Black Liquid Epoxy Pigment

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Pigmently Colored Epoxy Pigments

Take your epoxy projects to the next level with Pigmently Premium Epoxy Pigments!

These highly concentrated liquid pigments are designed to blend instantly into your epoxy, resulting in more consistent and single tone color options for your project.

  • Best option to color your epoxy with a consistent, predictable result.
  • Extremely concentrated colors - start small and add more until your desired color is achieved.
  • Lighter mixtures are more transparent, while heavy mixtures result in a more vibrant color.
  • Perfect for keeping embedding objects visible in a colored epoxy.

Liquid Pigment vs Powder Pigment: Which is right for you?

Epoxy Liquid Pigments:
Blend quickly resulting in a strong singular color tone. The epoxy itself is tinted resulting in a consistent color for the entire epoxy project.

Epoxy Powder Pigments:
Used create rich, subtle variations of color and texture effects.
Some powders may shimmer in the light while others give a multi-tone colored finish. You can achieve a mesmerizing granite or marble like appearance using different powder pigments.

Portion/ Mixing Guide

Please note that there is no exact ratio of Liquid Pigment to Epoxy.
For General Use: 1 bottle of Liquid Pigment per mixed gallon of epoxy will result in a solid color of your choice.

For best/most accurate results, start by adding a small amount and continue to add more until you have achieved your desired color.

We recommend adding the Liquid Pigments to the Hardener side before you mix it together with the Resin.

For example, if you are pouring 1 Gallon of epoxy total, you would measure out a Half Gallon of Hardener in it’s own container, then slowly add/mix the Liquid Pigment into it completely before combining the Hardener to the Resin.

Complete mixing instructions


*Purchasers should, by their own tests and evaluations, determine suitability of such products for their specific use.

**Pigment is sold by WEIGHT and NOT by volume like some other retailers. We want you to receive the true amount of pigment you need. The color shown on the listing, website, brochure or any marketing materials may not be exact due to monitor/printing process limitations. Each person sees color a little differently!

Legal Disclaimer:

-Inhalation: in case of accident by inhalation remove causality to fresh air and keep at rest
-Skin contact: was affected skin with plenty of water
-Eye contact: if contact with eyes directly, flush with gently flowing fresh water thoroughly; if eye irritation persists, get medical advice/attention.
-Thermal hazards: noncombustible
-Personal precautions: do not breathe or ingest dust

Epoxy Liquid Pigment - Epoxy Color Tints
How to add liquid colors to epoxy.

Pigmently Liquid Pigments

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Solid Black Results

I love how solid the color is with this liquid color. Perfectly black is a hard color to achieve with powders, but this is exactly what I needed.

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