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Have you ever wondered how epoxy artists are able to make so many beautiful epoxy projects?  Or how a professional installer can consistently produce glass like finishes when making a restaurant’s bar or dining tables? Well the answer is pretty simple, and it doesn’t have anything to do with expensive equipment or fancy techniques that only experts can do. It all comes down to the mixing and pouring procedures they have mastered over the years and can replicate every single time. They know that epoxy is a simple chemical reaction that will provide the same exact results every single time as long as it is mixed correctly. In this blog we’ll explain why the mixing process is the most important step when using epoxy and how to keep it simple and effective. 

An outdoor epoxy bar top

Why Mixing Epoxy Correctly Is So Important

Whether you’re using a Table Top Epoxy or a Deep Pour Epoxy, the first step is having the correct mixing ratio of hardener to resin. One of the most common issues that people experience with epoxy is due improperly mixing it. This can be easily avoided by using measuring containers that are clear and have easy to read volume measurements for when you are pouring the product out. This is extremely crucial as this ratio is what activates the chemical reaction needed to turn the liquid epoxy into a clear and extremely solid state once it’s finished curing. 

Measuring the Correct Ratio of Hardener to Resin

For UltraClear Bar & Table Top Epoxy, you’ll need to use a 1:1 ratio measured by volume. To best way to do this is with clear, graduated measuring containers. For example, if you wanted to pour a gallon of mixed epoxy onto your surface, here’s how you would do it: First, place your resin container into a bucket of warm tap water for 15 minutes. This will reduce the resin viscosity and make it easier to mix into the hardener. Next, you will pour the hardener into a new mixing container and carefully fill it up to the 1/2 gallon line. Then you would take your resin container and slowly pour until you’ve reached the 1 gallon mark. Now you’re ready to mix! It really is that simply and straightforward once you follow the step by step instructions available for the epoxy. 

For the Deep Pour Epoxy, you will need a 2:1 ratio of resin to hardener. Which means you need to have exactly twice as much resin in your container than you do hardener. For example, if you are pouring a 1.5 Gallon sized batch of Deep Pour Epoxy, you would first measure out your half gallon of hardener into a clean mixing container. Then you can simply add twice that amount of resin by adding a full gallon of it to your mixture. This works for any batch size, even if you only pour 32oz of hardener, as long as you add in 64oz of the resin to it, you’ll have a perfect 2:1 mixing ratio of resin to hardener. The full step by step instructions will also go into greater detail and provide further information for mixing. 


Most Common Epoxy Mixing Mistakes

Weight vs. Volume Ratio for Resin Mixtures

A lot of first time users tend to think they need to use a scale when measuring each component for the most accurate mixes, however this is an easily avoidable mistake. Due to the variances in viscosity between resin and hardener, the mixing weight ratio will be different from the actual volume ratio needed for the chemical reaction to take place properly. That’s one of the best things about epoxy as a product, when combined correctly, it produces the same fantastic results time and time again. As long as you know how to correctly mix it, you can mix 1000 batches of epoxy and the last one will be just as clear and hardened as the first. 

Epoxy Mixing Speed and Timing

Even though there are clear and detailed instructions available for the epoxy, sometimes you can simply be too eager to start a project and begin mixing too fast or for far too long as soon as you get hands on the epoxy. While that kind of passion is admirable, it will usually end up in a ruined project that requires a lot of sanding, cleaning, and starting over from the beginning. To avoid all the headache and hassle of doing a job twice, take the time and effort to do it right the first time. You’ll actually end up saving way more time this way in the long run. Simply by reviewing videos, reading instructions, checking FAQ’s and taking all this knowledge to heart, you can give yourself a much better chance at having a successful epoxy pour on your very first attempt!

Overall, we understand how overwhelming your first epoxy project can feel. But as long as you’re reading through and carefully following the instructions, you’ll quickly come to find how simple the whole process actually is. It’s not rocket science, it’s just epoxy! Soon you’ll be able to create beautiful clear finishes on any surface that will really impress your friends and family. You’ll also have a blast while making it, that’s why epoxy has become such a popular hobby for some, and even a full time career for others.  

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