A long wooden bar top with a clean coating of bar top epoxy.

Knowing how thick your bar top epoxy finish should be is a precursor to properly planning your project.

Because epoxy self-levels, it's often the case that you'll have a specific thickness you can produce in a single layer. This means that for epoxy resins that self-level below the minimum recommended thickness, you'll have to apply multiple individual layers to reach that ideal range.

In this article, we'll explain how thick a bar top epoxy finish should be. We'll also talk about Deep Pour Epoxy, which behaves differently than bar top epoxy and can be used for much thicker layers without issue.

How thick should bar top epoxy be?

Let's start off with the key question: how thick should bar top epoxy be?

Typically, a bar top epoxy finish should be between 1/8-of-an-inch and 1/4-of-an-inch thick.

For most bar tops, a 1/8-inch layer with a high-quality bar top epoxy resin is more than enough. Despite being in high-traffic areas, most bar tops still don't see the kind of wear and tear that would necessitate a thicker finish.

That isn't to say you can't aim for that heavy-duty, extra thick 1/4-inch finish, but it will take at least one additional layer—maybe more, depending on your chosen epoxy brand. However, it would be added planning, time and effort, and a chance that things could go wrong. That being said, if you're careful and follow your epoxy's instructions closely, it's possible to achieve your goals without issue.

For optimal results, choose UltraClear Epoxy.

At UltraClear, we provide premium epoxies for durable, long-lasting results. Each of our resins goes on smooth and cures to a rock-solid, crystal-clear finish.

Our UltraClear Bar Top Epoxy self-levels to 1/8 of an inch. This means that your first layer of epoxy will always be within the recommended range for a bar top epoxy finish. Moreover, a second layer will bring you to the other end of that scale—at 1/4-of-an inch thick.

If you're not sure what you need, you're probably fine with a typical 1/8-inch finish, achievable with just a single flood coating of UltraClear Bar Top Epoxy.

An epoxy bar top with a clean finish.

What to do when you need a layer greater than 1/4 of an inch

Sometimes you need a resin layer that's thicker than 1/4 of an inch, generally for aesthetic reasons. In cases like this, you can use a high-quality deep pour epoxy.

A deep pour epoxy is a less viscous variant of epoxy resin that flows more smoothly and can be poured in deep layers. Because it's a low-viscosity epoxy, you'll want something to contain it, such as with raised trim or temporary edge guards, because otherwise it will mostly flow right off the edge of your bar top surface.

Deep pour epoxy is often used to create epoxy deep "veins" for epoxy river tables and bar tops. Usually situated between slabs of a substrate material like wood, these veins give the stunning illusion of a liquid "river" encased within the epoxy resin finish. It's a remarkable effect that can be made even more striking with the addition of epoxy pigments or resin dyes.

In our store, we offer the exceptional UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy, which can support individual layers of up to 2 inches each, and a total of 6 inches with three full-sized layers.

Tips for pouring multiple layers of bar top epoxy

 In cases where you do need multiple layers of bar top epoxy to complete your resin finish, there are a few tips we have that can help you accomplish this cleanly:

Tip #1: Remove air bubbles after each layer poured.

After pouring each layer, remove any air bubbles with a heat gun or torch before adding any further layers. This will keep the finish looking clean and crystal-clear.

Click here to learn more about air bubble prevention/removal.

Tip #2: Let each coating partially cure before adding more.

We recommend waiting 4 to 6 hours between flood coats to give each one time to partially cure. This will ensure a proper bond and avoid disrupting to the previous coat.

Click here to learn more about the curing phase of bar top epoxy.

Tip #3: Take time to correctly measure how much epoxy you need.

Be sure to measure adequately for your bar top beforehand. You definitely don't want to run out of resin during this process. It can be good to buy a little more than you expect to need so that you're prepared for any accidental spills or other mistakes.

Click here to learn more about measuring the amount epoxy resin you need.

An epoxy bar top with a smooth, clean bar top epoxy finish.

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