UltraClear Epoxy reviews from customers

Read real reviews on why customers think UltraClear Epoxy is the best.

A wood epoxy countertop

"This is a great product ! have used quite a few other brand epoxies and will not be using any others again. UltraClear is by far the best. I'm super pleased with the outcome of every project I use it for.


"On top of that, the customer service is amazing. I can tell you how much that means to me. I own a small cabinet shop and come across companies that could care less about their customer service. That is not the case here!"


- Don Burkard (Downingtown, PA)

An epoxy tray with a white-pigmented river vein of resin.

Awesome product

"This product is awesome, crystal clear, haven’t had any struggles with air bubbles, or anything of that nature, better than any resin i’ve used."

- Robert Pickinpaugh (Bakersfield, USA)

An epoxy table top with a underwater floral theme

"UltraClear Deep Pour is a fantastic product. Very easy to use; excellent results every time.

"I was able to utilize the free tools promotion that included everything I needed to complete my project. This is a Mother’s Day present I made for my wife."

- Emert (Peoria, USA)

An epoxy bar top with many embedded concert tickets

"The bar top was made from years and years of concert tickets. Ultra clear epoxy was poured over top as a sealer and it gave it a beautiful look."

- Jason Guyler (West Chester, OH)

A dark wooden epoxy table top

"...Ultra Clear Epoxy worked to perfection.

"...Ultra Clear Epoxy gave the stain and grain of the wood the deep rich look I was going for and a hard durable finish to protect the softer pine wood underneath."

- Joey Morelli (Bonsall, CA)

An epoxy penny floor for a bathroom

"The customer service answered my questions, and the included instructions were very detailed (even if scary for a beginner like me), and we were able to apply the seal coat then the flood coat, and it has turned out very nice."

- Kristi Helton (Buford, GA)

An epoxy bottle cap table top

New End Table

"This product made a first-time project easy. The instructions were not difficult to understand. I will definitely buy it again."

- Denise Mascho (Chandler, USA)

Countertop Epoxy

"Here are photos of our second project with your epoxy. It's spectacular what your resin did to that scrap wood. Absolutely unbelievable.

"We didn't stain or oil it or anything. Just applied one paint coat and one pour coat and that's it. I want to resin everything in our house. I couldn't wait until we completely finished the project to send you pictures - the transformation is just incredible.

Thank you!!!!"

- Christine Swenson (Placerville, CA)

Great results come from great resin.

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Table Epoxy

"I wanted to make a custom dining table out of an old door. My husband did some research and found your product.

"The directions were very thorough and worked as stated. We are very happy with our finished product and UltraClear Epoxy. Thanks for a great product!

"We used a hundred-year old door that has never been used, stone tiles, poly, recycled porch columns, and UltraClear Epoxy!"

- Courtney Dickman (Bellefonte, PA)

First successful River table.

"UltraClear Epoxy has been fantastic to work with. Everything from ordering to delivery was a piece of cake. We never had an issue.

"As far as the epoxy it self, everything from the easy to follow instructions to working with the epoxy itself was very straight forward. I would recommend UltraClear Epoxy to anyone starting down the Epoxy road…"

- Jason Peterka (Minneapolis, USA)

Epoxy Resin

"I can't rave more about the product......it goes without saying how good it looks. But I was AMAZED at how easy it was to work with and place it on my bar so it looked like a professional did it.

"I recommend ultra clear epoxy 110% to ANYONE"

- B. Wheeler (Pittsburgh, PA)

Countertop Finish Clear Epoxy

"I was surprisingly pleased with the epoxy I purchased. The whole project turned out better than I expected.

"The thing that impressed me the most was the level of detail in the instructions. I worried a lot that I might not be able to complete my project - or worse yet that I might destroy the countertop that I had worked so hard to build.

"We think it is beautiful, and I must admit that there are many days I just stand there and admire it for a while. We ordered another lot of epoxy to make a couple more countertops, we were so pleased with the look!"

- Brian Lucido (Atascadero, CA)

Restaurant Epoxy Resin

"Our new location has been opened for a month now and things are great.

"In all, we built and epoxied the following items: 32 foot serpentine bar, 6 bar-height tables, 6 square tables, and 6 round tables. The product worked flawlessly!"

- Greg Hawthorn, Owner of Sam & Greg's Pizzeria

Project epoxy solids

"Ultra clear epoxy has superior products at excellent pricing. Different usages can be obtained from their premium product... My primary usage was to add tint and mica for a very rough, patched and non flat garage floor.

"The mixing and tinting was simple. Remember your ratios.

"...See our picture! UCE is highly recommended by Dell Homes Llc."

- Larry Dellolio (Medford, USA)

Amazing Product! Worked Perfectly!

"This was a huge bar top and a lot went into it—collecting, assembling, etc.—I had a lot at stake when it came to the pour!

"We had to wait until the weather was right and created a controlled-heat environment. It took 3 people mixing and pouring simultaneously to get enough product down for each pour (because of the size).

"It came out perfect! Still looks amazing 2 years later.

- Melanie (Santa Rosa, USA)

Commercial Counter Epoxy

"The countertops turned out great. The epoxy was easy to use and coated everything perfectly."

- Wayne Heinemann (Jackson, GA)

Epoxy Resin

"After building my son's bar I have 3 more lined up. So, I will be ordering more epoxy in the near future. Thanks a lot!"

- Phil Buehler (Yardley, PA)

Countertop Clear Epoxy

"Just followed the instructions exactly and my eastern cedar kitchen came out beautifully!"

- Steve Smith (Calera, OK)

Epoxy Penny Countertop

"The epoxy worked out great and really made our new penny countertop shine!

"After gluing all of the pennies down with “Gorilla" super glue, we did a quick brush coat of the bar top epoxy and then a final flood coat. A quick pass across the surface with a heat gun on the high setting brought all the bubbles to the surface and made it as smooth as glass."

- Jesse Salucci (Belmont, MA)

Color Epoxy Countertop

"I painted on UltraClear Epoxy, and while it was wet, I mixed in my choice of different paint colors.

"I let this dry for four hours, and "flooded" the entire surface with UltraClear Epoxy. I am very happy with my choice and would recommend it."

- Dianne Goings (St. Peter, MN)

Epoxy resin table

"We only use UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy for our river tables. It's the only brand I've not had air release issues with."

- Chris Metheny (Bruceton Mills, USA)