Stir Sticks

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Stir Sticks

Poly Pro sticks are a must-have product for mixing epoxy resin.

  • For mixing the sides and bottom of the container of epoxy. Features molded pass oval holes to insure fast complete mixing of epoxy without drawing air into the container. (wooden paint stir sticks can draw a lot of air into the bucket creating bubbles. Our poly pro sticks eliminate that.

  • 2 sticks included (Can be reused over and over again without cleaning).

  • You may also purchase this as part of our Basic Epoxy Tool Kit or our Premium Epoxy Tool Kit.

Customer Reviews

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Stir sticks

Great for small batches …. No problem at all

Clifford Pauley (Hot Springs, US)
better stir sticks

These work better than a wooden stick. Love them.

Victor Rodriquez (Portland, US)
Surfboard Table top

I have tried other epoxy resins and I have to say that this one is by far the best one. Not only super clear but hardens to a high strength. I emailed other companies about the Hardness Rating. All if they answered me back were at 85 and under. Ultra clear states a Shore D Hardness Rating of 98 and I could tell the difference from this product and other products that I used and still have around. I tested the items by doing a finger nail press test. Others were leaving a nail indention while this product did not. Great stuff and when I need to do another pour this will be the go to.

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