Premium Epoxy Tool Kit

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Premium Epoxy Tool Kit

The Premium Epoxy Resin Tool Kit includes the following products that are essential for making an epoxy bar top, countertop, or table top.

(10) Five-quart Graduated Containers

These are excellent for accurately measuring and mixing medium to large epoxy batches.

Note: These containers are not reusable. Make sure you have enough containers to complete your project. You can purchase additional five-quart containers here.

(5) One-quart Graduated Containers

Each one is perfect for making a seal coat batch or a test batch.

Note: Because epoxy resin leaves behind residue that bonds with the interior surface, these containers should never be reused. Make sure you have enough containers to complete your project. You can purchase additional one-quart containers here.

(1) Mixing Drill Bit

Use this to mix your epoxy and ensure a proper blend; it's also much easier than manual stirring by hand—a must-have tool. This drill bit can be reused over and over again, even without cleaning. It does not need to be cleaned between batches.

(1) Cordless Drill

This cordless drill is high performance and will blend larger batches of epoxy resin with ease when combined with the mixing drill bit.

It has variable speed settings, a reverse switch, and an ergonomic grip designed for comfort during extended use.

The kit includes a 12 volt battery and charger that are interchangeable with other WARRIOR™ 12V tools.

(1) Dual Temperature Heat Gun

This 1500-watt heat gun is recommended for removing air bubbles from your epoxy coating as it cures. It has an exceptional coil design that heats swiftly and maintains even temperatures.

It also features high and low temperature settings and a durable body designed for long term use.

Note: Substituting a hair dryer will not work, as it blows too much air and does not get hot enough. To avoid mistakes, always use the right tools for the job.

(2) Poly Pro Mixing Sticks

These are for mixing the sides and bottom of the container of epoxy. Each stick features molded pass oval holes to enable fast, comprehensive mixing of the epoxy resin.

Unlike wooden paint stir sticks, our Poly Pro sticks won't draw in air, thus preventing the formation of air bubbles. These can be reused over and over again without being cleaned.

(2) Pairs of Disposable Latex Gloves

Use these to keep your hands clean, avoid skin contact, and prevent contamination of the epoxy resin.

(2) Seal Coat Brushes

Use these for applying seal coats to your substrate or Mod Podge to any paper items prior to pouring your epoxy batches.

Each brush is crafted using high-quality bristles that are resistant to shedding and features a 1.69 inch length.

Customer Reviews

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Everything I needed to get started

Kim Campbell (Oklahoma City, US)
Tool Kit, Yes

Had my doubts to whether this tool kit would be worth the cost -v- quality of the items.
! YES ! this box of tools and handy items is very impressive. Have not used the Epoxy yet to put all of this in motion (cold weather).

RD Beard (West Monroe, US)
Custom office desk

First time user of ultra clear epoxy. Works great and is extremely clear. Follow instructions and it will work perfectly!

Julie McBride (Troy, US)

Great product and fast shipping

Josh Anderson (Sharpsburg, US)
A Great Kit and a Fantastic Product!

We bought this kit after reading and researching on the internet to do the final top on our new kitchen island breakfast bar. At first I had my concerns as this would be the first time using a product like this but I was very pleased with the included instructions as well as their website having “How To” videos on this product. The end resulted were fantastic! I would very highly recommend this product to anyone, pro or beginner looking to have a top coat on anything that is as tough as nails and ultra clear. If you get this kit as I did you will get everything that you need to complete a project. And in the end you get a pretty decent cordless drill and a great heat-gun for future uses. Hope this helps and happy trails on your next project.

Everything You Need

The perfect all in one kit! Makes each project so much easier to complete when you receive your epoxy and all the tools at the same time.

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