Become A Reseller With One Of America’s Oldest and Strongest Epoxy Brands
If you’re a business owner or manager looking for an Epoxy brand you know you can trust, you don’t have to look any further than UltraClear Epoxy. We’ve been working with and selling epoxy for over 20 years! We were one of the first Epoxy companies on the internet, and we’ve done nothing but continue to grow our Epoxy knowledge and business since then.

We are offering retail businesses the opportunity to sell our most trusted products to their own customer base. We can provide everything you need to start selling our Epoxy along with the knowledge and information you need to provide your customers with a premium product and premium customer support.
Grow your brand, grow your business, and gain loyal customers that know they can trust you and the products you sell. With our epoxy resin added to your product line, you will be providing your customers access to a commercial grade finish, that’s easy to apply for any DIY’er beginner and expert alike. Our epoxy is 100% VOC free, scratch resistant, and even self levels as it cures to leave behind a completely hardened, glossy, and smooth finish.
Our experienced Epoxy professionals will be available to answer any questions you may have about the use and installation of our product. Our goal is to help you succeed and grow as a business. We are confident you can achieve just that with our Epoxy Resin added to your product line and with the support of our Epoxy professionals.
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