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Epoxy Tool Kit
Matthew Gunn (Sanford, US)
Table top

epoxy used several over the years. This is by far the best!

Love it

Great product and surprisingly easy-to-use. Would highly recommend.

Very easy to work with this epoxy and looks great afterwards 😁

I recently switched from another big name epoxy. I’m 100% glad I did, not only is the customer service 1000 times better, the shipping is faster, and the product is night and day better.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Andrew Munsterman (San Jose, US)
The best epoxy yet !!!

We mill,dry and manufacture furniture from local fire and storm damaged trees in the Russian river area and usually pour 40 to 60 gallons of epoxy a year for the tables we build. My New years resolution was to find an epoxy brand that was both easy to work with and extremely clear. "Ultra Clear" is my new go to epoxy after pouring a 48" x144"x 4 inch thick old growth Redwood slab table for a customer in Scottsdale Arizona . We are huge fans of the product and are pouring another 48" x 10' Redwood slab table this week with 2 more to follow . There will be more photos to follow from all of us at M4 Specialties in Guerneville California

Epoxy Tool Kit
Rebecca S (Lafayette, US)
Great tools for a beginner

I had never done any epoxy resin before, so I needed basic tools. This kit was perfect to get me started on my first project.

Great product, worked easier than what I have used in past

This is very easy to use and works great

Epoxy Tool Kit
Tiffany Beall (Lufkin, US)

If you follow the directions, you project will come out beautiful.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Steve (Rapid City, US)

Worked well for bar top. Airly easy to work and apply.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Donna Ikner (Spanish Fort, US)
Great product

Great product, fast delivery, will order again

Epoxy Tool Kit
Chris Mancini (Minneapolis, US)
Great product

I just finished my basement bar project. I did a lot of research on clear epoxy bar pour tops and came across Ultra Clear Epoxy. Their product is EXCELLENT and super clear. The directions they include, on their website are spot in and very easy to follow. I had a question that I was able to get answered by making a phone call to them. They answered right away and gave me clear direction. I recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a professional finish. The attached picture shows the bar top, but still need some finishing touches to the rail.

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Morgan Cromer (Lexington, US)

This was our first river table and the end results are incredible! This product was super easy to work with and cured very clear! The website also provides instructions for their products and they are very easy to understand! I was blown away with the quality of this epoxy. This is our dining room table and we are just in love with the end results!

Blue Liquid Epoxy Dye
Tim (Ardmore, US)
Quick shipping and looks to be a good color

I received the item very quickly and I liked the color. I haven't used the dye yet for the river table that I'm making, but hope that it will be the right shade.

Epoxy Tool Kit
Dave Jenkins (Sandown, US)
First Coat Complete

Everything Went GREAT and Applied As Directed!
Ordering Another Kit to Do Second Coat!

The absolute best epoxy!

This by far the best epoxy on the market. I would recommend to everyone!

UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy
Nanette Massey (Kennesaw, US)
Better than I thought

I have been doing small projects and plagued with bubbles. I finally realized using other company tabletop resins required multiple layers and that encouraged bubbles and lack of clarity. Using the Ultra Clear Epoxy deep pour resin has been amazing. It is clear and virtually bubble free. You need to be patient though. It takes longer to cure than the others. But the wait is worth the result you will see.

Gold Diamond Epoxy Powder Pigment
John Veenschoten (Ankeny, US)
Awesome Color

Blended well. Color was vibrant. Great product.

Red Liquid Epoxy Dye
Neil (Washington, US)
Product was as described

I received the pigment later than I'd hoped but that was the USPS' fault not UCE's. I purchased this to use as a tint for epoxy I was using to spot patch paint on a metal fuel can. I used it as directed and it worked well except I mixed it too thin so the finish coat was translucent rather than opaque. I recommend adding more than you think you need when mixing for a solid color.

I'd order from UCE again!

Sapphire Blue Liquid Epoxy Dye
Linda (Houston, US)

Unsure of the color, when used it was absolutely beautiful and blended beautifully

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Clint Marler (Indianapolis, US)
Good product

Ordered from website and received order in two days. Product works great!

Epoxy Tool Kit
Craig Bretzman (Peru, US)

This was my first attempt at pouring Epoxy it was a big job and I loved it it does take some time but it’s well worth it definitely gonna do it again

Great product fast delivery.

Epoxy Resin for Bar Tops, Tables, & Countertops
Glenn F Ragsdale Jr (Birmingham, US)
Amazing/ loves it

Hello, my name is GLENN. I was a lineman for 30+ years.. on April 18 of 2021 me and my son, William Ryan Ragsdale were working together in Oregon building powerlines. We had worked together for four years on that date. I would miss a horrific accident that took my child’s life. I lost my career and everything that matter to me that day, I looked for Waze to carry on and keep my mind busy so I don’t go insane. I started learning about epoxy resin tables I tried to get into it and it was very difficult because the epoxy resin just never turned out right until I purchased your product look at my work and call it masterpiece and think I’ve been doing this for years , and I said no I just started a few months ago. I owe all my work to the epoxy resin. I tell them. Thank you very much and truly enjoy doing what I do and it keeps me from going insane. Thank you again for an amazing product. Signed Glenn Ragsdale.

Loves it

Amazing product. It has made my work look 10 times better with less hassle. Thank you very much. I will be purchasing this product again. Here are some pictures of what I’ve made.

This is exactly as described. No bubbles and very easy to work with. There was an issue with my package, one of the bottles weren’t sealed all the way and leaked and without any hassle the had a replacement sent. Great CS and product.