Before and after photo of an outdoor epoxy bar top

Become an epoxy expert faster than the rest with these simple resin pouring guidelines. Learn what to focus on and what to avoid for a perfect epoxy coating.

Do your research before starting your epoxy project.

What kind of epoxy do you need? Are you pouring an epoxy table, epoxy bar, working on resin art, or any other epoxy coating project? Table Top Epoxy or Deep Pour Epoxy will react and work very differently depending on the specific requirements of your project. Knowing which one to use is extremely important before attempting any type of resin project.

How much resin will you need? It’s always recommended to order more than you need to be on the safe side. You never want to be in the middle of a project and realize you won’t have enough to finish it. This can lead to seams or even having to scrap the entire pour, which can be avoided simply by ordering a slightly larger amount in the first place.

What tools or supplies will you need to mix and pour the resin? Do you have the buckets, gloves, mixing tools, or silicone caulk necessary for a successful epoxy pour? You can purchase everything you need and more in the supplies section of our website.

We offer a basic and premium epoxy tool kit to make sure you cover all your bases and are completely ready to tackle any project. If you’re looking to pour something with colored resin, you can purchase pigment powder right from our epoxy colors section above.

A finished wooden epoxy countertop with a live edge

Don’t make any guesses when it comes to pouring epoxy resin.

Don’t guess on the amount of epoxy you order. Use the Deep Pour Epoxy Calculator or the Bar and Table Top Epoxy Calculator. Or contact the company directly with your project details to get any help with the exact amount you should order.

Don’t assume you know the proper way to mix your resin. All epoxy companies have different methods and techniques to mix their resin. Be sure you follow the directions for the epoxy you purchase to get the best clear epoxy resin finish you can.

Don’t eyeball the epoxy mixing amounts. It’s best to use the graduated measuring lines on the sides of your containers to mix by volume not weight. Unless otherwise specified by your instructions, mixing by volume is the best way to ensure you have the correct mixture of both resin and hardener.

An ocean-themed deep pour epoxy table top

Do contact a customer support epoxy expert with any and all questions you have.

Make sure to call or email with any questions before starting a project. Our company has epoxy experts ready to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have before you start your project. There’s no such thing as a stupid question. It’s better to get all the epoxy information necessary before you begin.

Watch videos the company provides to get an overview on their product. There’s a lot of YouTube videos on epoxy but only the videos made by the company you purchased from will be 100% relevant and helpful for your epoxy project. Watching epoxy videos can be a great way to get ideas for your epoxy countertops or epoxy tables, but these shouldn’t be followed step by step as some of the mixing process could be left out or removed for the sake of time.

Read through their FAQ’s and other text documents they provide. Doing your research like this beforehand can save you a lot of time and money on wasted batches. You’ll be able to avoid simple mistakes others have made when working with epoxy for the first time. Arm yourself with as much resin knowledge as possible before starting any project.

Don’t get overwhelmed and fail your epoxy project before you start.

Don’t watch hours and hours of YouTube videos and decide it’s too much work. Epoxy may seem difficult when you get into more advanced and complicated projects. But at it’s base, all epoxy projects are an extremely straightforward process. The amount of steps you’ll need to make may increase, but the simplicity of measure, mix, and pouring will always be the same.

Don’t listen to people who have had negative experiences. 95% of the epoxy mistakes you hear about are user error. Whether they didn’t follow the directions or over/under mixed their epoxy, the majority of “horror stories” you hear are due to the person mixing the resin.

Epoxy Resin pouring is a chemical reaction and will react the same way every single time when mixed correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Don’t be scared to make mistakes or fail. Failure is all part of the learning process. You’ll never become a master of any craft without becoming a master of avoiding past mistakes. And once you master the process of mixing and pouring the epoxy, you’ll be able to produce perfect, identical results every time you pour any project!

The only difference between a person just starting out, and a skilled epoxy maker, is their experience and number of pours under their belt. It might take a while for some before they get the hang of pouring resin, but if you follow all these guidelines before you even attempt your first pour, you’ll become a resin expert in no time! So go ahead and check out our photo gallery or watch some of the project videos on our YouTube channel and get started today!

Six different ocean-themed epoxy charcuterie boards
Bar tops and countertopsTable top epoxy

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