A thin sample slab of wood featuring a green-pigmented epoxy vein

Epoxy resin is known for its extraordinary durability and its ability to protect surfaces against scratches and stains. With proper maintenance, an epoxy coating can last for years and keep your tabletop and bar top surfaces in excellent condition. Below are three tips that can help you maintain your table top epoxy and increase its lifespan.

A close-up view of an epoxy river table top

Handle the Epoxy Surface with Care

Bar and table top epoxy resins generally take 72 hours to cure. The important point to be noted, however, is that at this time, the epoxy is 99.5% cured – not 100%. It can take a couple of months for the epoxy to fully cure. During this time, you should avoid placing hot items directly on the epoxy surface, as they might leave an imprint on the surface.

So, it is better to use coasters and placemats until the epoxy is fully cured. Moreover, when you clean the epoxy table tops, avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, which will dull the shine after some time. Also, do not use polishes that have wax as one of the main ingredients. 

Avoid Exposing the Table Top Epoxy to Extreme Heat

Once the epoxy is fully cured, the highest temperature it can withstand is 135ºF. This means you can place hot beverages, plates and utensils containing hot, freshly prepared food on the table without worrying about damaging the epoxy surface.

On the other hand, you should not expose the table top epoxy to temperatures higher than 135ºF. For example, this means you should not place a hot frying pan or a skillet directly on the table. Exposure to extreme heat can soften the epoxy and affect its durability.

Clean the Table Top Epoxy Regularly

One of the easiest ways to make sure the epoxy surface retains its shine is to clean it on a regular basis with soap, warm water, and a sponge. There are two things you need to keep in mind about cleaning your table top epoxy:

Firstly, you should avoid using all-purpose cleaning agents and other products that are known to contain harsh chemicals. These products can cause the epoxy surface to lose its shine over time and become dull and hazy.

If you need to use something stronger than soap, you can use a diluted solution of bleach or alcohol. It’s not prudent to apply bleach or alcohol directly on the epoxy surface. Make sure you wear gloves while cleaning your table top, as bleach can irritate and burn your skin.

Secondly, do not use steel scrubbers to clean your table top epoxy – especially for the first few months. A sponge or a soft cloth should be sufficient for cleaning the surface.

The corner of a wooden epoxy table top

UltraClear Table Top Epoxy – Designed to Last Long, Easy to Maintain

UltraClear Epoxy has a rating of 98 on the Shore D Hardness scale and is harder and more durable than any other residential or commercial epoxy product available on the market today. Resistant to scratches and stains, our epoxy resin needs very little maintenance and can protect your table top surface for years.

To find out more about table top epoxy maintenance or to place an order for our epoxy resin, call us today at 800-259-1619 or contact us online to talk to an epoxy specialist.

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