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Welcome to our Suggestion Box article for epoxy table top ideas!

When it comes to epoxy, table tops might just be the most beloved option for a project.

Because people often spend a lot of time at them over the years, a good-looking table top can be a pleasing way to add distinction to your home decor.

Whether sharing a meal, casually chatting, planning an event, or perhaps even board-gaming, table tops provide a comfortable space to relax with friends and family.

Epoxy table top ideas

One great thing about epoxy is that it allows you to turn otherwise unsuitable materials into resilient, functional furniture.

This makes it possible to craft unique, one-of-a-kind table tops that provide utility but also have their own distinct appearance.

Another handy aspect of epoxy resin is that your project can look extravagant, but still be easy to clean, allowing for intricate designs without the extra maintenance that other types of table tops require.

Let's take a look at some ideas!

Close-up of an epoxy river table

Idea #1: Use deep pour epoxy to make yourself an epoxy river table.

One of our favorite epoxy table top concepts is the epoxy river table.

A river table is an epoxy project in which a long vein of epoxy is poured between slabs of substrate material, usually wood, though sometimes other materials.

This river vein is often—but not always—tinted with epoxy colorants such as mica powder.

In turn, the epoxy will cure, hardening into its usual durable solid state, but retaining the illusion of a stream of water. It's a stunning visual effect that can elicit favorable reactions from most people.

You can see a few examples of river tables here.

Overwhelmingly, river table veins are made with our UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy. This is our casting resin, designed for thick layers which are optimal for creating the "river" effect in an epoxy river table.

An epoxy table embedded with numerous small stones

Idea #2: Customize your table top by embedding small items or icons.

Another delightful technique for epoxy table tops is object embedding.

Because epoxy resin starts out as a liquid, you can fasten small objects or iconic imagery onto your substrate surface before applying the epoxy coating.

The epoxy can then envelop them as it covers the substrate to produce a strong, secure finish. These preserved items then serve as another attractive facet of your table top project.

Embedding is a fun way to create something unique to your personality by displaying items with a sentimental connection, such as memorabilia, photos, and souvenirs of the past.

Keep in mind, though, that anything embedded can't be removed from the finish once it cures, so be careful about embedding anything you might want back or only have one of.

Examples of embedments are things like coins, stamps, bottle caps, sea shells, sand, glitter, small figurines, polished stones, photos, even noteworthy newspaper articles—plus much more.

There really aren't many limits to what you can embed.

However, we don't recommend using organic stuff that can decay such as food or plants, though there are occasional exceptions if the item is prepared properly (e.g., some resin hobbyists will add dried, pressed flowers to their finishes for a botanical theme.)

For an example on making one, check out our Bottle Cap Bar and Table Top guide.

A themed bar top of a pond in autumn

Idea #3: Give your epoxy table top a theme.

Some epoxy users choose to give their table top a deliberate theme.

For instance, a beach-themed table top might use sand, stones, and sea shells for embedments, while also applying blue or blue-green epoxy colorants to make the resin look like ocean waves.

As another example, imagine an autumn-themed table, created by using carefully dehydrated and pressed leaves of different shades like red, yellow, and orange, along with a thin layer of dirt, sediment, and tiny twigs to give the sense of a forest floor on a fall-season day.

A properly applied coating of epoxy will keep these items sealed along with enhancing their appearance.

In fact, with a little extra planning and effort, you can create an epoxy table top of almost any conceivable theme.

An epoxy table top with a collage of memorabilia and mementos of past events

Idea #4: Preserve your memories by making a photo collage table top.

This last idea is one of our favorites.

You can print a selection of your favorite photos—whether they be of friends or family, locations you've visited, or other events of the past—and adhere them to your table substrate before sealing the surface with your resin coating.

It's easier than it sounds, too. Just apply some Mod Podge (or a similar product) to your photos to keep them from absorbing the resin as it cures, then fix them to the surface using a bit of standard glue (such as Elmer's) or with an epoxy seal coat.

Once that's done, just let them dry a bit and carry on with the rest of your project, per the instructions included with the epoxy brand you've chosen.

This is a great way to showcase some of your fondest memories, and since photos are easy to reproduce, you don't have to spend much money or worry about getting them back—you can just make copies!

An epoxy table top with several dyed epoxy veins

Choose a premium resin for your epoxy projects.

One of the most important aspects of planning an epoxy project is choosing a good-quality resin for the job.

A premium epoxy resin is one that will last for many years, won't exhibit imperfections or unusual blemishes, and is safe to use after curing, by you, your family, or any curious pets.

If you're planning an epoxy project and haven't chosen a brand, yet, we'd love for you to consider UltraClear Epoxy.

Our UltraClear Epoxy resins are:

  • Premium-grade: They'll cure cleanly and last 7 years minimum with proper application.
  • Safe to use: Stay worry-free with our resins, which cure to a VOC-free, non-toxic finish that's also food safe.
  • 100% Made in the USA: All of our epoxy products are manufactured here in America and are never imported.

We hold our resin production to the highest standards for quality and safety.

And unlike imported resins, which are only vetted by their place of origin, each of our products also surpasses the regulation requirements of the United States, so you'll know you're getting the quality product you paid for.

You'll find our UltraClear Epoxy resins on the following pages:

  • UltraClear Table Top Epoxy: Our strongest resin finish, perfect for most epoxy projects including standard epoxy tables, countertops, etc.
  • UltraClear Deep Pour Epoxy: Our deep pour casting resin. Use this to pour thick layers intended for object embedding, river veins, silicone molds, and more.

Additional Resources

We hope this article has given you a few good ideas for your epoxy table top project.

Below, we've listed some additional resources that you may find useful:

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