An epoxy river table with a wide, blue-pigmented epoxy vein

Protecting your tabletop and bar top from spills, stains, and scratches can be a difficult task – especially in a commercial setting. If left unprotected, your countertop and bar top surfaces can wear out in no time and start to look dull and unappealing.

Fortunately, there is a simple yet highly effective solution available to this problem in the form of clear epoxy resin. Designed to work with almost all kinds of materials and surfaces, epoxy resin can protect your tabletops, countertops, and bar tops against wear and tear and increase their lifespan considerably.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Clear Epoxy Resin for Your Tabletop and Bar Top?

A sample block of a deep pour epoxy river table

Protection against Spills, Stains, and Scratches

One of the biggest advantages of an epoxy coating is that it forms a protective layer over the surface it is applied on and protects it against spills, stains, and scratches.

Heat Resistant

Commercial grade epoxy coating can withstand heat (up to 135ºF), which makes it a perfect choice for restaurants and commercial kitchens.


Clear epoxy resin forms a non-porous layer over the surface onto which it is applied. It can prevent your tabletop, countertop, and bar top surfaces from absorbing moisture (in case of an accidental spill or splash) and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria as well.


High-quality epoxy resin does not chip, fade, or crack over time. It is tailor-made for high-traffic commercial settings like hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the hallmarks of a high-quality clear epoxy resin is the ability to give a high-gloss finish, which can enhance the appeal of your countertop, tabletop, and bar top surfaces and make them look more expensive than they actually are.

You can add any color you want to the epoxy resin and create beautiful patterns that can make your tabletop or bar top look even more appealing to patrons.

Easy to Clean

Epoxy coating does not allow stains to form on your tabletop or bar top surface due to its non-porous composition. A wet sponge, soap, and water are all you need to clean the surface.

Works with Any Material

Clear epoxy resin can be applied on virtually any material – this includes concrete, wood, metal, marble, granite, ceramic, quartz, bamboo, and many, many more.

Easy to Use

You do not need years of experience or any specialized knowledge in order to work with epoxy resin. All you need to do is mix it and apply it over the surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to get the results you want.

A sample block of a deep pour epoxy bar top

UltraClear Clear Epoxy Resin – The Best Choice for Your Tabletop and Bar Top

UltraClear Epoxy is designed to protect your tabletops, countertops, and bar tops from spills, stains, and cracks. With a Shore D hardness rating of 98, our epoxy is demonstrably harder and more durable than any other epoxy resin you can find on the market today.

Our clear epoxy resin gives a glass-like finish that does not fade or yellow over time. It is food safe and free of harmful chemicals. In short – you can get more value for your money with UltraClear Epoxy than any other epoxy resin available on the market today.

To know more about UltraClear Epoxy or to place an order, call us today at 800-259-1619 or reach us online

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