pack
Allyson Jones (Franklin, US)
Loving both Ultra clear and pigmently

I am so pleased with the results with both the resin and the pigments. It was very easy to use, no smells or fumes and dried perfectly.

Emerald Green Epoxy Powder Pigment
Jerry Brown (Dallas, US)

Your product was awesome and very easy to work with. I had never used a color in a clear pour and it blew me away with the effects. Thank you again

Lovely quality

Most excellent for the purpose I need it for. Professional sellers, great packaging, fast shipment. Thanks

Oak Butcher Block Island Top

First time using the product. Easy to mix, pour and great results.

Live edge black walnut table

I've enjoyed working with your product, I've planned down the wood sanded it with 400 grit sandpaper then poured two coats of deep pour epoxy and it left a beautiful finish as you can see.

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Jasmine Plymate (Pea Ridge, US)
Weight off my shoulders

Seriously!! We stressed and stressed over this project, thinking of all that could go wrong… we’d already been though a lot with our countertops to start out with, but it was so simple and we truly should have done it sooner!

We’re so impressed. All guess work was taken out of it for us between instruction videos and great packaging.

We can’t wait to show everyone how awesome our countertops look now.

First Epoxy Project!

I’ve had the materials for a bar top project for literally YEARS, and finally decided to jump in and research epoxy products. After much evaluation, I purchased Ultra Clear Epoxy given the reviews, tutorials, and outstanding tech support that gave me the confidence to attack this project.

I chose to apply 3 seal coats before the pour, given the wine cork surface would have several voids, which I wanted to fill in as much as possible.

Ultra Clear Epoxy was easy and straightforward for which to work. I did make a couple minor mistakes, i am pleased with the end result. I now have the bug to tackle another epoxy project! Thanks UCE folks - great product.

Kitchen sink job

I love this stuff . My first time using it . So , if you see any imperfections. That's me Underestimating the work time window. All good came out good & I like it. Next project is a slab of Walnut for a bar table . Coming soon.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Mark DeDecker (Martins Ferry, US)
Awesome finish!

I purchased this product for some small wood working projects. But I like it so much, I have purchase more twice. The finish is very glossy and cleans off very easily.

Art and Craft Epoxy
Myron Kovash (Livingston, US)
Great epoxy - Easy to Use

This epoxy is extremely easy to use and is great product. I use it for my charcuterie boards and other epoxy projects!

Deep Blue Wonder Epoxy Powder Pigment
Timothy Watkins (Dallas, US)
Navy you say? Get this!

Whether you need to just add a deep space blue or add "depth" to your ocean piece, you'll need to have this deep blue color in your mica box. Wow! The richness of color and the way it shines make this mica indispensible to resiners! Get this!

Black Liquid Epoxy Dye
Daniel Rosati (Waterford, US)
Home made bat

Used your product to color my home made bar. The pigment mixed very good with complete and easy instructions. The black pigment gave a rich, deep color which combined with a bronze gold accents gave the whole dacor of the room a custom look and feel. Could not be happier with the results of your product—looking forward to doing all my counter tops !!!

Basic Epoxy Tool Kit
Daniella Aguirre (Scottsdale, US)
Love this Product!

Love this Product, consistency is great! Always receive product in a timely fashion after ordering. Thank you.

Magical Magenta Epoxy Powder Pigment
Intense magenta that is a must-have

I use Magical Magenta whenever I need that extra punch of magenta. Other micas don't even come close. If you do resin art, you'll need a magenta color every once in awhile. But then there's no magenta like this one. A little goes a long way. You'll be happy you made the choice for this magenta!

Butt cut table

As anyone can see, it's beautiful. About to do another one with Ultra Clear.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Daniel Coviello (Pittsburg, US)
Bar Top Epoxy

I used your product on my bar top it came out great

First Epoxy Project

I built this bar top & this is my first epoxy project. This is easy to use, but I probably should have experimented with a smaller surface beforehand. I applied 3 seal coats & 1 flood coat. I had to apply a sealant to the underside to stop the epoxy from leaking through and creating bubbles. I will be applying a second flood coat. Very pleased with the product! The first pic is after seal coats. Second pic is after 1st floor coat.