Epoxy Tool Kit

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Basic Epoxy Tool Kit

The Basic Epoxy Resin Tool Kit includes the following products that are essential for making an epoxy bar top, countertop, or table top:

(2) Five-quart Graduated Containers

These are excellent for accurately measuring and mixing medium to large epoxy batches.

Note: These containers are not reusable. Make sure you have enough containers to complete your project. You can purchase additional five-quart containers here.

(1) One-quart Graduated Containers

Each one is perfect for making a seal coat batch or a test batch.

Note: Because epoxy resin leaves behind residue that bonds with the interior surface, these containers should never be reused. Make sure you have enough containers to complete your project. You can purchase additional one-quart containers here.

(1) Mixing Drill Bit

Use this to mix your epoxy and ensure a proper blend; it's also much easier than manual stirring by hand—a must-have tool. This drill bit can be reused over and over again, even without cleaning. It does not need to be cleaned between batches.

(1) Heat Gun

This highly recommended tool enables you to remove air bubbles from your epoxy coating as it cures. Strong: A 1500-watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun.

(2) Poly Pro Mixing Sticks

These are for mixing the sides and bottom of the container of epoxy. Each stick features molded pass oval holes to enable fast, comprehensive mixing of the epoxy resin.

Unlike wooden paint stir sticks, our Poly Pro sticks won't draw in air, thus preventing the formation of air bubbles. These can be reused over and over again without being cleaned.

(2) Pairs of Disposable Latex Gloves

Use these to keep your hands clean, avoid skin contact, and prevent contamination of the epoxy resin.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 257 reviews
    Kay Solar (Gallatin, US)
    Massive Bar with Ultra Clear Epoxy

    This is my largest project to date and it turned out fantastic! I used Ultra Clear Epoxy for Bar & Table Top on my massive home bar. The top bar is an acrylic dirty pour which after cured received a flood coat of the Ultra Clear Epoxy for Bar & Table Top, the lower bar is an acrylic pour with mica powder followed by the Ultra Clear Epoxy after curing. I had used the Ultra Clear Epoxy for Bar & Table Top on a few wood projects in my new home prior (floating wood bathroom sink, mantles, console tables, etc.) with much success and had been very pleased with the product results, so when I decided to do my massive bar, I went with the same epoxy. The product is very consistent and I've been very pleased with the results on all of my home projects!

    Doug Enns (Gimli, CA)
    Ultra Clear Epoxy

    I am extremely happy with the ultra clear epoxy kit. I am currently working on some small projects and 1 large table. Pictured here is a small tray I am making with Ash and coffee beans. Best epoxy I have used, great instructions and awesome help site!

    Rob Wright (Chicago, US)
    Works great in concrete countertops

    We re finished our concert countertops with this epoxy and it turned out great. This was our first time using epoxy and it turned out to be pretty straightforward following the instructions and watching the tutorials. I would use it again.

    Greg Dalyai
    What a Finish !!!!

    I just completed a Live Edge Oak table for our living room. The Ultra Clear Epoxy added the perfect finishing touch. I am so pleased with the results. I have an upcoming pour on a very large Cherry table that will sit on our screened porch. Can't wait to use more Ultra Clear Epoxy I recently purchased from you. Many Thanks !!!

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