A concrete surface with a text overlay that says "UltraClear Epoxy: The Ultimate Finish for Concrete Surfaces"

When it comes to concrete surfaces, our UltraClear Epoxy resins will have no trouble bonding. Concrete table tops, bar tops, countertops, and more—are all excellent candidates for an epoxy finish.

Because unprotected concrete is porous, it's particularly susceptible to various types of damage from moisture and chemicals, as well as cracking from impacts (such as from dropped items).

A coating of epoxy, however, will give your concrete surface exactly what it needs by providing:

  • Supreme impact/scratch resistance
  • Waterproofing/moisture resistance
  • Resistance to many common chemicals.


Our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy, including the resin component and the hardener component.

UltraClear Table Top Epoxy: An Ideal Solution.

Our UltraClear Table Top Epoxy is the perfect finish for nearly any type of concrete project, including:

  • Concrete tables
  • Concrete countertops
  • Concrete bar tops
  • Concrete flooring
  • And much more!

It's easy to apply even for complete beginners, yet still provides a commercial-grade finish that even the professionals are wowed by.

Unlike other epoxy brands, our Table Top Epoxy self-levels at 1/8 of an inch; that's twice as thick as most other resins!

We Put Safety First

With UltraClear Epoxy, you get quality and safety. Our tough-as-nails epoxy resins cure VOC-free, are nearly odorless, and provide long-lasting, durable results with a crystal-clear finish for your concrete surfaces.

Rest easy knowing your friends and family, including curious pets and children, are safe around cured UltraClear resins.

Full-Featured Customer Support

Have any questions or concerns? Want advice on project planning? At UltraClear Epoxy, our resin specialists are ready to provide you with the support you need.

And it doesn't end there!

Unlike other epoxy dealers that abandon their customers after making a sale, UltraClear is focused on building a relationship of trust.

You can contact us at any time for help or guidance with your epoxy-related needs.

During business hours, you can even text-chat with one of our epoxy experts directly on our website by clicking the Help button located at the bottom right of your screen.

But you don't have to take our word for it...

UltraClear Epoxy users often send us photos of their epoxy projects. Below, we've added a few, including real testimonials so you can see for yourself how pleased people are with their results!

An epoxy concrete countertop made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Product looks great, easy to use!

"We painted and then covered over our concrete countertops with the epoxy (we followed the directions exactly), and the results look great!"

- Donna M. (North Port, USA)


An outdoor concrete countertop made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Outdoor concrete countertop

"Used ultra-clear with a charcoal pigment. I put 3 seal coats on—first to fill in any cracks and the next two (thin coats) to get a good even coverage. Just finished the 3rd coat yesterday but so far looks great and don't think I need a 4th coat.

"Keep in mind I could have done a pour-over. but I wanted to make sure it adheres well."

- Jerry Goodreau (Indianapolis, USA)


An epoxy concrete side table, made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Dad was moved to tears

"This project is a concrete side table with vinyl application and epoxy to preserve and last a lifetime. We gave this to my dad for Fathers Day to represent 3 generations of Lineman. Best product for this project!!!"

- Julie P. (Brookings, USA)


A concrete table top with an UltraClear Epoxy finish.

Awesome stuff

"Me and my wife managed to coat our table with this epoxy ourselves. Came out great. Would recommend for sure!"

- Jordan L. (Branson, USA)


An in-progress epoxy concrete countertop project, being made with UltraClear Epoxy.

Beautiful shine

"I used this on my concrete countertops. The shimmer in it is beautiful. My sister just keeps touching it now that it is dry. We love them."

- Tamie Bailey (Daytona Beach, USA)


A beautiful concrete epoxy countertop, made using UltraClear Epoxy.

Fantastic Product!

"This product made our concrete countertops show-stoppers! Visitors are stunned by the deep beauty of our DIY concrete countertops. I'm proud not only of the beauty, but also how stain-proof this product made the concrete. Now we have high-end countertops, but they are almost as maintenance-free as cheap laminate!"

- Tiana Bishop (USA)

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