Basic Epoxy Tool Kit

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Basic Epoxy Tool Kit

The Basic Tool Kit comes with following products that are necessary for making a bar top, countertop, or table top.

  • (2) Five-Quart Graduated Containers for measuring and mixing epoxy batches accurately. You must use a new container for each gallon mixed to avoid contamination. For example: 5 combined gallons of epoxy would require 5 containers. Containers CANNOT be cleaned and reused. You can purchase additional containers here.

  • (1) One-Quart Graduated Container for making seal coat batch or a test batch

  • (1) Mixing Drill Bit mixes the epoxy to ensure a proper blend, making it much easier than stirring by hand — a must have tool. Can be reused over and over again without cleaning. It does not need to be cleaned between batches.

  • (2) Poly Pro Mixing Sticks for mixing the sides and bottom of the container of epoxy. Features molded pass oval holes to insure fast complete mixing of epoxy without drawing air into the container. (wooden paint stir sticks can draw a lot of air into the bucket creating bubbles. Our poly pro sticks eliminate that. Can be reused over and over again without cleaning.

  • (2) Pair of Disposable Latex Gloves

Customer Reviews

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Andreas Mueller (Madison, US)
Epoxy for penny Floor

Worked great! looks like im walking on glass over pennies. Very cool

AJ (Lincoln City, US)
Beautiful Epoxy!

Read the instructions carefully and make sure you have more than enough and you'll be very happy with the results!!

Jennie Chancey (Enterprise, US)
Worth the purchase price!

Definitely spend the money for the mixing tool and buckets. I bought a few buckets at a big box store lumberyard, and they are far flimsier and make pouring more difficult. The tool that attaches to a drill is incredibly helpful to properly mix the hardener and the epoxy, and the scraping tool does a good job as well. I wouldn’t ever do this without the toolkit!

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