Epoxy Heat Gun

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Epoxy Heat Gun

This highly recommended tool enables you to remove air bubbles from your epoxy coating as it cures.

  • Strong: A 1500-watt Dual Temperature Heat Gun

  • Reliable: Features a superior coil design that heats faster and maintains even temperatures

  • Versatile: Offers high and low temperature settings

  • Long-lasting: A durable body design for long term use.

  • Note: Substituting a hair dryer will not work, as it blows too much air and does not get hot enough. To avoid mistakes, always use the right tools for the job.

Customer Reviews

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Ken North (Brandon, US)
Much more powerful

I am so use to using a small torch for my pours and am never doing that again. This gun is amazing and is so much less work.

Alan Winkeler (Herrin, US)

I have not had a chance to use the heat gun yet.

Wendy Shomper (Alexandria, US)
Great Product

We used the epoxy heat gun on our live edge bar and it turned out beautiful

Home projects

Have placed travel pictures on various kitchen pieces … used UltraClear epoxy to finish the work…. The heat gun was a great help in obtaining the perfect surface

TERRY FAHD (Stony Creek, US)
New to heat guns

Not to bad, Im used to a hair dyer, And have been doing epoxy for 8 years...Ill shall get rid of the blow dryer and now use a heat gun....

Excellent Product

Super convenient adding this with your order since you will need one anyway. I used the high setting and kept it a pretty safe distance above my surface and it cleared the bubbles in super fast sweeps. It was super easy to clear my surface of any bubbles and this thing is to thank fo that.

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